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Mad max: Back with 3 decades of Kaboom!!!

“My name is Max. My world is fire.. and blood”

What started off as an action packed film has become post-apocalyptic entertainment and for a good reason. The film of the franchise that carries 3 decades of heart throbbing, gory film that showcases more miscreants than found in any other action movie.

The 4th movie promises more blood shed, more action and the most interesting part… More RIDES!!!  (I had the # OMFG effect after watching the trailers)

Sadly, this is the first movie out of the franchise that does not feature Mel Gibson. With most action seeking movie buffs counting the last few hours to rush to the nearest movie theaters, here is a small article featuring some of the rides that made this movie a blockbuster hit.

P.S: Safe in the belief that you excited readers must have watched the prequels to this movie, I am simply going to cut to the chase without dragging you through the plot. (PHEW!! 😉 )

Here are some of the meanest twisted metal high octane vehicles that are certain to make “Mad Max: Fury Road” more bloodier than ever, thanks to director George Miller who showed Colin Gibson (production designer) the story boards of the film 15 years ago and quoted “One day this could be all yours”

That “One day” the 15th of May 2015.


"Mad max 201 rides"
Image Source:

11 months before the production of this movie, there were close to 200 vehicles built. These vehicles included sedans, massive metal spiked rides, giant trucks with a lot of metal. Here are some of the rides:


What started off from the original “Mad Max” film, the Interceptor was an overhauled 1973 Ford Falcon XB GT. This super charged car made its debut in the 1979 Mad Max, when our protagonist was still a cop. The ride made its appearance in “The Road warrior” during 1981. The director of the Mad Max Franchise knows the importance that this car holds till date and so; he has not changed the aesthetics of the car, thereby making the rust and rattle obvious on this raging ride. Gibson quoted “All we had to do with it was make it another 45 years older.

Interceptor design
Image Source:

The Fury Road Interceptor’s construction began back in 2009 and was revealed in 2010 with mesh style headlight covers, trimmed front bumper and an insane look.

Leaked Mad Max Fury car
Leaked Image of the new Interceptor for the upcoming Mad Max Movie      Image Source:

Don’t be fooled by the poor condition and the layers of smog that the car’s exhaust farts out. The Interceptor is captured and heavily modified and has a supercharger stacked with a skull on top of it. The car’s rear-suspension is raised and the rear fender wells have now been enlarged to accommodate off-road tires. As found in the Death race series, the rear side of the car now accommodated a tank and a weapon. Cool No?

Mad Max 2015
Image Source:

The Gigahorse:

This crazy ride is best suited for a post-apocalyptic leader. This happens to be the director’s favorite vehicle. Hoarded off with 2 1959 Cadillac Coupe De Villes that lay over humongous tires, this is just too villainous a ride to go into anyone’s good books.

The War Rig:

In case small vehicles are too mainstream, how about a massive 18-wheeler?  Would that help you $#!+ bricks??

As found in the movie “Road Warrior”, much of the fury in “Fury Road” comes from this hellishly virile ride. Mounted with 2 V8 engines along with a modified cabin throughout, this vehicle was something that would keep the audience on the edge of their seats, or so was the director’s thought behind creating this vehicle.

"Fury Road mad max"
Image Source:

Gibson explains, “War Rig was one built more to a prescription than an imagination” and more so, the Rig carries 13 different characters inside.


Plymouth Rock:

A porcupine ravaging other rides in a desert is a bit beyond general imagination. However, thanks to CGI and Gibson’s inspiration from the tribe (the Buzzards) that would drive such a ride was all it took to design this car.

"Mad max Plymouth"
Image Source:

As the image suggests, this porcupine shaped Plymouth Rock goes scavenging for scrap metals behind the War Rig. The tribes would use the rustiest of metals on their vehicles. The car was made with bent and battered steel panels and the spikes and panels were built out of old cars. Due to concerns regarding rolling these cars at high speeds into tocks, the steel spikes were stiffened with goatskin and this reduced the danger of any mishaps.


The Doof Wagon:

This is one of the most challenging vehicles built for the film. The Doof Wagon has a big rig strapped with massive drums in the rear, endless speakers in front of it, and a stage where the blind and disfigured Coma the Doof Warrior rocks out on his flam-throwing guitar. This was the most difficult vehicle to run because its 6-foot wheels would easily get buried in the sand.

"Mad Max Doof Wagon"
Image Source:


Ford F-100:

As per sources, there is an inclusion of the Ford F-100 truck too. This truck shares similarity with the upcoming Mad Max video game.

"Ford F 100 Mad Max"
Image Source:


1942 Dodge W-Series:

The Power Wagon was introduced as a four-wheel drive. The WC series World War II military trucks were popular enough to make it to the latest Mad Max movie franchise. The image released shows the tarnished yet rugged ride due to the addition of its massive tires.

"Dodge 1942 W-Series Mad Max 2015"
Image Source:

Perentti Coupe:

When unique style meets a Corvette, its called Perentti. This authentic Australian car and rumors suggest that only 500 of these rides were ever built. Mad Max features one of them 🙂

"Perennti Coupe"
Image Source:


1972 Cadillac Fleetwood Eldorado:

A personal luxury vehicle by birth, the 1972 Cadillac Eldorado is the 7th Generation model that underwent a substantial redesign in 1971. History aside, this vehicle has been remodeled in a pretty aggressive manner, or so the image portrays. With highly mounted rear suspension, this vehicle definitely looks battle ready.

"1972 Cadillac Eldorado"
Image Source:


1968 Plymouth Barracuda:

The Two-door 1968 barracuda carried a 5.2 L LA engine and was the smallest V8 available. This car produced 300 bhp of power. In the latest Mad Max movie, the vehicle is so heavily modified to look like a battle trooper that its looks might deceive viewers into believing that it’s a Chevy.

"1968 Plymouth Barracuda"
Image Source:


Mercedes-Benz Lang-W123:

So named the Lang (Long), the Mercedes W123 carried a long wheelbase. Interestingly, this model had attracted a lot of attention from fiction. Starting with the Looney Tunes show with Porky Pig’s vehicle choice to the Admiral in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Vice City Stories as well as San Andreas, the W 123’s design has been a pretty popular. So much so that Mad Max also features this vehicle in a couple of scenes.

"Mercedes Benz Lang W123"
Image Source:


Mad Max- The Game:

The successful journey for the movie franchise Mad Max has taken a wee bit of interest over to the gaming world too. The upcoming single player adventure video game is undergoing its development stage.

The game is being designed by Cory barlog, who is also known for his successful game; God of War II. One of the reasons for making a Mad Max video game was due to the potential that the video game sector carries.


"Mad Max Game"
Image Source:

“It’s four-dimensional storytelling. A game can literally become the equivalent of a novel. That is the thing that people like me who write screenplays envy about novelists: that you can actually stop time and explore little cul de sacs. Whereas in a movie, you’d love to stop and examine that character, but you can’t.”
-George Miller on the videogame industry.


Let’s hope the game turns out to be a hit too.


With the clock ticking and die hard Mad Max fans awaiting to feast their eyes on the 4th sequel, let us all have one long and boring night ahead 😛

There are plenty other rides. Sadly, i couldn’t find much data on them. I would love to hear from everyone about their opinions on the film.

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