Protaxi by Alstrasoft Car Rental Software Review

Protaxi by Alstrasoft is a latest offering as a . It is an enterprise level solution that offers cab hiring and pooling with all the basic to advanced features just like Uber. This Uber clone offers app for passengers and for drivers as well and an easy to manage dashboard for the app owner.

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It allows the customers with Android or iOS smartphones to submit a trip request which is then automatically assigned to drivers to transport them from point to point destination. The app is meant for fleet management companies or taxi agencies who wish to manage a large number of taxis with just few settings and that can be managed easily even with the day job just to earn extra income as there’s no requirement to sit whole day and contribute lengthy hours in managing a car hiring business.
This business is great for existing taxi operators / car rental companies or anyone who wish to run this business by partnering with taxi operators or private car owners who will use this app by simply downloading the driver app and earn an extra income!

Alstrasoft review

Let’s review the benefits and the downsides of the app to help us understand how efficient the mobile application is at managing car rental system with just few clicks.

Alstrasoft Benefits

  • A systematic guide for deployment of ProTaxi system online for both desktop and mobile app
  • If the car rental agency doesn’t possess their own cars or taxis, the software application supports all the documents and agreements necessary to acquire the partnership with 3rd party taxi companies
  • The app also contains the marketing kit on how our clients negotiate with taxi fleets or working with individual private car owners and insanely GROW your drivers base to use your app
  • The chicken-and-egg game – Have resources but no riders? No problem, the kit has all the tips how to get started and how to market yourself and expand your customer base
  • The app has all the general and the enterprise level features to make it run smoother.
  • Alstrasoft offers readymade solution that requires very little customization to help the app owners to immediately start their business and start earning the revenue out of it
  • No hardware required as with many other car rental software
  • Mobile Responsive web interface
  • Payment options: Cash/PayPal/Stripe
  • Bank-Grade Encryption – SSL support for secure data transmission using 256-bit AES
  • Passenger and driver Register/Login Account
  • Profile handling and management for both rider and driver
  • Ride History
  • Add Payment methods
  • View Referral credits and balance
  • Request a new trip
  • Dash board overview: Total request/Distance covered/Earnings and average rating
  • Upload new documents for approval of the driver
  • View past Pickup History
  • Filter result by date and download report option
  • View Ongoing driver trips
  • Option for the riders to register via Facebook/Google+
  • In-app push notifications
  • Select Taxi model from the Google map
  • The application pickups the nearest taxi for the users
  • Use GPS to select the pickup Address to request drivers to take their riders on ride
  • Automatic route calculation
  • Auto fare estimation based on fare rates
  • Cab reach time & status updates
  • Options to cancel bookings
  • Able to call Driver via app
  • Track the driver till he gets to your door step after the confirmation
  • Ability to rate driver and system emails invoice after each trip
  • SMS/Email notification for rides
  • Driver details and contact details after confirmation
  • Create and edit profile
  • View past Ride History
  • View pending driver request
  • View accepted drivers
  • Driver Mobile App Features (Android/iOS)
  • Driver Registration and Login
  • Option to register via Facebook/Google+
  • In-app push notifications
  • Look for new user ride request
  • Receive notification from users when they request for ride with timer countdown
  • Accept ride request from user
  • Cancel ride request from user
  • Able to call Passenger via app
  • Complete a ride after ride finishes
  • Submit user feedback after each trip
  • SMS/Email notifications for pickups
  • Change status online / offline – to appear on passenger map
  • View past Pickup History
  • Admin Backend
  • Dashboard overview
  • Add/Edit/Delete Admin
  • Track daily transaction and reports with the ability to filter and sort by date range/user/status
  • Download reports
  • Real-time tracking of driver’s location on the map on the move
  • View/Edit/Delete Drivers with ability to filter and sort results
  • Admin has ability to approve/decline drivers with function to view documents uploaded by driver before approval and viewing of individual Driver’s trip history
  • View/Edit/Delete Passengers with ability to filter and sort results
  • Admin has ability to view individual Passenger’s trip history as well as referral statistics
  • Ability to mass dispatch SMS messages for Drivers/Passengers
  • Add/Edit Vehicle type with ability to set the pricing based on Time/Distance as well as passenger capacity
  • Admin has the ability to Add/Edit/Delete the required Driver’s documentation fields
  • Site Customization – Edit Application Backend and UI Keywords without meddling with the source codes!
  • View Trip requests

Alstrasoft Downsides

The company doesn’t carry a healthy reputation in the market. Their taxi dispatch software has many bugs and the software isn’t scalable. They are in the business since more than last 13 years and have many flaws in their system and with the app customization part. In fact, the background check revealed that they have scammed many people and there had been the reports of rip-offs.
Take a look at these URLs to find how the customers have been duped of their money:


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