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Spaceo Technologies Car Rental Software Review

Spaceo Technologies offers car rental software. The app was an inspiration from Uber or Lyft like software to give the ease of handling the travelling business and the agencies can give a smoother commutation experience to its customers and at the same time creating employment opportunities for the drivers as well through the easy to handle app for their mobile request acceptance.
What inspires companies to create Uber Clones?

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The on-demand taxi booking facility, easy travel from home to office and back, and the freedom to drive through the long-traffic jams as well as the mental freedom are few features that are taking people to opt for commutation through cab. The whole cab service experience for the drivers, the passengers, and the travelling agencies is a success only if they have a smooth and flawless working taxi dispatch software or app at their disposal.

The Basics of Developing the App

What convinces the companies to invest more and more in developing Uber like clones and other app or software clones is the ability to offer top performing and technologically enhanced apps at budgeted prices. Moreover, the apps can be customized according to the business requirements and yet not compromising on the quality of these feature-rich apps that can be utilized in a hassle-free manner.

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The Spaceo Technologies Review

Let’s explore in a little more detail how this 6-year old company has managed to satisfy its customers on board. Let’s explore some of the features of their feature-rich software.

The Pros

  • They are very clear and transparent on their payment terms. While other sub-standard companies might be offering Uber clones for lesser than $20k, their say is, “We won’t be able to deliver the promised quality of app in the budget that has been specified by you. We need to create an app that is distinct from those available in the marketplace, and for that a fixed budget won’t work.” The app customization is the biggest reason for the app’s price and delivering a promising product that actually works and that is competitively priced too is something we are very good at.
  • The company is very clear on committing the timeline for creating the app. Promising the customer and then extending the timeline can be very frustrating and for this they first analyze the client’s requirements, devise the scope of the project defining all the standards for creating the car rental software app in question.
  • Their product, Lyft and Uber clone script as the company claims, performs well across all the platforms; be it Android, iOS, native or cross-platform.
  • Like many other mobile app development companies on-board, they too have the capability to produce different styled apps, like combined or separate apps for drivers, customers, etc. depending upon the client’s requirement and the availability of the resources and his budget. Further, whether the customization the clients are looking for is the need for online and offline chat. The online chat, however, uses C++ Socket programming or some third-party SDK, which again will take the budget towards the higher side.

The Cons

Look what customers are saying.
They speak big but what about the issues that crop up, let’s find out from the user’s perspective.

  • Some clients have experienced difficulty in monetizing their mobile app. The quality of the car rental system was not exactly what the buyer had actually expected.
  • The scheduled delivery of the app was also delayed than what was originally promised. are delays with the delivery part.
  • Some clients have also faced issues during the app deployment and they need to apply more robust strategy, which relied too heavily on user volunteered data.
  • The app is highly expensive in comparison to the quality being delivered.
  • doesn’t use HTTP Secure. So, all communications are not encrypted!
  • They have a low popularity; #185,225 among over 30 million websites in world and ranks at #34,207 in India.
8.4 out of 10
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