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MOBILITYSUM Uber Clone Script Review

Ever thought how our lives would become without the uber clone scripts that we are so much dependent on. Whether it is commuting to the work or taking an outstation ride for a vacation, we are so much dependent on these taxi dispatch software.

uber clone script

It is not a surprise to know that the Uber app is the most downloaded one in the app stores. Apart from being one of the biggest taxi dispatch companies of the world Uber has ventured into other verticals as well. The taxi business is at its peak and many corporations are looking for an opportunity to harvest gold.

With the overnight success of Uber and Lyft, the taxi dispatch business has become one of the sought after business. A lot of companies are planning to enter this domain and make a fortune. Hence the need for uber clone scripts has grown tremendously.

A brief history of Mobilitysum

Mobilitysum is a Delhi based Indian software company that specializes in web design, mobile application development, SEO and social media marketing. They have some of the most experienced frontend and backend developers committed to deliver the best  Their expertise in managing heavy traffic websites puts them ahead of the league. With a short span of time, Mobilitysum has managed to create a brand of its own, having a clientele that includes some of the most distinguished companies from India and abroad.  

What makes the Uber Clone Script from Mobilitysum unique?

Every uber clone script making company is working overnight to make its software as unique and indispensable as possible. They are constantly upgrading their product to newer versions and adding more features as per the user requirements. Let’s take a look at some of the cool features of the uber clone script from Mobilitysum.

  • Hourly and Outstation Booking : The passenger can book a taxi on an hourly basis and as well as for outstation trips. The charges are then applied accordingly.
  • Customer Booking Web Portal : There is a dedicated website available. The customer can create an account and then book a ride right from the website.
  • Ride Sharing : The passengers can pool with fellow passengers and take the ride at considerable low fares.
  • Fare Estimator : The smart fare calculator calculates the fare taking into consideration additional surcharges before booking the ride.
  • Trip History : All the details of the trips made, are recorded in the respective passenger and driver apps.
  • Push Notification : During the course of the trip, the passenger is notified with push notifications.
  • Company Website, Blog and Integration : On client’s request the providers can set up a company website with a blog.
  • Guest Booking : There is a special facility called guest booking, which is supported by technologies like SignalR and FCN.
  • Ride Later : The passenger can schedule a ride for the future and ride at convenience.
  • Point to Point and Airport Transfer : The app has the provision for point to point drop and also airport drops.
  • SOS : The passenger can save a number as an emergency contact so that the admin can contact the specific person in case of any emergency situation.
  • Cloud Deployment : The software can be easily on the cloud, for unlimited storage, scalability, and security.
  • Vehicle Type with Rate : The passenger can select a vehicle of his choice from the pool of vehicles available. Every vehicle comes with a price attached to it.
  • Real Time Tracking and Navigation : With the help of Google Maps/WAZE and GPS the admin can keep track of all the vehicles in service.
  • Call Center Booking : The passenger can book a ride just by placing a call to the call center. The customer care executive can then arrange a ride for the passenger.
  • Automatic and Manual Dispatch : There is both the provision for manual and automatic dispatch.
  • Coupons : At the time of promotional events, certain coupons are available with codes. The passenger can apply these codes and get special discounts.
  • Corporate and Agent Management : The admin panel is fully supported by corporate management and agent management feature.

What else could be added?

Just like an organization, a software also gets adapted in due course of time. The adaptation is due to consistent competition from the rivals and the availability of new sophisticated technologies in the market. Although the uber clone script from Mobilitysum is one of its kind, yet there are certain essential features that are found to be missing. Let’s have a look at some of the essential features that could be a nice addition to the app.

  • Surge Pricing : Surge pricing serves for a lot of purposes. It is basically used to motivate the drivers to attend a customer at odd hours. Whether it is a nighttime pickup or picking a customer at rush hours, the drivers need to be motivated. By increasing the base fare, the drivers would get motivated to attend the passenger.  
  • Geofencing : Geofencing is a geographical boundary that is set by the admin to run certain promotional events or make certain resources available at certain specific places. Every company launches certain promotional events for its customers, in which case the business owner targets certain specific places or certain customer segments.
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