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Yamaha Fascino- Fascinated by the beauty

In order to provide best of information and views that could be handy while choosing a car or a bike, I recently conducted an interview with a friend who bought a Yamaha Fascino recently.

Here is the conversation.

Me:  Congratulations !  on owning a new scooter.

Owner: Thank you

Yamaha Fascino
Yamaha Fascino


Me:  Having a background of owning a lot of two wheelers, can you share with us about your last used scooter.

Owner: The most recent two wheeler I used is an electric scooter i.e. Yo Spark.  It was a fantastic two wheeler and an electric vehicle. Though it had its own limitations such as  limited range of usage, it served us well with no need of frequent fueling as in conventional scooters, and virtually no breakdowns in two years of usage. I used it to travel from my home to work place covering a distance of 20km both ways included. These days my daily usage has mounted up and hence thought of going for new one.

Me: Would you recommend electric two wheelers for others?

Owner:  Electric vehicles does help you a lot in saving the money spent of petrol and more than that you can feel proud of saving fuel and hence contribute for national economy.  Considering cost of the vehicle, if you are using at an average of 20 to 25km per day then it is worth the money spent.  If usage is less than that, it’s not worth such investment and if usage is high then it won’t be a suitable companion as it needs frequent charging and range of distance per full charge is also less.

Me:  How is the condition of  Yo Spark and do you have  any plans of selling it?

Owner:  It is in very good condition. With entry of new scooter, it is going to stay idle in our garage for long time. Though we don’t have plans of selling it, we do have plans of donating it to deserving persons at our business center.


Yamaha Fascino
Yamaha Fascino

Me: How did you choose Yamaha Fascino?

Owner:  When I thought of going for new one, I did visit few dealers and took test ride of scooters like Honda Activa 3G , TVS Jupiter and others. When I visited Yamaha  show room, I was impressed with styling of this scooter.  As the specifications and price also matched my requirements, I opted for it instantly.


Yamaha Fascino
Yamaha Fascino

Me: How was the test ride and how was the experience with customer service?

Owner: First of all the dealer showroom was bit crowded as it was a general holiday. The sales  executives somehow could not arrange for the test ride.  However with past experiences of owning of scooters and being aware of quality of Yamaha scooters, I thought its ok not taking a test ride and straight away booked the vehicle.

Me:  How about color selection?

Owner: This vehicle is available in color options like Sassy Cyan, Rouge Red, Haute White, Cool Cobalt, Tuxedo Black. I found Cool Cobalt  to be bright and looks great. So I preferred the same.


Yamaha Fascino
Yamaha Fascino

Me: What was the on road price?

Owner:  It cost us around 67,000 Rs on road. It included few additional accessories like front guard, back guard, ladies foot rest.

Interviewer:  How about the features of this scooter?

Owner:  It has all basic features of scooters such as spacious  under seat storage, stylish instrument cluster and so on. I would have been more happy if it had features like unlocking seat without having to take out the key from ignition key slot.


Yamaha Fascino
Yamaha Fascino

Me: How is the ride quality of this scooter?

Owner: Though I booked it without taking test ride, I feel good with the experience so for. Its pick up is good and offers smooth riding without much noise from engine. Riding at road humps is also easy. So far not got any under frame hit at the unplanned road humps.  The ground clearance of  128mm does make way for easy riding.  As its still new and used for only 30 km from time of buying, it will be too early to say it’s the best.  However so for so good, it is giving us good service and I hope it continues to do so in future too.  As far as the styling is concerned, I have got good lot of  acknowledgment from my friends and relatives for choosing a stylish scooter.

Me: What is your suggestion for prospective customers of Yamaha Fascino?

Owner: It is a very stylish and truly updated scooter one can own and  does make  a difference in the crowd of scooters on road. Personal opinions differ and hence I recommend them to take a test ride before buying.

Yamaha Fascino
Yamaha Fascino

Conclusion:  This is an attempt to give our viewers the direct conversation with owners of vehicles  and opinion that could help to choose a scooter. I would be bringing you more such interviews with owners of cars and bikes. Comments from viewers would be helpful in this regard.

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