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SUBARU WRX-2015 CONCEPT – an overview

Subaru cars have always been accoutered with the chiseled and diabolical looks just like it came out of the gymnasium, the recent announcement about the launch of its new WRX model in 2015 is pretty exciting, meanwhile let us review and get our hopes up with the Subaru WRX concept 2015.

Being a Genetically designed race car (so to speak) drivers and speed freaks were the prime focus, and the design was nothing to be really proud of. It was a racer, without any mention about its looks and such. But the new WRX changes all the previous kept notions.

The new Subaru seems stronger in appearance, it looks grumpy too. The new 268 hp generating turbo machine has a 4 and 6 speed manual transmission. As a part of Subaru’s homologation and the dire efforts to promote the WRX for rally’s during 1990, the Impreza was born with so much under its racing hoods that it was a racing rally horse. The 2 Liter turbo engine wasn’t the only impressive part of the vehicle, the fog lights, fender flares, great seating arrangement and a perfect commandeering steering wheel were the driving forces of the all wheel drive Impreza.


The WRX Concept is called a “design study” by Subaru, I wouldn’t know about the study part but it has certainly won a riders heart. It has a few tricks up its design that remain a mystery but the ride and its design are currently being molested in our minds, it’s a matter of time when 2015 is going to give us a WRX orgasm.

SUBARU WRX-2015 Design
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The anticipated 2 Liter Turbo Charged engine is what’s going to charge the new WRX. The new sedan looking concept seems like a 5 door version. Subaru has not particularly been a beauty pageant in the looks department, but who needs looks when power is abundant in the WRX right?

I have to admit, the 2015 model has a sexy body & sporting ascendancy. This is one car that has been bulked up with steroids, Brains and Brilliance.


The formula of behemoth looks and cherubic interiors are a great combination. The interiors are decorous and pronounce chivalry. The steering wheel looks pretty elegant, so do the seats and upholstery. That should pretty much give you a general view of the interiors.

Interiors of the WRX Subaru (concept)
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The brand doesn’t seem to give a rat’s a** about competing cars and their massive engines. A Subaru is what a Subaru does best, Glide through roads!!

The WRX isn’t any different, the new and improved injected 2 Liter engine is wilderness on roads, thrusting up 6000 RPM, that’s convenience at its finest for a race freak. The all wheel drive car would certainly perform its best and the 2-liter turbo charged engine with the power of at least 300 deft horses. Making an awaited debut at the 2013 New York Auto Show, the WRX looks faintly like the Impreza but the similarities are very meager.


With such a lot of mustered power under the hood, the brakes have to be freakishly good. The brakes on the WRX are definitely a show stopper (vehicle stopper in this case)although, there isn’t a lot of information available on them, but we expect something speed stopping.

Check out the heavy duty brakes on the WRX concept.
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The WRX can perform well on roads, but it can perform better on jagged, muddy, and dirt friendly roads, for the fun sake you can try to perform a drift on such a road, the Dunlop SP Wintersport 3D tires would help you exceed your riding expectations. You’d surely have fun dancing with the WRX and it’s communicative steering that


Bleh!! Well, that the apt word for a wannabe stereo system that plays more crap than music. In all honesty, its way better listening to the phones in your phones play list than turning on this grumbling tractor like audio system.


The price of the Subaru WRX hasn’t been announced yet but, you can expect the entry-level price to range from US $ 26,000(Rs. 15.6 lakhs) to $ 32,490(Rs. 19.50 Lakhs), which would definitely make it a worthy buy. This car would just keep you engaged all day; like it was that special kind of girlfriend you always wanted.



The new and improved WRX Subaru
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The WRX concept has a few features that definitely fit into the “hard to take your eyes off” category, there is an inclusion of a very bold Turbo 4 cylinder engine that would brighten up a racer’s day, there has also been an addition to gears and to sum up the good news, the WRX would be an all wheel drive, the sad part however lies in the infotainment, it is downright sad and makes you want to open your window and rather listen to the cows moo.

“Supposedly” a sedan, it is going to take some time to determine how well this Subaru performs.

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