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Each one of these Super Bowl car commercial will blow you away!

Although advertisements are made to promote a particular product or service, some of the commercials leave behind a strong message.

Presenting Super Bowl, Americas most watched TV broadcast yearly. With an average of 111 million viewers yearly, Super Bowl has become quite popular.

It is one of the few annual events to achieve a wide viewership. Amid the widespread, various big brands broadcast their ads during the game. Various small players also get reputation while advertising during Super Bowl.

All this prominence comes with a high price. The average cost of a 30 second ad during Super Bowl is around $ 4 million. The Super Bowl ads have become a cultural phenomenon alongside the game. Surprisingly, most viewers prefer watching the commercials over the game.

With a lot of money at stake, the commercials have a critical mass of viewers and most commercials cater to all age groups. The buzz kept increasing and as a result, the Super bowl ads started making their appearance outside of the game.

The Commercials are however, limited only to the United States of America. But, enthusiasts and viral freaks post these videos on You Tube and video sharing sites to increase the popularity.

A concoction of peppy, interesting, funny and controversial advertisements has had the viewers’ experience their favorite brands like never before.

Here is a list of 10 of the most popular super bowl car commercials that became a hit in USA and other countries. These 10 commercials have been conceived by brilliant and creative teams. I enjoyed each Super Bowl car commercial, hope you enjoy them too.

10. The Force:

Volkswagen has simply the best commercials and the best advertising strategies than any other car manufacturer. The Force has been formulated from the movie Star wars.  This brilliant ad was created by Lucas film. With a running time of 1.02 minutes, the Volkswagen Passat Super Bowl car commercial was released on the 6th of Feb 2014.

The 2012 VW Passat super bowl car ad features a young boy dressed up as Vader (from Star wars) who tries to use the “Force” to start a washer and dryer. Soon after, he tries to wake the dog as well as a doll. The unsuccessful young Vader after various failed attempts is startled to find that he can start his car with “Force” though; his father actually uses a remote to do it. A sweetly portrayed ad and impressively done too. Have a look


9. 1969 Plymount Roadrunner:

Inspired by the Roadrunner show, the Plymouth Roadrunner Super Bowl car commercial features a part of the Roadrunner show as well as a part where the vehicle is shown and the new models such as the convertible, hardtop and the coupe are announced. Simple and reminiscent of old times.

8. Audi Commercial starring Jason Statham:

His movies are legendary; his action fills adrenaline in us. Jason Statham has always been closely associated with Audi (he owns a couple of them too)

This particular Super Bowl car commercial shows the hunk (Jason Statham) fending off bad guys (and being the bad guy too) by stealing a few cars and soon after crashing them. Until, he comes across an Audi where the bad guys face harsh consequences and Jason enjoys the ride.

7. Chrysler Eminem Super Bowl Commercial – Imported From Detroit

Love Slim Shady?

You’ve definitely be driven crazy by this Super Bowl car commercial. To top it off, Chrysler introduces the Chrysler 200 in the style of his song. Imported from Detroit, the Chrysler 200 redefines luxury.

A simple commercial elegantly presented with the right amount of attitude, style and sheer class.


6. Super Bowl Chevy Ad Happy Grad Commercial Global News:

What did you expect from your parents when you graduated? Well, this Super Bowl car commercial misleads the fresh graduate to believe that his parents have bought him a new Chevy. Things worsen even more when he calls his friends and girlfriend and tell them about the gift.

His parents buy him a refrigerator and quietly watch as their son rejoices. Soon after, the owner of the Chevy drives away. It’s a fun advertisement and conveys the message with the support a family humor.

5. Snow Covered Jeep Commercial:

A commercial is always the best when you find something unique. Jeep bought out its uniqueness with its 1994 Super Bowl car commercial that features quite an ominous quality. The jeep tunnels its way across land, deep under the snow. The chemistry between the snow and Jeep remains classified. Well, till the time when there is a snow-covered stop sign. A brilliant and classic example of the Jeep commercial that hits of the 90’s style of advertising to a very modernistic level. It was certainly a simple thought that did its inspired bit of advertising the brand quite well. This advertisement plays a simple, silent role and brings out an effective brand message.

4. Audi A3: Designed without Compromise:

The Audi A3 Super Bowl car commercial takes a reference from cross breeding two different breeds of canines. Turns to a flop show and the results turn out to be drastic. The Audi A3 focuses on no compromises and drives you towards reasonable thinking and practicality. Smart and Subtle advertisement created smartly.


3. Hyundai Genesis:

If you like safety, You will love the Hyundai Genesis Super Bowl car commercial. The commercial is developed around the main theme of safety. Watch as this commercial take the place of a father on the road.



2. Jaguar F-Type British Villains:

Nefarious plans on world domination? Planning your escape?

F the trouble, the Jaguar F type Super Bowl car commercial is elaborate and brings about the evil in you. The demon is in its details, the sheer class and the elegance of the Jag is smoothly elaborated in the following commercial.

1. The other side:


Bored of watching regular commercials?

How about a Super Bowl car commercial with 2 stories? and the best part is that you get to experience both, by pressing a key on your key board. This is a great attempt by Honda to promote the Civic R type.

I personally feel that this ad is similar to the Transporter-2 story.

Hope you enjoyed these Super Bowl car commercials 🙂

Super Bowl car commercial


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