Driver-less Cars

Disruption in Hotel and Airline Businesses due to Autonomous Cars?

Our travel plans are well organized before hand and for the ease of our transfer from one source to another destination we have the facility to fly via flights and reach quickly and easily. But is it really that time effective?

Suppose, traveling from my place to my client location takes 1 hour via flight and 8 hours via car. That 1 hour via flight is not exactly 1 hour, it contributes to 1 hour of reaching to the airport, 1 hour of security check ins, 1 hour of waiting and then 1 hour of journey contributing almost 4 hours. Wouldn’t it be easy with autonomous cars, to drive down to the destination with no pain of driving, hassle free journey and a comfortable ride?

Yes! and that is actually going to be a reality which can surely pose a major danger on the domestic flight business and rental hotel businesses. Autonomous cars are planned to be equipped with comfortable passenger seats almost like sofas, where passengers can relax and do their work or simply watch movies while traveling. The same 4 hours of flight journey can be cut down to night travel and reach to the destination for your next meeting in the morning! Business class travelers who will be regular flyers can take up the option of traveling in autonomous cars, relaxing in the car and enjoying their feast.

This also cuts out the possibility of waiting in a motel or taking a room to just grab on your early morning flight. Though some people will still prefer traveling for an hour and getting those extra hours chopped off. So, the domestic flight business is not going to be completely shut down but surely will get affected. Though it is somewhere in near future almost 20 years from now when we can see this happening in a full fledged form.

20 years is a big leap but who knows this can turn the entire travel system!

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