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Rental Car Manager – Car Rental Software review.

Rental Car Manager software is one of the main contenders in the race for the best . It has all the functionalities required to operate a car hire business. Minimizing the costs involved in running a car rental business is a must to avoid unexpected maintenance costs, increased running costs, and idle cars in the fleet.  A proper car rental software should integrate Fleet Management features. To run a successful fleet requires features like Vehicle maintenance Management, Fuel Management, Parts inventory Management, GPS Tracking features etc., There are many car rental systems available in the market that are feature rich and pocket-friendly.  Rental Car Manager incorporates features that cater to fleets ranging from a few cars to thousands of cars.


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Lets analyse the pros and cons of this software.


1. The interface looks very simple and easy to use for any non technical person to use. The menus are clear and the software has a quick menu that enable users access to most used functions.

2. The Fleet Manager tool lets keep track of scheduled maintenance of vehicles, minimising the risk of breakdowns and reduced maintenance costs. It alerts in advance of the maintenance schedule and keeps record of the service costs, which is a handy feature.

3. Rental car Manager is a cloud based software enabling usage on all devices,be it a PC, Tablet or Mobile, all over the World. The software is Business-ready from day one without needing for any installation on any device. Any device having an active internet connection, from any place can access the resources. This helps in real-time monitoring of the Business.

4.  The Reporting feature of the Software gives information on the daily operations. Monthly reports and sales data are shown in a graphical representation just like in a typical Dashboard. This gives an easier way to compare the growth of the Business month on month.

5. The software is built on an API-driven architecture. This allows for any Developer to integrate the software on other platforms. This is the trending feature now enabling any App to communicate and sandwich on their platform.

6. Rental Car Manager has security features that enables to allow restriction of users accessing the software, since it is built on a cloud-based architecture.

7. They provide full documentation of the product and they offer extensive knowledge base of the product. This proves so valuable a support feature for future references.


1. Rental Car Manager lacks features like GPS tracking which allows to monitor the vehicle’s current location, routes travelled, total distance run, enabling smooth and efficient business. Nowadays Technology has advanced to a level that managing all the tasks is done in mobile platforms on-the-go. GPS tracking and monitoring through maps integration is  a must in car rental softwares.

2. Car Rental Softwares are moving towards location based on-demand solutions to streamline the processes in an easy and convenient way.

3. They dont have a native Android and iOS Apps for customers to easily use in their smartphones. It can only be accessed through mobile browsers.


5.6 out of 10
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