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Upcoming new India cars 2015 – Part II

Part I of the article was a good starter, here is the entrée.

8. Hyundai ix25:

The SUV craze is showing its miracles in India and Hyundai wants to cash in on the opportunity. The company is set to launch its compact SUV named ix 25 in 2015. Sharing similarities in size with the Renault Duster, this vehicle looks pretty neat. The name ix25 is just a code name; Hyundai is going to give this compact SUV a different name. The name i20 is quite familiar among Indians and so Hyundai is going to give this compact SUV a new name.

The ix25 has sharp headlamps that are complimented with a chrome grille. A few more noticeable design elements include upward rising window line, wraparound tail-lamps.

"Hyundai is 25 Compact SUV"- Upcoming new India cars 2015
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Hyundai is most likely giving the ix25 the 1.6 liter petrol and diesel engines as found in the Verna. The Gearboxes are also going to share similarities to the Verna. With a 5–speed and 6-speed manual transmission, the car is going to be a great option for most SUV enthusiasts.


The ix25 is most likely to storm the Indian market during Mid-2015. The compact is estimated at Rs. 10 lakhs and it is going to compete against Renault Duster, Nissan Terrano and Ford Eco Sport.

This is one of the sleekest models in the list of upcoming new India cars 2015.

9. Hyundai i20 Elite Cross:

Hyundai has officially announced the launch of its i20 based crossover named Elite i20 Cross that is going to be launched in the country in early 2015.

The Elite i20 Cross will be based on Hyundai’s Elite i20 and most likely share the same engines. The styling is going to be a little different and the body structure will be altered to fit into the dynamics of a crossover.

"Hyundai i20 Elite Cross"- Upcoming new India cars of 2015
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The Elite i20 has a 1.2 liter petrol engine while the diesel variant is powered by a 1.4 liter CRDi diesel motor. The petrol version would produce 83 PS power and 114 Nm torque while the diesel engine would churn 90PS power and 220 Nm torque.


Although the pricing isn’t official, the Cross would belong to the 8 lakh price bracket & is one of the affordable yet neat car in the list upcoming new India cars in 2015


10. Volkswagen Taigun:

Volkswagen is also preparing to set its new SUV into the Indian market at a comparatively affordable price. The Taigun is formulated to tap the emerging markets and draw volumes.

The Taigun made its preview at the Sao Paulo Motor Show and is based on the “New Small Family Platform”

With a concise and clear looking exterior, this is purely a next generation SUV from VW. It carries design hints from the Touareg and carries new LED headlamps along with a large grille along with tremendous space.

This smart yet simple looking mini monster has a touch of sportiness along with sheer sophistication. The SUV also has a touch screen interface that controls multiple functions like Bluetooth, audio player as well as satellite navigation.

"Volkswagen Taigun"- Upcoming new India cars of 2015
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The Taigun is powered by a 1 liter TSI engine with 110 BHP power. Volkswagen has adopted a new strategy by extending the range of 3-cylinder petrol engines and has added direct fuel injection plus turbo charging technology. The engine peaks 175 Nm torque at a low 1500 rpm. All of this comes with great fuel efficiency (22 kmpl)


Volkswagen is set to compete aggressively with Nissan Terrano, Renault Duster, Ford Eco Sport and Maruti’s upcoming SUV. The Taigun will carry a price tag ranging between Rs. 9 lakhs to Rs. 14lakhs and is most likely to be launched in August 2015.

This is one gorgeous model in the list of upcoming new India cars 2015

11. Chevrolet Spin:

Back in 2012, General Motors had bought the Chevrolet Spin in the international market. The MPV is derived from Chevrolet Cobalt and is expected to reach India by the end of 2015. This MPV will compete with Maruti Suzuki Ertiga, Nissan Evalia and Honda Mobilio.

The Spin MPV features unique styling with chrome hexagonal grille at the front, large headlamps as well as modified bumpers. It also has fat taillights as well as a small bumper. The MPV is spacious enough for 7 adults and features a lot of comfort along with safety.

"Chevrolet Spin"- Upcoming new India cars 2015
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The Spin will be offered in two variants: LT and LTZ that are powered by a 1.8 litre 4 cylinder Econo Flex engine that produces 106 PS power. The Spin will be mated to a 5 speed manual transmission.


Expected to arrive in August 2015, the Spin will carry a price tag of Rs. 6 lakhs to Rs. 9 lakhs.

This is one of the most awaited models in the list of upcoming new India cars 2015.

12. Chevrolet Trax:

Various entry level compact SUV’s are creating a hubbub in India. Chevrolet will also be joining the league by introducing its compact crossover named Chevrolet Trax SUV. The Trax made its first appearance at the 2012 Paris Motor show and started going on sale in 2013 (only in Europe)

Due to the delayed launch, the Trax is soon to makes its appearance on Indian roads. On first glance, the Trax looks quite like the Chevrolet Captiva SUV, but this car is a little different. The Trax will feature Chevy’s split grille along with large bow logo. The muscular looking Trax will have chunky headlamps as well as large flared wheel arches.

The interiors of the Trax will be most likely adapted from Chevrolet’s Cruze Sedan.

"2015 Chevrolet Trax"- Upcoming new India cars in 2015
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The Trax will have a 1.4 liter Turbocharged as well as a 1.6 liter naturally aspirated engine that would power the petrol variants. The Trax will roll out in diesel variants as well. The Diesel variants will powered by the Fiat sourced 1.3 Liter Multi jet unit. The Trax will be offered in front-wheel-drive as well as all-wheel-drive options.


Expected to launch in August 2015, the Chevrolet Trax will cost anywhere between Rs. 7 lakhs to Rs. 10 Lakhs depending on the variant you choose.

Among SUV enthusiasts this is an awaited model in the list of Upcoming new India cars 2015

13. Honda Jazz:

Honda has confirmed March 2015 launch for the Jazz hatchback. Honda Jazz had a bad reputation in India during recent times. However, Honda has made it clear that it does not want to repeat the same mistake by bringing a very pricey Jazz in India that ultimately led to its downfall.

The new Jazz is expected to cut down all the flaws and bring about new and exciting changes. Mr Kanayama from Honda admits that Honda messed up big time with the pricing strategy of the first Jazz in India.

He also said that “There was some gap between our perception and reality and we learn from various experiences”

"2015 Honda Jazz"- Upcoming new India cars in 2015
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The Jazz will be powered by the same 1.5 liter diesel engine that is currently found on the Honda Amaze as well as the City sedan. The Jazz will also have a 1.2 liter petrol engine.


Honda has finally realized the importance of aggressive pricing in order to promote sales. This time the Honda Jazz is going to be priced between Rs. 4, 70,000 to Rs. 7, 50,000/- which is quite impressive.

This new model of Jazz is an much expected car in the list of upcoming new India cars 2015.

14. Datsun Redi Go:

This is the third car that Japanese automaker has strategically planned for India. Soon to join the Go and GO+ is the Redi Go. Unveiled at the 2014 Auto Expo, this car will be a budget offering from the company. This B-Segment hatchback will sit above the existing GO.

The Redi-Go will have a more futuristic design along with its chrome hexagonal grille, sleek back headlights as well as LED fog lamps.

The Redi GO will be slightly more premium that the GO or the GO+. The car will have standard features like AUX-IN, 2 speakers, Mobile charging point, beige upholstery as well as a dash mounted gear lever and handbrake. This model is for sure the sleekest model in the list of upcoming new India cars 2015.

"Datsun Redi Go 2015"- Upcoming new India cars 2015
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The Redi Go will most likely be powered by the same 1.2 liter 3 cylinder engine as found on the previous versions. The engine will churn 67 BHP and 104 Nm of torque. The car may be offered with LPG or CNG fitting.


The Redi Go is expected to be priced between Rs. 3.5 lakhs to Rs. 5.5 lakhs. The car is expected to be launched in early 2015 in India

Let’s hope these cars are as good as they look.

Stay tuned until we release the list of Upcoming new India cars 2015- part 3 🙂

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