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VIP Cars by Car Rental Software Review

VIP Cars by is an online car rental software and had been into car rental business since last 15 years (existing since 2001). Webartindia is a software development firm that is into development of apps and software and they have developed this car rental software to ease the life of daily commuters.

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The Origin of the Concept of Car Rental System

Ever thought why the trend for renting a car for daily office commutation is catching up? Numerous factors are responsible for this. While the trend is highly common in metropolitan cities where traveling one corner of the city to another is a big question, the trend is also catching up in smaller cities owing to the comfort factor. Other reasons are availability of on-demand taxi service, hassle-free taxi booking, easy travel even during midnight and a taxi dispatch software that not only caters to daily commuters but also for occasional traveling, and is a professional online platform offering international car rental broker services. This led to the idea of developing a foolproof system for travelers around the globe.

car rental software – The webartindia review

  • A platform that brings both rental seekers and rental providers under one roof
  • It offers simple & easy online booking
  • A customer support system
  • The multiple currency advantage
  • The freedom to pick cars from widest fleet of different vehicle types
  • It further lets you find deals, compare prices, pick cars of your convenience and reserve your rental with not-all but just a small part of your booking amount
  • The software has the ability to support many rental suppliers from the world
  • Online renting with an easy to download app is a boon for the travelers especially for daily office goers
  • VIP CARS is powered by a flawless technology and without bugs in the car rental software system
  • It’s the user friendly mobile app
  • The application support exists for both Android and iOS users, or iPhone users and people can now search and book anytime, anywhere through Mobile App of VIP Cars
  • Web Art India further adds that the software or the online app has been designed to bring the brilliance of online car rental booking to smartphones, for the busy & technology driven customers
  • Additional features:
  • Their VIP Cars mobile app lets you book a car swiftly and search through a wide database of cars and rental offers, effortlessly.
  • Quick access to pick up locations & cars
  • Check for All Inclusive pricing
  • Easy to understand icons for car features
  • Uncomplicated booking system, secure booking portal, simple booking management & cancellation

The Cons

  • The WHOIS domain information reveals that it is a 15-year old company but practically no negative or positive software reviews online have been reported as such. Although you may not come across any negative feedback but a good research online revealed people complaining about some flaws in the system, possibly the bugs in the car rental software.
  • The company is mainly an IT company which is also involved in other software-based services and Search Engine Optimization and related services, website designing, etc. You will find lots of reviews for into the above-mentioned field but no positive reviews have been found for their car rental software. No idea whether the software has really proved to be a successful one on people’s expectations.
  • At times people, have complained about the not-so-user-friendly online taxi booking that delays their traveling and some even don’t feel like returning to the same company for their traveling requirements as their seems to be some issue with taxi registration system.
6.9 out of 10
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