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Snoota Car Rental Software Review

Taxigen by snoota is a readymade uber clone script for  that inherits the traits of original taxi booking app script to indulge customers with the best of its features to service customers right on demand.

Snoota benefits for its Taxigen:

  • Reliable and economical solution
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Efficient Customer Support
  • Sales Support
  • Customizable to meet customers’ business needs

Audience choice!

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What Makes snoota stay in business since 2011 – The Pros

  • The integration of Google map on to the taxi booking app, helps users and drivers to locate and track the location of each other.
  • This lets the users tracking the driver’s routing direction right from start till the end of the trip.
  • The confirming option facilitates the assurance source and the destination.
  • The promo offers or loyalty coupons are generated via push notifications
  • Users can leave feedback or star rate the drivers after the trip is over.
  • The payment summary of the user is trackable, the trip history of the driver too, the other basic features like booking cancellation, etc.
  • offers an interesting feature in its car rental software. The users can mark some rides as favorite.
  • Snoota offers optimized taxi dispatch software to help the owners drive a greater traffic towards their business.
  • The driver can choose to stay online or offline with just a single click on the taxing booking app and accept the rides as per their comfort and their own availability.
  • The users and the drivers can create and manage their profiles.
  • The cab availability can also be tracked online through the driver’s active or inactive status.
  • Instant Cloud Installation is quick, instant and affordable.
  • Easy payment options through Wallet system facilitates to recharge the wallet easily and payment is automatic.
  • Emergency Contact allows the driver or the user to quickly touch base with the customer care.
  • The graphical statistics of the payment system and the number of rides are all available for easy understanding.
  • A very important feature that exists in Taxigen car rental system is the notification or an alert whenever the app is under maintenance, with the maintenance mode on.
  • Notification mails are stored as templates. The admin can choose any of the in-built templates to send mails to the application users.
  • The users are free to choose the type of car they are willing to commute into.
  • The car proximity is another feature that allows searching for the cars in the close proximity for quick door pickup.
  • The admins too can edit all the information about the cars, the taxi driver’s commission rates, and can know which driver is available and which customers are their favorite.
  • Easy Sign Up facility marks the smooth functioning of the taxigen app by People can also share about their riding experience through Social Media Sign up.
  • Currency and Language Settings can be handled through the back-end system.
  • The Fare Estimation and the booking history is all available at just a single click.

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What will result in downfall of the snoota – The Cons

  • Snoota has been into business since the mid of 2011 but still one cannot find any positive or negative reviews about the system. Nobody has ever commented on their taxi dispatch software.
  • The popularity of snoota, when checked on, is quite low. In fact, there is no rating found on such a popular website where one can find rating form many of its competitors.
  • More than 4 years, no social engagement; which is very surprising.
  • They do not use HTTPS, which means all the communications carried through the site between the user and the site are not encrypted, not safe and it is risky to carry transactions through the site.
8.7 out of 10
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