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Elluminati Inc’s UberEats Clone Script Review

Elluminati Inc has created an UberEats Clone Script & Source Code for the online food delivery business. The Elluminati Inc’s UberEats Clone Script will give you your platform to create a custom food delivery app based on the UberEats model.

The UberEats Clone Script by Elluminati Inc helps you to focus on one thing that is to run the app under your brand name and offer services which could match that of UberEats.

The features which are offered by the UberEats clone script for online food delivery business are listed below.

Order favorite food online: – The customers can repeatedly order their favorite food online.

Customize meal ingredients: –  The customers can customize their favorite food and add or remove their preferred ingredients.

Select the desired food types with filters: –  The customer can select their preferred food type and enjoy their wide variety of choices offered in the local area.

Delay option: – The customer can buy food at delayed time and order at later time.

Pay with cash or card: – The customer has the option of paying now on cash or through card for the food ordered.

No wastage of time: – The customer can order and not waste time on going to restaurant and waiting for takeaway.

Real time tracking service: – The customer gets the access of tracking the progress of the food.

Multilingual: – The app offers multilingual language support for its users.

Built on the idea of ordering food at customers fingertips: -The customer can easily with a few clicks and swipes can order food and get it delivered within minutes.

Nearby food locator: – The customer can order and buy food from nearby place and also able to buy the most delicious set of food from the best restaurants around.

Wide Variety of Menus: – The customer will have access to the widest range of dishes and ability to compare menus from different restaurants with a single glance.

Efficient Payment Method: –  There’s a quick, simple and secure payment method so that the user can pay without a hitch.

Preferred food delivered to your preferred address: –  The food is delivered to your preferred address and delivered to your preferred time. As delivery can be timed.

Support: – The support is offered by the company in case any problem is incurred during the implementation of the app.

History: – The customer can go through their product history and repeat their favorite orders.

Custom Product: – The product can be customized and and ordered according to the preferences of the customer.

Tip: –  The customer can tip the delivery individual and tip it through the app.

Now/ later: – Customers have the choice either to buy now or buy later. The ability is also to increase the customer presence in the app. This allows the app owner to increase the profit margin.

Multiple Payment Gateway: – The customer can pay through their online wallet or through any other accepted coins.

Ability to call delivery: -The customer can call the delivery guy and know where and when the order will arrive.

ETA: – The customer can see the estimated time of arrival of the order. They can see whether the food will be delivered on time.

Product Description: – The food item is clearly stated on the app and the customer won’t have any problems in accessing them.

Status Update: – The customer can see the status update as does the restaurateur and the delivery guy.

Profit indicator: – The app clearly shows the admin and other parties involved and their share of profit distribution.

The Elluminati Inc’s UberEats Clone Script allows the users to have an app like UberEats and run it with all the benefits plus even more of it to the customers.

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