Welcome to

smart-car labs

Inside here our engineers work on the future of Vehicle Software. Every day we work towards making this space smarter than ever before.

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Welcome to

smart-car labs

Inside here our engineers work on the future of Vehicle Software. Every day we work towards making this space smarter than ever before.

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Driver-less Vehicle

We are building the worlds first integration kit for Vehicle Rental software.

Smart Contracts

The future of Car Insurance is via. Smart Contracts. We are integrating it into your car rental software.

On-demand commerce

Enables you to sell required services & products to your passengers, while they commute. All inside your app.

API marketplace

Our Software and App are API driven, allowing for any app to communicate and sandwich on our platform.


It will be the single biggest Revolution since the Invention of Car.

"By 2020, almost all cars will be Driverless.
Internal combustion technology will become obsolete"

- Forbes

We are integrating our software inside Driverless Vehicle OS of Key players in the market.

"By 2020, the driverless cars will have become ubiquitous". The impact will be completely transformative.

- Rahul Sonnad

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"NuTonomy will be providing self-driving taxi services in Singapore by 2018, expand to 10 cities around the world by 2020."

- Yahoo News

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How we do it ?

We at smart-car have an ambition to be a part of the Transportation Revolution that is going to happen in the near future. We are contemplating on ways to sync our software with the Operating system of Autonomous vehicles.

We at SMARTCAR are already in talks with Automobile Majors for developing SDKs to streamline the process from taxi booking to drop.

We are also in a process of developing Apps that work in conjunction with the OS of automated cars. We will be providing all these upgrades free of cost.

Experiment #2

In-app Social Commerce

Open up a whole new world of Marketing Channels

On-demand and On-the-go services will make your taxi journey more desirable to customers and at the same time generate revenue.

Novel ways to utilise the free time of passengers

In-car services, ecommerce solutions will make the cabin a good place to be in.

App-diligence to incorporate ADs that people will actually like

Products of interest of a particular customer from his previous search preferences will be showcased through the App with promos en-route

An eCommerce section inside the passenger app with

incredible features

A Multi-vendor Marketplace

The App will feature a multi vendor marketplace wherein multiple sellers in all categories can showcase their products and services on-the-go.

Seller Dashboard

A dashboard for the sellers to manage their sales and orders. It has all value added services that will boost their sales and help fast shipments.

Payment Gateway

Integrating Paypal Services allow individuals and businesses to accept and send payments around the world in a single click using Paypal payment gateway.

Revenue Management

The system will be a commission based marketplace enabling the taxi operator to get a commission on every sale that the seller makes.

Multi Language

The App UI language can be changed by passengers at will. This will allow passengers from any part of the world to enjoy all the features of the App.

Push Notifications

Products of interest of a particular customer from his previous search preferences will be showcased through the App using Push Notifications.

Our 6-Step process for GOING-LIVE with



Routine market surveys are done to ensure that this particular feature will add substantial value to our customers. Also the feature is tested for practicality & feasibility to be implemented in real time. It is fine tuned if it does not meet the criteria.


The feature or module goes through a series of Stress test recursively. Our testers look to see if there is any impact created to the main existing features. Along with Stress testing, the new module also goes through automated performance testing.


We make it double sure that the new feature coming out the lab, slips in the existing software seamlessly. The team employs a strict process to ensure that the updation process happens only during strong net connectivity is in place


The entire updation process is accompanied with a sensitive instant roll back process. So incase anything goes wrong during the updation process, the entire software will be programmed to roll back to as it was previously.


Before launch of the lab feature, its made sure the entire module is encapsulated inside a wrapper so it can be turned off easily by the vehicle software owner. Its made to give the business owner the power to turn-off / turn-on the feature at will.

Crash reports

Though the entire module will be tested hard, we can never leave out a scenario where it can crash for some un-foreseen reason. The system will be fitted with modules to send back Crash reports on the crash scenarios, so it can be fixed.

Experiment #3

Smart Contracts for Rental car insurance

what are Smart Contracts?

Smart contract is a term used to describe computer program code that is capable of facilitating, executing, and enforcing the negotiation or performance of an agreement (i.e. contract) using blockchain technology. The entire process is automated can act as a complement, or substitute, for legal contracts, where the terms of the smart contract are recorded in a computer language as a set of instructions.

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Why are Smart contracts important?

Insurance system for driverless cars can be administered only through smart contract technology, wherein the insurance recovery will happen instantly according to set rules for driverless cars.

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How are we going to implement them?

The set of pre-programmed rules for driverless vehicles based on smart contracts, will be integrated in our App, in-line with vehicle Operating System.

Experiment #4


Why is it Important?

Allows others to build features for your business. As your business grows, developers can build innovative apps on your platform ie., like Facebook, Slack etc.,

  • If you are planning to,

make it BIG...

You would need this feature to get there.

Harness the innovation of others to grow your app & business.

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