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Tron Inspired Lotus C01-The Sultan of bikes

The Legendary car maker, Lotus has established Lotus Motorcycles to create its first stunning motorcycle that would take you completely by surprise. So named “C-01”lotus, this two wheeled brute looks like it has it all, Classy Looks, Futuristic Design and the Next-Gen Technology.

Lotus Motorcycles is a joint venture by Daniel Simon (kodewa car designer) and Holzer Group. The C-01 is no ordinary bike; the hyper -bike is built with state of the art integrated racing dynamics. Built with only the best materials known to mankind, you can call it the super man among bikes. Materials like carbon, titanium as well as Aero Space quality steel. Unification of these priceless materials that are used in Formula 1 cars is going to help build the hyper beast.

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Lotus Motorcycles has meticulously put in a lot of time an effort behind the C-01. With a highly qualified team of aficionados who have vast experience in the field of endurance racing, Formula 1, the DTM and even the lower formulas. The hyper bike is built for safety as well. The bike defines a different class altogether, top-notch ergonomics and a design that would bring out tears of joy; the hyper bike is going to be a piece of art.

One look at the bike would bring out various aspirations in any bike enthusiast’s mind. The adrenaline rushing shape speaks for itself, designed by one of the most renowned designers, Daniel Simon (formerly a designer at Bugatti Autos ) who has a vast history with Hollywood; by designing the most hardcore sophisticated cars that made their debut in famous Hollywood movies. See if you recognize a few of Daniel’s previous work.

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BUBBLE SHIP from the Sci-Fi movie “OBLIVION” Image Source:


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According to Daniel Simon, “The ambition behind building the lotus C-01 was to create an unique looking state of the art beast which resonates a brutal force elegantly tailored to look its best always. Being the first of its category, consisting of the most sturdy and high-class materials used to muster up this machine. With the C-01, each color used, each material chosen speaks of the long and proud history that Lotus is known for. This bike was an inspiration from the former Lotus 49 that bought prestige to Lotus and hence the similar looking color schemes pay tribute to the Lotus 49.

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Right from the layout, which involved a team of experienced racing bike engineers, the slow yet effective steps ensured that the performance standards meet their desired goals. Maintaining a super low profile was yet another challenge. The fuel tank was hence placed under the seat thereby eliminating mono-shock accommodation and giving the bike a twin shock uber cool retro look.


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The C-01 is going to be developed, produced and assembled through the efficient hands of Holzer Group. After relentless efforts art finally made sweet love with engineering. The result had to be exceptional. However, the downside is that “Only 100 bikes are going to be produced “

According to GütherHolzer, Ceo of Holzer group, the C-01 subtly finds a fragile balance between raging powers waiting to be unleashed combined with impeccable handling standards (just like when beauty meets the beast). Super bikes usually unleash raw power without delivering handling joy. “It takes a legendary bike to deliver both power and sharp handling in harmony. And the C-01 would certainly exceed those expectations”


A well-instrumented body with a combination of carbon fiber and aluminum the Lotus 49 (considered an F1 legend in the 1960’s) inspired two-wheeled demon comes with 200 horses powering the bikes engine, the hyper bike offers a competitive edge. While the commonly desired sports bikes such as the Harley Davidson V-Rod or the Ducati Diavel that compete with the C-01 in terms of cornering and handling, the usual bikes have forks raked between 22-32 degrees. Not with the C-01, that has an eye-popping 52-degree fork angle. The speed demon is fast (really fast) however; the downside is that the C-01 cannot really befriend the corners.

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Every thought and material used in the C-01 such as the airflow engine cooling, suspension mounts, and stiff frames, seating ergonomics etc are correlated intensely with the design aesthetics of the bike. Hence, each and every part used in the bike (from head to tail) has a story of its own, that is weaved together in harmony.

The bike (without fuel, oil and the rider) alone weighs approximately 399 pounds. The high-end Brembo disk brakes and Ohlins suspension components help tame speed.


Lotus motorcycles are rolling out just 100 of these unique bikes. Hence, owning one requires very deep & loaded pockets. The motorbike is expected to cost over USD 1,30,000 each. If luck and money are in your favor, you might want to consider getting one of these limited edition Hyper bikes.

“Built for a Sultan & definitely priced like a Sultan.”

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