Tweaks to get an Ultimate Stunt Machine

Tweaks to get an Ultimate Stunt Machine

I have been wondering for years that how some people rock the roads with their bikes. Some of the questions that flashed up into my mind are: Are these people gifted with some supernatural power with which they can communicate with their bikes? Or do these things solely depend on the bikes?  Well, I got my answers from one of my friend named Andrew Jason Raj who is one of the best freestyle stunt professional, according to him both the bike and the rider should understand each other.

This sounds strange, but yes they should have a good relationship, actually a bike is a life less thing but it is capable of accompanying you and provide an adrenaline rush if u take care of it properly. This guy (Andrew) and his team have a hobby of lifting their bikes, burning their tires and astonishing people around them, including me. Ok let’s see how this is actually made possible, how an ordinary bike becomes an amazingly notorious stunt machine. The first and the foremost step is to mod your bike with some high end spares that are capable of delivering an amazing performance.

The major mods required

                                 There are many modifications that the freestyle stunter’s around the globe prefer when it comes to transforming the stock bike into a dynamic and hyperactive ride. I have got them here for you.

  1. Crash Cage:crash cage

This is not just an equipment, it’s a strong frame that is custom designed by welding steel rods arranged in a required fashion. It looks like an iron cage. This crash cage takes all the impact itself in any incident of crash or fall. The crash cage acts as the guardian for both the bike and its rider. This actually converts your bike into a survivor from accidental crashes and assures you a safer stunting experience.

  1. Extra large rear sprocket

Larger sprockets are very essential for an effective stunt performance, because they will lead to the change in the gear ratio of your bike. This will end up in increasing the acceleration. An increased acceleration is the key for stunts like a wheelie. With this u can easily lift up your front wheel and sail on the roads.

  1. Tires & Wheels:

rear wheel                 Good tires provide you a good grip and gives life to your stunts by improving the way at which the beast responds. What part does a good wheel play here? A good wheel will provide an extra strength to the bike in addition to the chassis. Now I suggest you to grab a pair of reinforced wheels and a pair of durable tires to leave people looking at you in astonishment. Well u can burn your tires and make some donuts on the asphalt.

  1. High Performance Brake calipers:

the modified stunt bike  A big word of advice to you is the brake calipers should be definitely changed for making stunts with your bike. A very efficient brake will ensure you a great stoppie and yendo experience. Some of you might not be familiar with some of these terms( a simple Google of these terms will fill you with more information on these terms )

  1. Bulked-up forks and short exhausts:

As mentioned above, the wheels offer good reliability but the victim of a sudden brake are the front forks. Keeping this in mind u should replace your stock forks into a bulked-up fork which are often used by racers. Another thing here is the installation of shorter exhausts. This will deliver you a huge roar and a great performance during the stunt run. The exhaust is actually the craziest part of the game here expressing the joy of the engine.

  1. Easy pull clutch

tank wheelie

The easy pull clutch may sound weird, this is nothing but the process of increasing the clutch power resulting in a positive alteration of the clutch to a higher end. When you compare a stock clutch with this kind of clutch, you will notice that this clutch will be more responsive and highly smooth during transmission.

  1. Extra brake lever:

                     It is essential to add an additional brake lever to control the rear brake. Generally the rear brake is controlled by a foot operated lever, adding an extra control to the handle bar gives you an extra support and finishes your job without any flaws.

  1. Steering stabilizers:


The steering stabilizers are really cool. They keep your bikes handle bar free from wobbling during a wheelie. It allows you to maintain the handle position firm without your hands on it, u can even stand on the bike with a steering stabilizer installed in it. This one is similar to a gyro used to control the rolling movement in an aircraft.

  1. Dented tanks:

The dented tanks are actually important in freestyle stunting, without this you cannot catch up with some types of stunts. The tank is actually carved in specific shape to allow u sit on them while riding the bike. Denting the tank may spoil the beauty of the bike and reduce the fuel capacity but there is no gain without a loss. If u want to unleash some extreme stunts, then you have to go for it.

10. Modified rear seats and extra foot rests:

modified seat and additional footrest

The modified rear seats will help you to gain an extra support in the middle  of a stunt. The seat is cut and a steal frame should be welded at the back end of your bike to stand and cheer up during a stunt run. Some additional foot rests are also installed on the front and the rear axle of your bike to gain a comfortable grip during the show off.

Practice, the next element

So far we have seen the various medications that can wake up the stunt machine in your stock bike. However practice is the key to start a better communication between you and your bike. If you have decided to make modifications to your bike then you should definitely spend a lot of time in learning and practicing things. Professionals are created by the huge amount of experience and practices, skills are born from regular practice. Now what are you waiting for? If u have some bucks and a will to stunt, grab some safety gears and move on to make your ride more peppier and naughtier thing. Enjoy stunting…. 🙂

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