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Cars+ by Thermeon Car Rental Software review.

Car Rental Business has evolved through the years from an all manual system to a completely automated process. This is achieved by ever-evolving software Technology. Companies involved in developing car rental software are coming up with innovative concepts like location-based UBER models for Taxi booking, integrated fleet management system, etc., People in Taxi Business, car rental business, self driven car business, Fleet operators are facing problems due to idle vehicles in their fleet. It becomes essential to automate the process from order booking to delivery or drop to payment, for car companies to make life easier for them. The market is currently flooded with car rental softwares, Fleet Management Systems, Taxi Booking Systems that use the power of the internet to streamline the Business.

Thermeon Corporation is a leading provider of premier solutions. They have a global presence covering Asia, Europe, The Americas and Australia covering over 52 countries. They have integrated there vehicle rental softwares, especially the car rental software in some of the World’s biggest Car rental companies. They offer enterprise level car rental software by the name cars+. It promises to be a complete Car Rental and Management system.


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What is that Cars+ has to offer?

Cars+ is a complete car rental and Management system which has an easy character based user interface. It has powerful features built into it ranging from Reservations to Accounting and Reporting. Lets take an in-depth look at the Pros and cons of Cars+.


1. It has an plain easy interface which makes for a very fast and responsive software.

2. It has an optional graphical user interface for users preferring one.

3. The hallmark of this software is the ease of use. It is very easy to retrieve and extensively search information through this software.

4. It has got powerful fleet management system integrated into it, in addition to car rental software.

5. They provide an IOS App, Car+iR which they claim as the World’s first enterprise level car rental mobile App.

6. The software allows user to add franchisers and offer franchisee support.

7. They offer a Website and Booking engine that integrates into their software.

8. Cars+ is built on single page browser screen and needs no executable files to install on a PC. So it can be accessed from anywhere in the world just by having an internet connection.

9. It has integrated accounting functions like invoice, billing, statements, email documents functions making it an all-in-one business solution for small to biggest Fleet operators.

10. Multi Language support for all European languages.

11. It has got a powerful rates and pricing engine allowing for unlimited number of entries.

12. Ability to export all reports in PDF format and email them.


1. In the wake of new technologies using smart phones for taxi booking like UBER for taxis, the Cars+ software though packs a lot of features, still is not so customer-centric.

2. Their native mobile App is limited to iOS only. There is no Android App available for customers as of now.

3. The User Interface though available as character and graphical, is not so good looking.

4. Comparing to the competitors, Fleet management features are less and simple.

5. Most of the features are enterprise level features that limit their use in small businesses.


6.1 out of 10
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