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Taxi Booking App With Software Review

Appy Pie offers a complete car rental software for car for travel management companies. The taxi booking app from offers a host of features to allow the companies to manage their inventory, the payment settings, tracking both driver and customer details, tracking the analytics, and all the other features that a usual taxi rental system would otherwise need. The software is easy to manage from the dashboard and just with few simple tweaks, you can play around with the settings and not have to worry about hiring even a webmaster or involving a technical person to handle your fleet management system.

The application works on real time which has integrated Mobile Payment which ensures that the payment for signed up drivers can be automatically taken care. There are two mobile applications that come with Taxi Booking app such as Uber Passenger App for booking and tracking cabs and Uber Driver App which the drivers can use for accepting the requests for mobile booking.

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Taxi Dispatch Software from Appy Pie

The passenger app has all the basic features like user registration, tracking the driver, setting pickup location, fare calculator, automatic payment handling, driver rating/feedback, and keeping a track of the booking history to name a few.
The driver app too has all the basic features like driver registration, updating the booking status, and checking the booking history of the driver, etc.

For those planning to purchase a taxi app, they can even see the demo version of configuring a taxi app with Appy Pie.
Among many products of Appy Pie, this car rental software is an Uber clone script that brings many critical features and integrates them in an intuitive way. The admin dashboard is neat and planned with UX in mind. While the apps and features leave, the visitor impressed, pricing makes them think twice.

Appy Pie is a cloud-based app and gives the liberty to even tweak the app with minimal supervision and one can make the app itself – truly a DIY software. The company claims that the users with no programming skills can handle the tweaking easily and publish it for various mobile device platforms.

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The Real Time Review

The Good

  • Multi-Platform Support – Build the app for iOS, Blackberry, HTML5, Windows, Fire OS or Android.
  • User-friendly – The drag-and-drop app builder is easy to use with no download required and you are just up and running with the app in your hand within just a couple of minutes.
  • Free to Use – Appy Pie offers a completely free subscription for developing a single and fully-functional app unlike other free trial apps in the market.
  • Appy Pie subscriptions are quite cheap.
  • They are also offering a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

The Bad

  • Most of the features are available only with the paid subscriptions.
  • The users who have purchased the car rental software app have reported many bugs in the system.
  • There are delayed responses from the support team (Refer: )
  • Their app sometimes stops working abruptly and features like Geo fencing, push notifications, YouTube playlist are some of the features that hang up too often (Refer: )
  • The software, no doubt, is expensive.
  • Buying the apps from may not be safe as the website doesn’t uses http secure certificate.
  • App publishing isn’t easy and you will require an administrator to handle the task of publishing in the marketplace.
  • The experienced programmers may not want to try the app as it doesn’t have the advanced customization features that many would want to use.
  • There are not many reviews available for its car rental system clone script but those found are dissatisfied with the app’s customization part.
6 out of 10
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