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Top Automaker Commercials In India

The Indian auto industry has bloomed over the past decade with an astonishing number of automakers entering every facet of the market. With manufacturers regularly launching a dizzying number of models each year, car makers need an efficient way of marketing. Although the main medium of consumption has now become the internet, a large population of our country still heavily rely on their TVs for their daily dose of saas bahu drama. Over the years, manufacturers have created some of the most breathtaking commercials to grab the attention of viewers. Although one might argue that television commercials do not truly influence a serious buyer’s choice, a good ad most definitely sparks interest in the product. Here, we showcase some of the wildest, most interesting TVCs produced by car makers for the Indian market:


8. Honda Brio

The Brio is Honda’s entry into the premium hatchback segment. The ad released for the Indian market mainly focuses on the one of the most important aspects of owning car: the bond developed between a car and its driver. Honda has given its own little twist on the classic tale of a man and his pursuit of love. Coupled with a great little song made especially for this commercial, the ad beautifully summarizes the depth of the man-machine relationship.

Honda Brio
The Honda Brio

7. Mercedes Benz Intelligent Drive

A rather hilarious advert for the German giant’s new suspension system, Mercedes Benz’s “Chicken” commercial went viral in early 2013. Mercedes’ all new suspension design for the 2013 S-Class uses a complex amalgam of infrared cameras, sensors and high speed CPUs to scan the road ahead and dynamically change the car’s suspension on each wheel to provide the utmost comfort a car can offer. The system maintains the cabin at a steady position despite numerous undulations on the road. The German automaker provided an easy to comprehend analogy via the chicken and its independently moving head.

mercedse benz s class
The all new S-Class features Magic Body Control technology



6. Jaguar’s Retort

Car rivalries have persisted since the inception of the auto industry. Car makers such as Audi and BMW regularly take digs at each other all over the globe through advertising space. However, English automakers such as Jaguar and Land Rover have largely maintained civility with their marketing campaign. That is, until now. The recently launched “Chicken” advert by Mercedes Benz created the perfect setting from an attack by the “Jag”. The English automaker’s absurd (and comical) retort will have definitely left Mercedes Benz red faced.

jaguar xj
The Jaguar Xj, the English automaker’s flagship sedan



5. Tata Safari DICOR

An SUV has always been a symbol of a free spirit. One of India’s fastest growing sections in the auto industry is the SUV segment. With numerous price brackets to choose from, car makers need to perfectly advertise the merits of their product. Most manufacturers often advertise the space or comfort the car offers. However, instead of showcasing the car’s superficial elements such as style and features, Tata opted to showcase the Safari has an agent of change; A means to break free.

tata safari dicor
The Safari DICOR was one of the most accessible off-roaders available in the Indian market

Another one of Tata’s superb Safari ads worth honorable mention:


4. Honda Jazz:

Reliving childhood memories is always a pleasure. Be it going as fast as possible on a playground swing or racing shopping carts across the aisles of the local supermarket, everybody has a fond memory of their youth.

honda jazz
The Honda Jazz


3. Mercedes Benz CLA45 AMG

Power is a beautiful thing. Mortals stand in awe when they experience a phenomenon far greater than themselves and that is the philosophy behind AMG’s absolutely mental speed demons. Sculpted to please and designed to enrapture, the CLA45 AMG serves as an entry point into the Mercedes AMG lineup.

mercedes benz cla45 amg
The CLA45 AMG was released late last year


2. Renault Fluence

A quirky and well made mini ad, Renault’s Fluence commercial emphasizes on the phrase “Never Settle”.

renault flunece
The Renault Flunece did not perform well in the market



1. Tata Safari DICOR

One of the most spectacular ads ever developed for the Indian market. This ad from the early 2000’s is one of the best out there. While most ads from this era featured mulitple Amitabh Bachhan’s talking to each other or Shah Rukh Khan dirt biking across a construction site, Tata managed to bring out an ad that spoke to the soul. Money, stability, prosperity have always been prime goals in most people’s lives. However, everything comes at a price and the price for this kind of life would be the sacrifice of adventure, mystery and discovery. The concern that one may be taken over by the seemingly mundane has a lot of us sitting on edge. Tata’s ad perfectly plays on the eternal “What if?” question and ends with what has now becomes the Safari’s signature tagline: Reclaim your life.

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