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Arch Motorcycles- The Keanu Reeves brand

Matrix superstar Keanu Reeves is an absolutely marvelous person by heart and in the motorcycle world. Sounds a bit absurd right? Well, the 50 year old actor’s dream (just like most celebrities) started off by wanting a custom made bike. Instead, Keanu ended up owning a bike company (sigh!! Celebrities and their lifestyle)

Anyhow, the actor says that he had a “Harley Davidson Dyna” that he wanted to customize and what he was doing was, well lets just say “up to the mark”

That’s when Reeves says “I met Keith Oliver at Bill Walls, who was doing some custom seats, and I wanted a sissy bar. And he was like, ‘Yeah, this dude needs some help.’ He called Gard Hollinger, and we rode over later that day. Hollinger just looked at me and said, ‘You know, I don’t make sissy bars, but why don’t you come inside and see what we do here?’



Keanu Reeves chose the company’s name “Arch” because an arch “Provides strength, connection and passage.” Many models were bandied about- Enemy, Nemesis as well as Rival. Later, they settled on the alphanumeric KRGT-1.

"Arch Motorcycles"
“Arch Motorcycles”

So, What’s this bike all about?

Arch’s first motorcycle looks pretty modish and built for the 21st century. The bike comes with its proprietary S&S powered 2032 cc Twin Cam V-Twin phone that is a Harley Davidson “clone” motor however, the styling of this bike is of a “sport cruiser” the likes of which haven’t been since Victory’s V92SC. This bike is just downright impressive and it should be. Bikes such as these come from a 20,000 square foot manufacturing facility and there is definitely something with it.

It has a 2-piece gas tank that isn’t something you’d probably be reminded of the Fat Bob. It comes machined from aluminum billet and it also houses a K&N air cleaner that comes accompanying a downdraft induction system.

|Arch KRGT-1
SEAT HEIGHT|27.8 in.



The road race-style solo tail is engineered from billet and is weight-bearing. This bike carries plenty of design touches that are stunning. The arch double-cradle steel frame is coupled to the billet swing arm along with billet side plates. The bike has a billet oil tank that accompanies the engine and its gearbox. It also carries a bandit belt working with right-side chain final drive. It also has an upswept yoshimura exhaust with carbon-fiber end cap. That said, it also has a cove-style reflective Led taillight along with tidy bar-end mirrors. Buyers have the liberty to choose 2 or 3-inch bar risers, forward or mid-controls along with narrow or wide-mounted foot pegs. All of these come machined from billet and they are created using a sophisticated computer-aided design program. Strangely enough, this bike has no brand name or model designation anywhere on the bike except the dash.

"Arch Motorcycles"
“Arch Motorcycles”

The KRGT-1 has a long 68-inch wheelbase and its 613 pounds heavy. The bike comes with heavy muscle and respectable composure along with ISR brakes that carry twin 6-piston calipers up front that provide immense stopping power. Its rear suspension is also designed in such a way that makes up for an exceptional cruiser. The rear 240/40-18 Michelin commander tire makes the KRGT-1 feel like nothing so much as a Diavel. It comes with a 6-speed baker gearbox that helps immensely. The KRGT-1 that’s based on a custom Harley-Davidson Dyna that Reeves brought to Arch co-founder Gard Hollinder half-finished with a passenger seat and sissy bar. It’s almost a café racer.

"Arch Bikes"
“Arch Bikes”


This is by far something that makes a boutique brand unique from the rest. Wondering about the costs that go into making the KRGT-1? Well, you’ve got to know that the company plans to sell only 50 units of this motorcycle. Here comes the major part, this motor cycle is priced at a whooping $ 78,000/-. It’s certainly stunning to hear such a huge price tag. Many would consider settling in for a luxury car rather than settling in for this expensive a bike. But, if you are really in for limited edition bikes and you want to settle for nothing less, this is certainly worth the dollars you spend. After all, its got Keanu Reeves vouching for it.


“Keanu’s Bike”

Bottom Line:

The KRGT-1 is an exceptionally designed motorcycle that comes at a premium price. This isn’t a bike that you would come across every day. It redefines a completely new sector named sports cruisers. It’s bikes like these that will set a rider apart from the rest.

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