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TESLA Model X: First Electric Car

Tesla Motors have finally created and unveiled their full-size luxury crossover utility vehicle. Tesla unveiled this car at Tesla’s design studios in Los Angeles on February 9, 2012. The car is named Model X and was developed from the full-size sedan platform of the Tesla Model S and is being produced with it at the Tesla Factory in Fremont, California.

According to reports, Americans had bought around 5,30,000 SUVs and crossovers only in September. This sums up to a 30 % increase in the sales. An electric vehicle that fits and un-electrified large crossover segment does make perfect sense. But, building the Model X was not just a vision of creating a typical crossover. It happens to be the world’s first mass-produced Electric vehicle crossover.

Here is a preview at the X model by Tesla:


Unveiled on the 29th of September 2015, and features a panoramic windshield. This happens to be the safest SUV in terms of frontal and side impact crash according to Elon Musk.

"Tesla Model X"
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Its standard radar-based AEB and ultrasonic-based side collision avoidance to steer occupants away from a side collision. Tesla developed an ultrasonic sensor that can see through metal to keep falcon doors from hitting nearby objects when opening or closing.

"Tesla Model X"
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Yes, this vehicle has falcon doors that avoid collision with nearby objects when opened. The company claims that the car features the first true HEPA Filter in a car, with medical grade cabin air cleanliness comparable to that of a hospital operating room. When the car operates at maximum capability (enabled with a “Bioweapon Defense Mode” button), Tesla claims that no viruses, bacteria or spores can be detected in the cabin.

Tech Specs:

It is claimed that the Model X will weigh 8% more than Tesla’s Model S and share around 30% of its parts. The vehicle with a choice of two lithium-ion battery packs. The batteries are rated at either 70 or 90 kW:h– the same choices available on the Model S as well as the highest performance version of the model P90D that goes from 0 to 100 in just 3.2 seconds. Surprisingly, this car outperforms various sports cars and SUV’s too. The Model X features an all-wheel drive system that uses two motors for front and rear wheels. The model X carries an official EPA rated 310 mi or 500 km range according to the European NEDC testing cycle.

Talks suggest that the company was planning on offering a rear-wheel drive version. However, the company seems to have scrapped those plans and included all wheel drive. The standard AWD version of the car has 259 HP on each front and rear motors whereas, the performance edition of the Model X has 259 Hp in the front and 503 Hp on its rear side. It also has an optional tow bar that has a towing capacity of 2300 kilos. The wheelbase of the Model X is 120.5 inches or 3061 mm. The length, width and height of this crossover utility vehicle is 197 x 82 x 64 inches respectively.


The seven-seater car named Model X hits around 250 miles per charge and this is a mighty impressive USP of the car. In addition to the marvelous aesthetics of this car, it has emergency automatic braking for safety. An automatic steering function will monitor lane lines to keep the vehicle in its lane without driver input, and automatic parking. A suite of radar and sonar sensors and a forward-facing camera make the technology possible, and Tesla says periodic software updates will automatically upload improvements to the systems over the airwaves.

"Tesla model X"
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In keeping with Tesla’s reputation for building cars the well heeled will appreciate, the Model X is imbued with a number of luxurious touches. Intuitive doors open automatically for the driver, and the infotainment stack features a massive 17-inch display screen. The little road noise allowed to enter the cabin will be moot against the Model X’s 17-speaker stereo system. Interior air is purified for the Tesla elite, with a Hepa filter system that ducts air in through the vehicle’s front fascia. This might sound like a dream, but it is real!

Production and Price:

Ever since its inception, the Model X happens to be Tesla’s third car to be launched since 2003. After Tesla’s Roadster, Model S (Saloon car) and recorded a sales figure of 75,000 vehicles. The Model X was a debutant in 2012, but due to engineering delays, the car launch was delayed to 2014. Deliveries of the Model X are patience-busters for sure. It takes 8-10 months to get your vehicle delivered.

"Model X"
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From pricing perspective, the pricing for the limited edition Model X varies between US$132,000 and US$144,000. The standard production versions of the Model X costs $5,000 more than a comparably equipped AWD Model S that is priced atUS$75,000 for the base Model 70D.

Sustainability wise, it is surely going to be awkward for the Model X to cope up with a $ 1,30,000+ price tag.

For many people who have a lot of money, buying a Tesla is as much buying into Elon’s vision as it is about the product,” Brett Smith, an analyst with the Center for Automotive Research, said in an interview. “You become part of something great.”

Bottom Line:

Tesla Model X is surely a technological marvel that had to happen. Its price might seem extreme, but Elon’s vision combined with a whole lot of technology cannot be ignored

8.7 out of 10
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