Face Off: 2015 Honda Jazz vs Fiat Punto Evo

The Honda Jazz’s first outing in the Indian market proved unsuccessful due to the hatch’s absurdly high price tag and lack of diesel engine. However, Honda has resurrected the Jazz and this time the Japanese automaker hopes to demolish its competition with its attractive price tag, zany styling and powerful engines. We pit the new Jazz against the Fiat Punto Evo and see whether the Japanese hatch has what it takes.


2015 Honda Jazz:

Honda cars have always had a wide appeal here in India. The car maker’s engineering prowess and aggressive design language had generated a huge fan base in the country. However, in an attempt to catch up to rivals such as Hyundai and Maruti, Honda slowly sacrificed what it stood for. An unfortunate consequence of competing in the ruthless arena that is the Indian car market. With the Jazz however, Honda has gone back to its roots. Combining aggressive styling with peppy color options, the Jazz is quite an interesting little hatchback. The wrap-around headlights, sharp cuts across its doors, LED tailights and stylish alloys manifest into a road presence unrivaled in its class.

rear 2015 Honda Jazz
Rear View of the Honda Jazz

Fiat Punto Evo:

The Punto Evo is another consequence of striving to stay relevant in the ultra-competitive Indian car industry. Fiat has ditched the Punto’s classic looks for a more in-your-face approach. Key changes from the previous generation include new “reindeer” headlights, clear lamp talilights, revised grille and new alloys. The Italian car maker has made generous use of chrome in an effort to increase its upmarket appeal. Chrome finds its way on the grille, front fog lamp enclosures, rear fog lamp enclosure as well as the door handles. Although chrome does improve the overall premium feel of a car, Fiat’s overuse of chrome has diminished the car’s aesthetics.

2014 fiat punto facelift
The All New Fiat Punto Evo

Winner: Honda Jazz


2015 Honda Jazz:

The interior of the Jazz borrows heavily from the City. The new Jazz features the same upmarket touchscreen infotainment system and touch sensitive A/C controls that is mounted on the piano black finish center console. Honda has also fitted the new Jazz with steering mounted audio controls; an attribute that is fast becoming the standard in this segment.

2015 Honda Jazz cabin
Dashboard of the all new Honda Jazz

Fiat Punto Evo:

The new Punto Evo also features a sporty all black interior. Unlike the hatchback’s exterior, Fiat has managed to provide a rather tastefully designed cabin for the occupants of the Evo. The amber hue that decorates the car’s instrument cluster and center console melds harmoniously with the various shades of black found around the cabin. The inclusion of an ambient lighting system greatly increases the overall premium feel of the new Punto.

2014 fiat punto evo cabin
Interior of the Punto Evo

Although the Punto’s cabin emanates a certain charm unlike any in its segment, the dated entertainment system and poor quality plastics allows the Jazz to get ahead in this section as well.

Winner: Honda Jazz

Under the Hood:

2015 Honda Jazz:

Few rival Honda in the field of engineering. If the manufacturer isn’t developing engines for F1 teams or its road cars, its team of engineers are showcasing their capabilities in the field of artificial intelligence. The 2015 Honda Jazz is offered in both petrol and diesel avatars. The petrol powered Jazz houses the familiar 1.2 l i-VTEC engine that churns out 87 hp @ 6000 RPM and 110 Nm of torque @ 4800 RPM while the diesel variant is powered by the all new 1.5 l i-DTEC motor that produces a whopping 98 hp @ 3600 RPM and 200 Nm @ 1750 RPM. While the petrol variant can be purchased with either a 5 speed manual or a CVT automatic, the diesel Jazz is offered with only a six speed manual transmission.

2015 Honda Jazz
The 2015 Honda Jazz

Fiat Punto Evo:

The Fiat Punto Evo offers the widest range of engines in this segment. The 2014 Punto Evo is offered in four different engine configurations. Base variants of the petrol Punto Evo are powered by a 1.2 l engine that puts out 67 hp @ 6000 RPM and 96 Nm @ 2500 RPM. The more powerful petrol mill on offer is the 1.4 l unit that churns out 89 hp @ 6000 RPM and a peak torque of 115 Nm @ 4500 RPM.Diesel options include a single 1.3 l Multi-Jet engine available in two states of tune. Lower models produce 75 hp @ 4000 RPM and 197 Nm of peak torque @ 1750 RPM while the top end diesel variant manages to push out 90 hp @ 4000 RPM and 209 Nm @ 2000 RPM.

All engines are mated to a five speed manual gearbox.

2014 fiat punto rear
Engine Options Remain The Same in The New Punto

Winner: Honda Jazz


The Honda Jazz is simply the better package. Until Fiat introduces the next big facelift, the Punto Evo will remain outdated.

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