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Bluebird Car Rental Software review

Bluebird provides handy, money-saving software to automobile rental companies throughout the globe. An outspread collection of completely integrated software products fully intended to improve the effectiveness and productivity of several extent auto rental operations. The Bluebird is focused on keeping step with technology, moreover, it is providing splendid customer support accompanied by a well-versed staffs. The Bluebird Auto rental systems allow the bloggers to post the Bluebird review on the blog sites.  Let’s take a closer look at the Bluebird systems.

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What’s New in Bluebird ?

The sterling advancement of Bluebird is its RentWorks express, an elite application work for both Android and ios tablets. RentWorks express has gotten to be developed in the Telerik Kendo UI platform an outstanding development environment. In the dealership service departments, this app has chosen to open a loaner agreement. Later you will subsequently be permitted to electronically get their signature around the tablet, and email the completed contract. The regular car rental operations make use of the app to credit an existing open reservation. The contract will probably be opened using all the information through the reservation. Reserve the car, hold the driver issue the initials and signature on the tablet, and you are done!

Bluebird organization mainly develops and distributes the car rental software, coupled with Internet reservation & verification competence, through automobile rental and car loaner dealers. Bluebird Auto Rental Systems could possibly be the world’s leading provider of Auto Rental software for Windows.

Blue Bird Car Rental Software Review

Launch your individual auto rental Software system and hit the auto global market. Many entrepreneurs are aspiring to enter into this industry, but all messed up to hand-pick the reliable automobile rental companies. This exclusive post will help you to weigh up the reliable preference.

A company’s strengths could possibly be in its ability to create unique products, to deliver remarkable customer support, or to experience a presence in several retail markets. The bluebird system didn’t miss out on anything!

Bluebird rental systems are probably the most advanced programs for car rental companies out there today. The rental functionalities are outstanding in the market: the opportunity to create and stand up for an extensive number of quotes and rate types; competence to void contracts; estimate tax and charges, benefit corporate customer processing and a great deal more. The Bluebird Auto Rental system is also equipped to do business with insurance issues along with dealership services. Its fleet operations and allowance tools let you always stay overhead in your inventory.

This auto rental system is a preferred platform with an excellent user interface and functionalities. Bluebird car rental software gets hands on a good design that makes a head out for its features a fairly easy experience. It has a couple of software, including RentWorks, NetREnt, Erez, LoanerTrack plus much more in order verify coverage of most aspects that take out with car renting businesses.

RentWorks can be acquired on-premise deployments which have a great and user-friendly reservation planner tool. NetRent is the cloud-based version of the Bluebird car hire system that’s an economical solution for businesses exploring the lowest-cost starting-up.

Behind The Curtain 

All of the above products are economical but in terms of support services, the weekends and after hours emergency support can be acquired at the rate of $75 an hour or so, it’s incredibly expensive to afford.

The software program lacks a no-cost trial version. You won’t be able to test drive it before purchasing it. Moreover, it often makes the system hang. This could happen throughout a business transaction.

Although the software provides a plenty of services and features including RentWorks, NetRents and EReZ so it’s challenging to hand-pick which, among the packages would suit your organization model better. It could be somewhat tough to the person who is unaware of that sort of system.


In general, the Bluebird Auto Rental Systems is extensive and packed up with so many amazing features that are highly recommended if you are looking to streamline your car rental business. Even though this software lacks a free of charge trial, everything about is great. The general performance is absolutely surprising. The car rental industry is easily one of the most competitive out there, but Bluebird Auto Rental Systems can help ensure that you succeed.






7.1 out of 10
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