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Canines are a part of most families. People adore them, give them their surnames, leave millions of dollars for their pets in their will and treat them as equals. Here is a list of canine friendly cars dedicated to the fluffy goof-balls who are there for you no matter what. These cars are based on various factors that include crash test ratings, safety features, fuel economy, ease of animal ingress and egress, cargo area size, availability of tie-down hooks and easy-to-clean interiors.

9. KIA SOUL: The Kia Soul is roomy and its exteriors suggest plenty of space. The Soul makes perfect sense if you have small or mid-size breeds. Extra accessories can be included and this would make traveling easier for you and your pet. Although the ride feels a tad firm, the handling is pretty good. Its windows are pretty good for your buddy to stick out his/her tongue and enjoy the ride.

"Kia Soul"
Image Source: www.sugarthegoldenretriever.com


8. SUBARU OUTBACK: Subaru Outback is one of the finest dog-friendly cars ever. It has been a favorite for dogs and humans alike. The 2015 Outback comes with X-Mode traction control that helps it traverse muddy and steep terrain more easily than many competitors. The base price of the outback is $24,895 and offers 35.5 cubic feet of storage space behind the rear seats for the puppies, and a whopping 73.3 cubic feet with the rear seats folded. A split-folding (60/40) rear seat is standard and a power lift-gate is available as well for when that exhausted pup is ready for a ride back home.

"Subaru Outback"
Image Source: motorburn.com


7. TOYOTA RUKUS: With roomy interiors and a rear hatch, the Toyota Rukus is a pretty interesting ride. It has a big useable interior and has durable materials with excellent access from four doors and flexible seating design that makes it a perfect choice for small to medium canines. This car has a few extra accessories that add more room if needed.

"Toyota Rukus"
Image Source: havewheelchairwilltravel.net


6. JEEP WRANGLER: These vehicles are designed for those who like to go outdoors and basically are in love with what’s outside. The Wrangler is utterly indestructible and rules for thousands of off-road enthusiasts. This vehicle is a four-door ride with a useful 31.5 cubic feet, as well as a generous 70.6 cubic feet with those seat backs folded. The ride begins at $22,795 and it just grows from there with various factory upgrades that get allotted to the vehicle. The car offers a nice array of options and even with a dirty dog, the Wrangler tolerates every bump and bark easy.

"Jeep Wrangler"
Image Source: www.dogforums.com


5. LAND ROVER LR4: Land Rover is an admirable car and the LR4 is popular for its split rear hatch that folds up and down like a tailgate, roomy rear cargo area coupled with off-road capabilities along with air suspension that raises and lowers itself. With a starting price tag of  $50,400, the dogs are certainly going to feel relaxed and rejoiced in a roomy cabin. Another positive point is that the Land Rover’s Terrain Response System is standard across all models and offers different drive modes for diverse types of terrain, including snow, mud and ruts, sand and rock.” So climb on in friends, because this puppy is ready to re-enter the wild. This is one car that the other dogs would envy.

"Land Rover LR4"
Image Source: www.theglobeandmail.com


4. VOLVO XC70:

Apart from being dog friendly, the Volvo XC70 carries an increased ride height, stylish interiors and world famous safety for the family and the dog. The XC70 is  quite an interesting option for families who want to tackle the outdoors. But what about the furry pals? Not an issue because the XC70 offers a lower loading height than a truck. It also has plenty of roomy windows in the back for looking at squirrels, mailmen and such. The vehicle also has 40/20/40-split-folding design along with the available folding front passenger seat gives the interior an uncommon degree of flexibility in transporting passengers, cargo or some combination of the two. With $35,400, the XC70 is a little bit on the steeper side, but it is pretty amazing and makes comfort a relishing experience.

"Volvo XC70"
Image Source: petautosafetyblog.com



The Colorado is a pretty gnarly little pickup truck and with a $20,120 asking price, this vehicle is definitely a pup’s dream come true. It comes with all-weather floor mats, easy-to-clean vinyl seats, fold down rear seat, and lower tailgate for hopping in and out of the truck bed with ease. It is also good for humans as a corner step, the multi-purpose GearOn utility rack is ready for any adventure, having a storage bin under the rear seat, and the spacious cabin that puts rivals to shame.

"Chevy Colorado"
Image Source: www.motortrend.com



The Odyssey is not lean, mean but is a great off-road machine that starts off at $28,975. The Odyssey might not have a lot to offer to humans, but it is certainly a key point that makes it a tough contender. It has the ability to be a family car and large cargo carrier.  The key selling points of this car is the sunroof, power-sliding side doors, the power-opening tailgate, and a third-row of seats that fold into the floor to create a flat puppy playpen.

"Honda Odyssey"
Image Source: www.goodcarbadcar.ne



First off, the Nissan Xterra starts off at $23,660 in base trim and has proven to be quite the rugged little off-roader time and time again. With a massive sized dog, this is definitely your pick. In case you have a big dog like a Labrador, a Saint Bernard or even a mastiff, the Xterra will accommodate these breeds with pleasure. Fold down the Xterra’s seats further and revel in the glorious 65.7 cubic feet of room that suddenly becomes accessible.

"Nissan Xterra"
Image Source: thenewx.org

Do let us know which car you find suitable for your pets 🙂

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