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TAXI CALLER Uber Clone Script Review

With the dominance of Uber in the cab booking business, uber clone scripts have become a buzzword these days. Everybody wants to have a luxurious ride with the vehicle of their choice. This was the scenario hard to imagine a few years back.

uber clone script

There was no abundance of taxis and cabs in the cities. Even though they were available, it was quite expensive to book a taxi. But nowadays commuting in a taxi has become very affordable even for a common man. Cab business is a cutthroat one, every year a lot of enterprises venture to try their fortune in this field. Some survive and others perish.

To sustain in this business one of the key factors is to have a better product. To satisfy this need for a software that would be as efficient and as scalable as the original software many companies began producing their own version of uber clone scripts. The uber clone script is basically a replica of the original software. They have all the essential features of the original software with a little customization or the addition of a few features.

A word of caution for the potential buyers or business owners, it would be wise to analyze the product feature by feature before a making a purchase.

A brief history of TaxiCaller

Founded in 2011 TaxiCaller is a specialist in cloud-based taxi dispatch solutions. They have a global presence in 6 continents and over 60 countries. From the day of its conception, TaxiCaller has been providing indispensable software that powers millions of limos, taxis, and cabs around the world. Developed by Swedish engineers with a background in transport and telecom TaxiCaller offers an innovative and cost-effective solution. Perfection and amelioration are embedded into the very essence of the company.

What makes the uber clone script from TaxiCaller different?

TaxiCaller has been in the industry for a long time. All these years of experience are well reflected from their product. Let’s have a look at all the essential features of the uber clone script from TaxiCaller.

  • Cloud Based : The TaxiCaller is fully cloud-based. As a result of this, it is highly scalable and fault tolerant. There is also an infinite storage available in the cloud.
  • Pay As You Go : The makers of TaxiCaller have made it very affordable for the business owner to pay only for certain features that they are planning to use. In this way, TaxiCaller is available for anybody who wants to start a business instantly but lacks funds.
  • Social Media Sharing and Login : With the boom in social media it has become a necessity to integrate them with the app. Now a customer can register with the help of its social media accounts and can also share experiences on the social media.
  • Vehicle Types : The admin can add and remove certain types of vehicles according to the necessity and availability.
  • Favorite Locations : The customer can store certain locations as favorite locations.
  • Trip and Receipt History : Both the trip history and the invoice history is maintained in the app for future review.
  • Rating : Rating is very essential to know what your customer feels and what are his demands.
  • Text Notification : The passenger, as well as the driver, are notified promptly with text notifications.
  • Alarm : The driver app is supported with an alarm feature that gets activated at an appropriate time.
  • In-App Taximeter : The driver app has an inbuilt taximeter that keeps track of the distance covered.
  • Chat and Voice Messaging : The passenger and the driver can communicate with each other by voice messaging and an integrated chat application.
  • Broadcast Bidding : When the requests are generated, it is broadcasted and the drivers available in the vicinity bid for the passenger.
  • Shift History : There is a provision to keep track of the drivers working in shifts, with the help of shift history.
  • Step By Step Navigation : The navigation panel on the driver app is very interactive.
  • Corporate Account : The corporate account feature is to keep track of extra personnel hired by the company.
  • Auto Complete Address : While booking the auto-complete feature search for the address based on certain keywords.
  • Online Booking : There is a dedicated website where the customer can book a taxi online.
  • Real-Time Tracking : With the help of GPS and google maps it is possible to track the vehicles real-time.
  • Job Alerts : The driver can generate job alerts for other fellow drivers.
  • Multi Monitor Support : The driver app is supported by multiple monitor feature.
  • Business Analytics :
  • Reports and Invoicing : Detailed report and invoice are generated after the trip is complete.
  • E-Ticket Payments : A customer can purchase e-tickets from the company, which are some sort of coupons, and can make the payment for the booking with it.

What else could be added

The uber clone script from TaxiCaller is state of the art. Some of the features are very innovative and different. As the demand for uber clone scripts has significantly increased in the recent years, there are certain features that are worth adding. Let’s discuss some features that could be added to make TaxiCaller a leader in uber clone scripts.

  • Airport Ride Sharing : What is the need for Airport Ride Sharing feature? As everyone living in a metropolitan city knows how difficult it is to get a taxi to the airport. The scarcity of cabs makes it a nuisance to schedule a ride to the airport. The airport ride sharing feature is a solution to the problem. With an integrated airport ride booking feature, the customer need not have to worry about scheduling the ride. With this application it is also possible to share a ride with a fellow passenger and hence the ride becomes economical. This app also takes care of the delay caused by the check posts and the toll gates. The additional cost is added as a surcharge at the time of booking and everything else is taken care of.
  • Call Center Management : What is the need for Call Center Management? A call center executive is needed to help a customer offline at the time of necessity. Sometimes a customer may not be able to make a booking due to no wifi or internet connection. In that case, the customer can call the customer care executive and get the booking done. All the details related to the ride including the customer details are then sent to the driver by the call center executive.
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