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2015 Hyundai Elite i20 vs 2015 Maruti Swift

2015 brings another great year for cars. The new i20 is all set to lock horns with the updated Swift. Although the Swift has been around for so long, the car has managed to keep its momentum going for generations now. The next gen i20 is finally here. Following year after year of churning out massive volumes, Hyundai brings yet another best seller to the table. The next generation Hyundai Elite i20 was primarily created with handling characteristics and design in focus. Has it worked out? We find out.


Hyundai i20:

As always, Hyundai has done a phenomenal job with the design of its car. Unlike the previous generation, the 2015 i20 is far more restrained. Still keeping its impressive and striking profile, the i20’s exterior has evolved to create an image that will impress both the young and old. The bonnet’s side profile however, could’ve used more curves. While the front could use some work, the rear is beautifully designed. The new i20’s tailights are simply stunning.

elite i20 red
The Hyundai i20

Maruti Suzuki Swift:

The Maruti Suzuki Swift receives only minor updates for 2015. The front end is refreshed with the addition of LED daytime running lights and slightly revamped lower bumper. Maruti Suzuki is also offering all new alloys as well as three new paint jobs. However, despite the revamped interiors and bumped up engine efficiency, in the face of updated competitors such as the new Polo and i20, the Swift’s aging exteriors have begun to show.

2015 maruti suzuki swift side
The New Swift Does Not See Any Major Changes

Winner: Elite i20


Hyundai i20:

Compared to the interiors of old model, the i20 may seem a little boring. However, the interiors of the new model is far more ergonomically designed. The use of beige and light colored plastics give the new i20’s cabin an airy feel to it. The infotainment system’s display has been moved down from the top of the dashboard back to its conventional position. Functionality remains the same with the music system offering bluetooth, AUX in, iPod and mobile connectivity. The fuel gauge and temperature gauge has gone all digital in the latest model. Interesting

Interiors of the Hyundai Elite i20
Interiors of the Hyundai Elite i20

Maruti Suzuki Swift:

The basic layout of the Swift’s interiors has been left largely unchanged. The top end models will receive push button start. Although the all black interior is sure to impress a younger crowd, however, the older generations may not take to such a dark cabin.


2015 maruti suzuki swift interiors
Interiors of the New Swift

Winner: Elite i20


Hyundai i20:

Hyundai has never approached the question of its weak engines. The South Korean car maker has once again fitted the new i20 with the same 1.2 l petrol and the 1.4 l CRDI engine. Although both engines produce the industry standard of 82 and 89 BHP, the massive size and weight of the car prevents the car from having the same levels of acceleration as the Swift. The petrol variant gives a claimed mileage of an unimpressive 18.6 km/l and the diesel engine gives out 22 km/l.

drive new 2014 i20
The New i20 is Still Sluggish at Lower RPMs

However, cabin noise insulation is superb and the occupants will feel little to no noise at all from the engine. Sadly good NVH levels means a compromise on a different front and the low end torque is almost non existent. The 2016 model has done away with the generally unsuccessful automatic variant.

Maruti Suzuki Swift:

The Swift has always been known for its peppy performance. The little Indian hatch has garnered a cult following for its low price tag and impressive handling and engine characteristics. Powering the petrol variant is a 1.2 L engine that develops 83 HP @ 6000 RPM and 114 nm of torque @ 4000 RPM. Power has been sacrificed for fuel economy. The petrol variant gives out a supposedly 20.4 kkm/l. The diesel engine is a Fiat sourced DDiS 1.3 L unit that churns out 74 bhp @ 4000 RPM and max torque of 190 Nm @ 2000 RPM. Despite the relatively lower power figures, the good torque numbers ensure the car is on the power at all times.

suzuki swift diesel ddis engine
The Diesel Motor Gives An Impressive 25.2 km/l

Winner: Suzuki Swift


Despite all the new features that the new i20 is loaded with, a driver will always prefer the Maruti Suzuki Swift as his/her first choice. However, one cannot simply ignore the oodles of tech and features offered by the 2016 i20. If you want to drive around in comfort and love fiddling with the multitude of features on a car then the i20 is for you. But if you love the experience of driving and nothing else then the Swift is the car for you.

red Suzuki Swift
The Suzuki Swift Will Always Be A Driver’s Car
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