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Royal Enfield- Holy Bullet!!!

We belong to a  generation driven by worshipers and atheists. However, there still exist a few incidents that impel non believers into fathoming the miracles of the lord.

We’ve all heard about Rajasthan and, if asked; the first thing that comes to mind might be,  desert, camels, culture, naquasi, Sharab, shabab , kabab  and Rajputana bikes too 🙂

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But, among the bustling population in Rajasthan, there lays a small village permeating across a small expanse of Pali district that adjoins Jodhpur, there is one particular unprecedented, miraculous temple that attracts intrepid  bikers and believers from all across the country.

Presenting the BULLET BABA MANDIR, A temple (memorial) that worships a 350 cc Royal Enfield, not for any quotidian reason, the bike has a miraculous journey that led people into believing one of the many wonders that god manifests upon mankind..

P.S. I did not shoot this video, but it is intriguing isn’t it?



Bullet God Rajasthan
Image Source: thikanarajputana.in

As the story narrates, the year was 1988 and in the sweltering land of Rajas and Rajputs, a villager named Om Banna (a.k.a Om Singh Rathore) who was the son of the Chotila village leader Jog Singh. The nearby village was named Banna and since Om Singh Rathore was a Rajput, it was very normal to suffix the name Banna to the last name.  Om banna just like any Enfield fan bought the bullet 350cc bike after his marriage. Once, Om Singh was travelling on his Royal Enfield 350 cc from a small town named Bangdi (near pali) to chotila when death bestowed its cold hands upon him in the form of a fatal accident, the death of Banna might have been caused either due to incessant alcohol consumption that led his bike into a life taking collision with a tree, instantly claiming the life of Om Singh Rathore. The body was thrown apart and the bike fell into a nearby 20 feet trench. The following morning, the body was removed from the spot and the bike was taken to a nearby police station. But to add to the spookiness, the bike disappeared from the police station and is said to be found at the exact accident spot (it gets creepier)

Police, took the motorcycle once again and this time, they emptied the fuel tank and just to ensure that this phenomenon doesn’t occur again, the police chained the bike ensuring that the bike would remain at the station and not wander away. To add to their astonishment, the following day was just as spooky as the previous one. The bike was missing!

It was found at the exact same accident site, rumor has it that the bike was sold to a person in the neighboring village. But, the bike returned to its original place. This led to the upraise of superstitious beliefs and presence of paranormal forces. All the attempts and efforts were thwarted by the police and finally after several failed attempts, the bike remained parked at the same spot before dawn.

During the night of Om Banna’s death, it is believed that the spirit of Banna had appeared and asked a truck driver a lift, while moving ahead the spirit tells the driver to blow the horn at the spot of the accident and says that regardless of your purpose of driving, your task shall be fulfilled and soon after the spirit vanished in thin air.

As it might occur, locals started believing in the bike as a form of God’s work and started worshipping the bike. Hence, the name “Bullet Baba’s Temple” came into existence. The temple (even now) is believed to carry magical powers and the spirit of the owner (Om Banna) is said to help distressed travelers. The temple has a dwarf tree that has become black due to the continuous poojas that produce a lot of smoke even the leaves have turned black. But, none of that really comes to the picture; you can notice an explosion of varied colors of handkerchiefs, bangles, scarves and multi colored ropes coming from various worshippers from near and far, who come to the temple with certain hopes, aspirations and prayers. The general belief claims that bullet Baba fulfils their wishes (I would like to go there sometime and wish for a Harley Davidson Night Rod)


God Presenting Himself in an Unconventional way. Image Source: www.thikanarajputana.in
God Presenting Himself in an Unconventional way. Image Source: www.thikanarajputana.in


The first follower, Bagga Ram, can still be seen regularly playing harmonium at the shrine. The accident spot is far away from habitation but, it doesn’t really seem so because of the steady flow of visitors. The visitors include tourists, truck drivers, bus drivers, cab drivers etc.

Joining Bagga Ram is Poonam Giri, a priest at the temple for the past twenty years.

Image Source: www.mathrubhumi.com
Image Source: www.mathrubhumi.com

The devotees have claimed to hear the bike roar at midnight from the day on which Om Banna lost his life. The bike is said to have the spirit of Banna.


Royal Enfield - Holy Bullet
Image Source: www.cityshor.com

The people residing in neighboring villages also believe in the miracles of Bullet Baba. In fact newly wedded couples come to the temple to worship the bike and ask for no brakes in their “happy married life” members of the Rajput clan also bring their newborns to perform rituals like, shearing the hair of newly born babies at the temple and of course drinking barley water (beer prasad)


This temple is situated along the Pali-Jodhpur highway, You won’t wander away from this place because of the name of the village, named Om Banna which happens to be a road side village is also a developing economy. You can find small shops offering flowers, incense, caphor, turmeric, and various items required for a standard pooja and for those who would like to carry home a souvenir, the shops offer key chains, necklaces, rings, audio and Video tapes as well as pictures of Om Banna.

Image Source: www.autos.in.msn.com
Image Source: www.autos.in.msn.com

The Bullet Bike is parked at the same spot and covered with all possible holy colors in India. Also, as a symbol of one’s wish, various scarves and handkerchiefs can be found tied on the bike. Travelers who pass by usually stop for some time to offer their prayers at the temple.

Bullet Baba
Image Source: www.touristlink.com


Apart from the Clamor of Horns and standard temple offerings, there is one unique offering that is not followed by any temple in India. The libation of beer is an uncanny offering to the temple. Devotees can also get a bottle of bullet brand beer (or two) and happily gulp it down treating it like the normal Prasad offered at the temple.

Holy Beer!! Image Source: www.bykez.com
Bullet Brand..Holy Beer!!
Image Source: www.bykez.com

Those who want to offer beer can place the bottle in front of the foot rest of the 350 cc Royal Enfield Bullet bike.


Bullet Baba
Image Source: www.zigwheels.com

God works in mysterious ways. May be this is one of the ways god bestows his blessings upon us. For those who believe in this temple, you should definitely visit and find out for yourselves. Apart from the relics that have managed to enthrall worshipers from all around the country (perhaps the world too) there seems to be a certain power that is driving the place. Although, you might have your own reasons like savoring the peculiar Prasad offering or you might be truly devoted, regardless, people who love adventure should definitely seek the blessings of Bullet Baba.

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