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Tata Super Nano-A Step ahead!!

If you have underestimated the Tata Nano, maybe it’s time to take back that perception.

There was a time when Tata Nano was considered the cheapest car in the world. With a price tag of $ 3000 (Rs. 1.8 lakhs) the Nano was the most affordable car in the world. There was also a time when Tata had the Nano encrusted in Gold, Silver and gem stones. However, that was not a functional model. Now it’s time for Tata Super Nano.


"Gold Tata Nano"
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"Tata Nano Gold"
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The Nano is a nice and peppy car that is reliable for intra-city driving. The Nano found its way from India directly to various countries and even in Jay Leno’s Garage.

"Jay Leno's Tata Nano"

However, the most affordable car has now joined the league of the exclusives. The car competes with cars like Skoda Superb, Hyundai Elantra and even Audi. The credits go to JA Motorsport for converting the cheapest car into an exclusive ride.

The Nano as we knew it:

The Tata Nano was a cute and cuddly ride that could snuggle into almost all streets. The Nano did not just find its way into Tata Motor’s lineup. There was a thought behind conceiving the idea of bringing out this car.  A country like India is dominated by the middle classes. Most families have a 2-wheeler, the father drives a 2 wheeler, and the elder child stands in front, the wife behind holding a baby. Sadly, this is the norm in India. Apart from the risk it holds, the ride is quite uncomfortable for the entire family. That very situation bought out a thought that went into the creation of Tata Nano.

The car was never meant to be coined a “ Rs. 1 lakh car”, but during an interview between Mr. Ratan Tata and Financial Times (British Newspaper) at the Geneva Motor Show, a question was raised about the price of the car, to which, Mr. Tata had said “About 1 lakh”.

"Ratan and Tata Nano"
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The low-end rural car had to look presentable and yet cost low. There were many issues that Tata Motors had to face. Criticisms apart, the price of Steel was not in favor and then there were issues like safety. It was too late for Tata’s rebuttal against the claim of bringing a 1 lakh rupee car. However, there were exponential challenges and price barriers had kept the company pondering about the alternatives.

However, with the intelligent minds put to task and the ability to oversee the obstacles had finally paid off.

The Tata Nano was launched with a 624 cc multi-point fuel injected water cooled naturally aspirated 2 cylinder gasoline engine. The car had 2 valves per cylinder that were mated to a 4-speed manual transmission producing 38 Po power and 51 Nm torque. That said, the Nano maintained its pride by becoming India’s most fuel efficient petrol car that gave a pleasing mileage of 25.35 kmpl. This rear wheel drive configuration makes it quite interesting as a driver’s car.

The JA touch:

Coimbatore based JA Motorsport had something speedy and demonic (in a manner of speaking) in mind. The custom house took all the traits that Nano had and used them to create something exciting and interesting.

You might think that this is just a modified Nano. But hold that judgment till you see what’s inside.

The Super Nano is based on the regular Nano. However, adding features like a full body kit, slick tires, bolt-on roll cage, smoke head and tail lamps might help change your perception a tad and you might still not be totally convinced.

But, picture Carbon fiber treatment on the dashboard, Recaro seats, racing steering wheel, mounted paddle shifters and you might start gaining interest. But, the most convincing part is the 1.3 liter engine that does a super duty job on the Super Nano. Surprisingly this engine churns out a maximum power of about 230 HP.

"Super Tata Nano"
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"Ja Motor Nano"
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This Super Powered engine races the Nano at around 190 kmph. You’d definitely love the look on the faces of most people who look down at the Nano.

"JM Super Nano interiors"
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The Chassis has also been tampered with and the wheels are a beauty to look at. The MRF ZLO racing slicks are like racing shoes on a horse.

"Super Tata nano"
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This is currently India’s fastest hot hatch and has some neat specs that come as a surprise. The massive power is tamed by AP Racing disc brakes on all the wheels.

"Super Tata nano tires"
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This isn’t a regular Nano and you wouldn’t want it if you’re just a commuter. The Super Nano is better suited on a race track over the normal crowded roads. JA racing has some serious Auto Freaks who have the adequate skills of drilling your car into a beast. They carry a reputation for making Formula Ford Cars in India among their other accomplishments.


With all that power comes a super price tag. Converting your Nano a Super boost and a new identity would cost you Rs. 25 lakhs (for the entire job)

Bottom Line:

Although the Super Nano is suited for a track, it is a great accomplishment. This is a great upgrade and you might want to check it out if you travel to Coimbatore.


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