25 essential things to have in your car

Bought a car and wondering how to stack it up with pretty much everything?

How about sticking on with the following 25 essential items that should keep you safe wherever you go. The automobile sake, these items come in handy and the following items can definitely befriend even a small hatchback and can be well-packed box in your trunk. You’ll be shocked how much you can fit into a well packed shoebox, and then how little space the shoeboxes take up.

25. An Old Cell Phone (Fully powered and turned off):

Cell phones are like hearts, everyone has one (well, almost!)

People own a dozen cell phones these days and since they are available for the price of peanuts, it’s definitely advisable to keep an extra cell phone in your car, fully charged and switched off. Also, don’t forget to recharge it because, it might come in handy when you least expect it.


Image Source: www.proclipusa.com
Image Source: www.proclipusa.com

Also, carry a list of your most trusted contacts in the phone, you might get urgent help when you need it.

24. First Aid Kit:

God forbid anything happens while on a long trip. A first aid kit is a must. It can help when the nearest hospital is not so near. It might help in at least mending bruises, scratches and burns. Better safe than sorry.

"First aid"
Image Source: www.lfss.com.au

23. Maps:

Of course, you can rely on GPS these days. But can you rely on the service providers in India? I think not. Its best keeping a detailed map especially when the wanderlust in you decides to explore an unchartered territory. You wouldn’t want to be at a cannibal tribe waiting for their delicacy driving towards them would you?

"Maps in cars"
Image Source: www.gettyimages.com

22. Jumper Cable:

You can fix your dead battery rather than having your boss murder you any day. If you’re lucky and a good Samaritan decides to help you out on a $#!++y day, the jumper cable along with a little help should jump start your day (or at least your car).

"J.S Car"
Image Source: blog.cochran.com

21. Manual:

Your glove compartment is the best place to compliment your owner’s manual. Make sure that it is in your car and not lying at home. The owner’s manual provides a ton of useful information that can get you back on the road, such as detailed images of how to change a tire and so forth. Also, make sure that all your documents (at least a photocopy) is in your car at all times.

"Owners manual"
Image Source: www.europeanservicecenter.com

20. Fix-a-flat:

Experiencing a heavy tire leak. Fix-a-Flat should help at such times. In case, the nearest mechanic is pretty far, the least you can do is fix the tire to a point where it brings you closer to the service station.

"Fix flat"

19. Tire repair kit:

Suppose you have a spare tire and even that has given up all its hopes. A tire repair kit should make it easy to patch up the tire for a short time.

"Repair Kit"
Image Source: www.amazon.co.uk

18. Road Flares:

Cars usually come with flares that are invaluable at night. Keep them ready in the trunk.

"Flares for car"
Image Source: www.itstactical.com

17. Flashlight:

I cannot stress how important a flashlight is, especially at night. It’s best keeping an extra set of batteries, just in case.

"LED flashlight"
Image Source: gregtardif.com

16. Umbrella:

Don’t you just hate it when you are out for something important and dressed up for an occasion and the weather decides to mess around with you? Carry an umbrella and save yourself from tackling from every drop.

Image Source: www.aaafoundation.org

15. Tissue Box:

Nature is pretty mysterious. Sometimes it rains, sometimes it decides to barbecue you. Your car’s A/C is helpful, but nothing beats tissues. Always keep a tissue box ready. That said, you can also carry toiletries such as soap, comb, etc with you.

"Car tissue"
Image Source: kaya.pk

14. Cell phone charger:

Portable chargers are available for very competitive rates online. Pick up a spare charger and ensure that it remains in your car all the time.

"Charger for car"
Image Source: www.accestories.com

13. Spare clothes:

A random trip with the guys to a hill station or an unheard place? A spare set of clothes should be helpful any day.

"Spare clothes"
Image Source: parentingchaos.com

12. Shoes/Gloves/Socks:

Driving to a cold place or if you stay in a chill zone, its best carrying an extra pair of shoes, gloves and socks with you.

"Spare shoes"
Image Source: www.tootsweet4two.com

11. GPS unit:

The prices of GPS units vary depending on the features you want. If you are a frequent traveler who likes going to different, unexplored places, this should be of great help.

Image Source: news.softpedia.com

10. Blanket:

Finding it difficult getting a room at night or parked outside your girlfriend’s house waiting for her to spare you a few moments? Carry a blanket, push your seat and go to sleep.

"Car Blanket"
Image Source: www.popgadget.net

09. Sleeping bag:

In case you like camping and decide to go with a couple of friends. A sleeping bag is a safe bet that should get you through the night.

"Sleeping bag"
Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

08. Durable Canvas Bag:

Never forget a canvas bag or a polyethylene bag. It comes in handy always. You can use it for various reasons and do make sure that it remains in your car always.

"Recyclable bags"
Image Source: www.interplas.com

07. Small tool Kit:

Carry screwdrivers, pliers, vise grips, adjustable wrenches and a tire pressure gauge at all times. You can get a small kit with all of the above online:

"Car tool kit"
Image Source: www.sgs-engineering.com

06 Car Cover/ scratch resistant tools:

If you love your car a lot or if it’s brand new and you cannot afford to see even a single scratch, get a cover. Of course, there are people who would love your cover more than you and decide to own it without your permission, be smart and get an average priced cover.

"Scratch removal"
Image Source: www.aliexpress.com

In case you are worried about dents and scratches, there are various tools available that can fix the minor scratches.

05. Food and water:

Hunger strikes are the worst. If you go on a binge trip especially when all the food sources in the vicinity are shut, carry food. Food is perishable in nature, so carry energy bars, biscuits and a few snacks. Do check the expiry dates before you stack up your car.

Also, you should keep yourself hydrated and so, carry at least a 2-liter bottle with you.

"Food kit"
Image Source: www.rd.com

04. Car washer fluid and cloth:

Cars are prone to getting dirty. Its best carrying a car washer fluid sachet and a spare cloth to wipe the car.


"Car wash"
Image Source: www.rd.com

03. Pen and Paper:

Although this might be considered a small thing, a pen and paper is a very important item to be stacked in your car. Carry a small book and a paper/pencil along.

"Pen and paper"
Image Source: www.oneinhundred.com

02. Perfume:

Nobody likes a stinking car. The pungent smell of rotting food or damp cloth is surely a turn-off.

Car fragrances come in various shapes and forms. You can opt for a car gel, perfume or sprays. If you don’t like synthetic products, you can always go natural with potpourri.

"fragrance for car"
Image Source: www.groupon.co.in

01. Entertainment:

What’s a drive without entertainment? Stuck up in traffic and throwing abuses? You can soothe your mind with music. Carry an USB/Aux cable or a CD of your favorite music that can change your mood in a jiffy.

Image Source: www.aliexpress.com

Please feel free to share some more items that seem essential in your car.

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