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Easyrentpro Car Rental Software review.

Easyrentpro offers which an be used by any car rental companies to manage their fleet easily. With the introduction of online Car rental services like UBER , Lyft etc. Vehicle Hire companies are forced to improve in their technology offering, so it becomes easy and convenient for customers to book and rent out vehicles. Such ready made online Vehicle hire software’s makes it easy and affordable to existing and new business to bridge the gap in technology instantly. In this post lets take a look at the solution Easyrentpro provides & review the platform to discuss the Pro’s & Con’s if any.


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What is that Easyrentpro offers?

Easyrentpro claims to offer a complete Online Car Rental Software. The Vehicle Hire software that Easyrentpro offers comes in 3 packages:

– Easy Rent Pro: This is a multi-lingual system that is given as a Windows desktop app. Car rental companies can use it to manage their fleet. The pack also has a couple of essential features like Lookup, Quick Books integration etc.  It is meant for Single location car rental companies.

– Car Rent Pro Cloud: This is a cloud version of their Car rental software that can be used by Vehicle Hire companies across various locations via. their Windows desktop connected to the cloud.

– Easy reservations online: This version provides end-to-end reservation system for the customers of any Car rental business. Users can login through their mobile or via. the web and book cars remotely.

Easyrentpro Car Rental Software review

Easyrentpro car rental software review:

Easyrentpro comes with a variety of Pro’s & Con’s. Lets look at them in detail:


– Economical: They offer a variety of options for customers to choose from. Their price range from $299 to $699.

– Multi platforms: Its good to see the software is available across various platforms & a Windows app that connects to the cloud.

– Download: They have a free download of the basic version, that can be downloaded and tried.

– They claim to have 1000+ customers who have installed their software, which gives a good feel & trust factor. Would be nice even if they could provide a couple of testimonials from customers and links to their websites, so people can check out their work & get to know how the software works in real time.

We were not able to try the Demo & there was no link to an actual DEMO, so are not able to comment on that part.


– Updation: A lot of links are not functional on the website, which gives a very old look to the overall software. As many links does not work, we are not able to learn a lot of information.

– Mobile apps: Though they claim to have a mobile version, it is not clearly mentioned if it is a Native app or just a responsive version.

– Windows only: The desktop version are developed for Windows only. No MAC or Linux version seems to be available which puts the customer on a challenging spot.

– We would recommend an instant chat or contact number be present on the website, so it becomes convenient for customers to ask their questions instantly & get answers.

– Many car companies would like to have the software deployed on their shops by a person manually from the software company end. If they could provide information on if they provide on-site support – it would be an added advantage. Would also be nice if they have a clear address mentioned as it would even boost the trust factor more.

– Also it would be super helpful if there is a working DEMO displayed, so people can try the software effortlessly & make an informed decision.

All in all Easyrentpro can be good for a vehicle rental business that is just starting off. I would be great if the business tries the DEMO of the software they desire to purchase and get their questions clarified before going for one of the versions offered by Easyrentpro.

6.7 out of 10
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