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A look into each awesome Toyota super bowl commercial

The leading Japanese Auto manufacturer Toyota is a subtle mix of beauty and brains. Out of the plenitude of cars launched by Toyota every year, a few commercials make it through the super bowl. The following article is going to try and make advertisements seem a tad interesting rather than coerce you into buying the products.

Let’s take a look at each Toyota super bowl commercial that made its debut at the Super Bowl.

9. Toyota Tundra 2007:

Toyota had introduced the Tundra, a full-sized truck that looks pretty strong and beats anything in its class in terms of acceleration, road manners and equipment availability. This was a one of a kind pickup truck in 2007. With a wide range of cab and bed configurations and a powerful 5.7-liter V8 and spacious passenger quarters, numerous safety and convenience features, the Tundra was a great truck. However, there are many hard plastic and ergonomic flaws in the vehicle’s cabin.

Although the following ad portrays an “unnecessary demonstration” of the Tundra’s towing as well as stopping power, this Toyota super bowl commercial makes you feel the omnipotence of the pickup. Well, don’t judge it by the portrayal of its masculinity, just enjoy the commercial.

8. Toyota Sequoia 2008:

Powered by a 381 HP producing 5.7 liter V8 engine, the 2008 Sequoia offers wide space for 8-passengers as well as cavernous cargo space at an unbelievably low price than most other vehicles in the same range. This was one ride that met the needs of most buyers in 2008.

The following Toyota super bowl commercial is aimed at striking the happy chord within all of us, reminding us of the happy times when we were kids. Thankfully, this is not an advertising and marketing strategy that aims at just selling the car. This is a commercial showing people having fun. I hope you have fun too?

7. Toyota Corolla 2008- Badgers:

The Toyota Corolla 2008 was the second least expensive car in its lineup. Although the looks of the 2008 Corolla are as same as the 2003 Corolla, it looked pretty modern, sober and substantial for family oriented people. However, the Corolla lacks excitement and youthfulness (something that most Toyota cars lack)

To make up for that, the interiors speak sophistication along with a clean style and commodiousness to relax and enjoy the roads ahead. Powered by a 1.8 liter four cylinder engine that makes 126 HP, this was a great car.

The Toyota super bowl commercial features a badger and her young along with a collection of cannons as well as a cell phone. By promoting the quiet cabin space of the Corolla, the advertisers tried to focus on the message that even ferocious badgers will not gnaw the guy’s face off, thanks to the peace and silence in the cabin. Simple and enjoyable advertisement, worth watching once (maybe twice)


6. Toyota Tundra- Killer Heat:

Well, this was an elaborate demonstration of “uselessness”

Driving the Toyota Tundra in Mohave Desert is one thing; in fact driving it near an active volcano is also acceptable by a few. This Toyota super bowl commercial heats up advertising in the most inessential way possible. It would have been better watching the Tundra go through a rather utilitarian yet rigorous path than having to watch $ 4 million (approx) go down the drain with this elaborate commercial.

Watch the following commercial and judge for yourself.


5. Toyota Venza- 2009:

Suffering from Insomnia? Fancy a yawn? The following Toyota super bowl commercial should help.

Toyota Yawnza (oops I mean Venza) was a midsize SUV bought out in the year 2009. The yay!! Was the excellent fuel economy along with great reliability as well as safety features. The neigh (apart from the commercial) was the lack of backup sensors as well as the poor quality of the backup camera.

P.S. Don’t hate me after watching the following commercial 😛 (that is, if you decide to watch it)

4. Toyota Camry- 2012 (Two Worlds)

Released in the year 2012, the Toyota Camry commercial was a good attempt at the Super Bowl. As far as car commercials go, the message conveyed was pretty apt and logical. The Toyota super bowl Ad completely revolved around the bravado, Horse power and the relation with Horses, Jets, and such with the Camry.

With a pretty cool look, this Toyota super bowl commercial makes perfect sense and well, this might have given Toyota enthusiasts something good to look forward to.


3. Toyota Camry 2012 Connections:

Advertising works either with the help of Intimacy or Emotions. The latter was chosen for the following Advertisement. Toyota chose to go ahead with human connections this time to promote the 2012 Camry.  The Ad aims at touching lives of generations of people with a soft, catchy, subtle message. That said, the previous Camry commercial was more masculine than this emotional “1 minute” connection.

2. Toyota 2013- The Genie:

Some ads are designed with confidence and some fall really flat. The following genie-themed Toyota super bowl commercial that tried to entice about a million viewers to buy a Toyota RAV4 was more of a fantasy like approach than focusing on the actual.

Firstly, the commercial is not quite funny as you might expect. The Genie part was a little manageable, but the entire theme was not what anybody would really expect from a vehicle commercial. No wonder Toyota faces difficulty with its zestful and sportiness.

1. Toyota Muppets 2014:

Imagine, a combination of the action hero, Terry Crews with Muppet characters running during the Super Bowl XLVIII is like calling mutton a fruit (weird right?)

Toyota had chosen the Super Bowl spot, actor (former NFL Player) Terry Crews helps some stranded Muppets in the middle of a desert by offering them a ride.

So, Terry Crews is driven to a magical/musical adventure (or did terry consume drugs? Well, it seems that way)

Watch this crazy hallucinated Toyota super bowl commercial that might take you on a ludicrous trip.


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