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TaxiHawk by Juggernaut Car Rental Software review.

Juggernaut is a leading developer of On-Demand Business Solutions that has become the norm in catering to various Service related Businesses like Taxi Business, Health Care, Beauty, Massage, Food Industry, Logistics etc., They provide Tech Solutions to start-up companies in the name of Click Labs, providing valuable assistance to young entrepreneurs. They cater to customers all over the world in a variety of On-Demand resources. They are one of the key players in Business.


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What is it Juggernaut has in offer?

The people at Juggernaut use the Latest Technologies like Node JS, Angular JS, Mongo DB etc., to develop On-Demand Platforms. They claim to be the next Juggernauts of On-Demand solutions. Juggernaut offers native Android and IOS Apps for every on-demand Business tailored to their particular needs. They build Apps and Softwares that are based on UBER on X model. They used the UBER clone model for developing Solutions namely Jugnoo for Auto-rickshaws, Taxi Hawk for Taxis, Iggbo for Health Care, Minilux for Beauty, Rev for self-driven car rental business etc., Tuli is a platform for connecting Students and Teachers anytime. Their product Taxi Hawk  is one of best UBER clone taxi apps in the Business. Lets look at  the pros and cons of their services.


1. They have built their platforms using the latest technologies like MEAN stack, instead of aging technologies. This makes their product more responsive and future proof.

2. Their products feature a comprehensive dashboard that shows real time statistical data of  the Business and activities.

3. They have a product portfolio that encompasses every service oriented business like healthcare, taxis, food delivery etc.,. This testifies their presence in almost all on-demand marketplaces.

4. They provide free Native Android and IOS Apps tailor-made for the needs of the customer, in addition to Web Panels for the customers and providers.

5. They have a dedicated Blog page focussing on the on-demand Marketplace. The Blog features articles on all their products in a comprehensive way. It also discusses the future of on-demand marketplace and their upcoming products. Their Blog serves as a knowledge Base for customers.

6.  Documentation is a must for ease of use of products by end-users. People at Juggernaut provide complete Documentation of their products, in addition to giving free ebooks on On-Demand Business Platforms. Their website provides Brochures and White papers of their Products which give a brief idea of the features in-built in their Apps and softwares.

7. They are active in social media websites, answering customer queries and posting updates in their products.


1. Though their website gives a wealth of information on On-Demand Platforms and their application in various service based businesses, it does not offer hands-on demo of their products, which will give a clear picture of the feature set. The competitors websites have demo of the Admin Panel, Web Panel and links to Android and IOS Apps.

2. The product price which they quote is on the higher side compared to their competitors who offer equal or even better features.


5 out of 10
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