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EQ Taxi Uber Clone Script Review

With the advancement in e-commerce and the growth of the mobile application software, people have already ventured into a post digitization era. One of the significant changes that have greatly influenced the life of the people in this era is the convenience of affordable and hi-tech software at their disposal.

uber clone script

In a country like India where a billion people are looking for a convenient public transport, on a regular basis they have met with a significant setback. The public transport system has utterly failed the expectations of the common mass. They are not maintained properly and in some of the metropolitan cities, they even don’t have a proper coverage.

What inspired EQ Taxi Solutions to make an Uber Clone Script?

With the cab booking software makers at the abundance and the competition at its peak, committed to sheer brilliance and excellence EQ Software solutions decided to bring their product to the market. They have made all the effort to go extra miles to make sure their client has everything that it takes to build a strong business.

With years of research and commitment, their exuberance to attain excellence have made them different from all of their competitors.

What makes their product unique?

Now let’s have a look at some of the unique features of their product, that keeps them ahead of their rivals. Here we shall analyze all the cool features in the passenger app, driver app, and the admin panel.

  • Fare and Ride Summary : A detailed fare and ride summary is made available at the end of the trip to both driver and the passenger which contains everything from base fare to service charges.
  • Manual Booking : The driver can book a ride manually when the riders don’t have access to the app. This feature is quite useful when a customer is looking for a cab and don’t have an internet connection.
  • Notifications : Push notifications are displayed in both the driver and passenger app during the entire journey.
  • Different Profiles : There is a provision in the app that allows the customer to have a personal and professional profile.
  • Live Navigation and Tracking : State of the art GPS tracking with the help of google maps makes it very easier to track the driver real-time en route.
  • Location History : The app saves all the pickup and drop locations of a customer.
  • Car details : While searching for a ride the user can get entire information of the about cars including registration number and driver rating.
  • Intelligent Scheduling : The dispatcher uses intelligent scheduling algorithm to schedule trips based on driver availability and pickup location.
  • Reports : It is possible to have a detailed report of the trips, locations and the cars used by the app.
  • User Friendly Dashboard : The admin panel has a very interactive and cool dashboard.
  • Vehicle Management : The dispatcher has an option to assign available cars to drivers who are available at that particular time for a seamless ad hoc taxi booking experience.

What are the customers saying?

“EQ Taxi’s app is the one that I feel is truly customizable. This app is definitely something that adds a lot of value to businesses like mine – Nesrine”

“I have a small fleet of four cars for which I am using EQ Taxi app extensively – Mohammed”

“EQ Taxi app has several features that will appeal to both mainstream and niche operators alike – Paul”

What else is needed?

The uber clone script from EQ Taxi system is indeed a remarkable app, but there are some features that are missing in the software.

  • Call Center Management : What is call center management? Why do you need it? When you are about to run a big business then it is required to have a call center management feature that may take care all sorts of works like booking a ride for the customer offline. The resources that are available for use by the affiliate partners also need to be managed. A call center management feature with the corporate account is all that is needed to handle this.
  • Airport Ride Sharing : Getting a taxi to the airport is very difficult in metropolitan cities. Hence there should be a provision for booking a ride to the airport along with passenger sharing. Pooling makes it economic for the customer.    
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