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How EXPENDABLE are you?

Actions movies seem quite wrong without a high speed car chase and nasty a$$ cars / bikes. Although Hollywood has left a deep impact on our lives, the cars drove pleasingly into our hearts.

There have been plenty of movies that were based completely on cars or bikes, but somehow they had a little monotony in them. The inclusion of action with the right amount of cars and stunts is what constitutes a good movie (by stunts, I most certainly do NOT mean Rohit Shetty stunts)

One movie that had the right concoction of action, amusement and a$$ kicking cars was the blockbuster movie, Expendables. The movie featured a potpourri of action heroes who made us jump out of our seats or beds (for those watch online)

Without further ado, I am going to take you on the expendable ride and touch upon a few of the most appealing and attractive rides used in the movie.

Antonov AN- 26

plane used in expendables movie
Image Source: http://expendables.wikia.com

Presenting the ruler of the skies, this massive mean looking action on wings had nestled in the third expendable movies. The Anotonov AN-26 is a twin-engine turboprop military transport aircraft that were designed and produced in the USSR from 1969 to 1985. This shark headed plane looked mighty impressive in the movie.

Grumman HU-16 Albatross:

planes used in expendables movie
Image Source: http://expendables.wikia.com

The gigantic twin radial engine mated on this amphibious flying boat is mostly seen commandeered by Stallone himself. This flying boat was utilized by the U.S. Navy as well as the U.S. Coast Guard mainly for search and rescue operations. The Grumman transported the mercenary action team and was also spotted when Jason Statham and Stallone go disguised as Global Wildlife Conversationalists.


1955 Ford F-100

Ford F-100 in expendables movie
Image Source: www.wildsoundmovies.com

The Ford F-100 made its debut in the expendable movie (can’t forget the sad part when this beauty was heartlessly fired at whilst protecting Jet li and Stallone, seriously how did they survive from the bullets raining on the ride?)

An interesting fact about the F-100 used in The Expendables is that, this car was a custom built by West Coast Customs Street Customs that built 3 customized matte black 1955 Ford F 100’s. One of them lost its life in the crash scene, the second was used in the green screen and the third made its temporary visit into Slvyster Stallone’s garage, and was later auctioned by Barrett Jackson in Arizona. The car was sold for $ 1,32,000.

The custom truck had Ford’s 347 cid Edelbrock engine, B&M equippied AOD transmission, Gibson Exhaust, Heidts Mustang II front suspension and Heidts 4-link kit with ford’s 9 inch axle in the rear, Gennie shifter commander shifter, Wilwood brakes, Kinetik battery as well as a vintage air system.

The winner of the truck received an autographed photo of Stallone along with an interesting feature; the truck had a hidden compartment to carry the weapons used in the movie.

Ducati Desmosedici RR

Watching Jason Statham bring his girlfriend to the basketball court to kick some butts and to end the fight sequence with a ruptured basket ball (and a keynote to deflate the enemy’s b@!!) just couldn’t get better with Jason firing up the bike’s engine and whizzing away to glory.

Ducati Bike used in expendables
Image Source: expendables.wikia.com

The Ducati Desmosedici RR that was featured in the Expendables was a limited production (street-legal) version of the Desmosedici Moto GP race bike. Ducati had produced 1500 Desmosedici models for purchase and this bike made its debut at the 2006 Italian Moto GP event. This Bike had a 989 cc Desmodromic V4 Engine that produced 197.3 HP at 13,800 RPM and rode its way to 190.78 Mph. The bike came with a price tag of $ 75,000.

Custom Choppers:

If you’ve seen one; you might love em all. The choppers used in the Expendables movie were Stallone’s personal selection. The bikes were chosen from three sources, Bourget’s Bike Works, Easy Riders Show as well as the Cycle Source Chopper Show. These heavily modified beasts were specially designed to create awe. All the custom bikes in the movie were priced upwards of $ 90,000 and grumbled like everybody’s business.

Custom Choppers in Expendables
Image Source: badbikegang.wordpress.com
Expendable movie chopper bikes
Image Source: tailgunnerexhaust.com
Expendables movie Custom chopper bikes
Image Source: badbikegang.wordpress.com
Expendables movie custom chopper bikes
Image Source: bourgets.com
Stallone choosing classy choppers for the movie.

Land Rover Defender 110:

Defending its pride and defeating the enemy, the Rover Defender 110 was shown breaking into walls and battling with fury. The British four wheel drive off road utility vehicle was modified by the expendables team from a 4×4 to 6×6. This vehicle played a crucial role in Expendables 2. This vehicle was also used in James Bond Skyfall movie.

war machine used in expendables
Image Source: www.actionmoviefreak.com
Beast ride at its finest.

Haval H8 SUV:

The latest expendables (Exp3) had a particular shot where the Haval brand name was flaunted and the camera slowly portrayed the side profile and the front view of the SUV (at first, it looked like a Porsche SUV)

Haval H8 in Expendables movie
Image Source: autos.ca.msn.com

A fun fact about this SUV is that, this is the first Chinese car that was showcased in an American movie. The 2.0 liter four cylinder SUV. Unfortunately, this car carries a disastrous profile with it. In reality, the Haval H8 turned out to be a blunder for Great Wall Motors because of the delay in releasing the tucks. This may have been a good strategy to showcase the vehicle, let’s hope it works.

This sums up the list of a few prominent vehicles / bikes and planes used in the movie. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading the article 🙂

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