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Innovative personal transportation vehicles by Segway

Taking the present scenario of increasing on-road vehicles, whenever you go on a ride either in a car or a bike, you must be thinking of which way to go to reach your destination- so that you face minimal on-road traffic. Just imagine if this is the situation today, what about the future on-road traffic conditions. One of the major reasons for traffic is increasing vehicles on road within a limited infrastructure available. Some of the solutions for tackling on-road traffic include improving and expanding infrastructure, metro trains, mono-rail concept and maximum usage of public transport. The infrastructure development takes time, so how can we go for utilizing the existing space. Segway has come with the solution for this: Innovative personal transportation vehicles. From here on, I will let you know about Segway , their technology and products.

Increasing on-road traffic (Source:

About Segway:

Segway Logo (Source:
Segway Logo (Source:

Segway, a company with a vision of developing a personal, green transportation vehicle has come a long way since their announcement of coming up with a first self-balancing, zero emission personal transportation vehicle: Segway Personal Transporter. Their development team’s aim was to create a vehicle that takes minimal space, extremely maneuverable and also can run on pedestrian paths. Today when we see their product portfolio, we can say that this is an amazing concept of ride one can have.

Segway Technology:

In order to develop a system, we need expertise in different domains to make the system run smoothly. Segway, with a cluster of technologies has come up with this innovative mode of transport. Some of its technologies include dynamic stabilization which uses the movement of the user for maneuvering and even provides a zero turning radius. Electronic propulsion to wheels through motors and software support for traction and braking makes the ride comfortable. Smart battery management allows the efficient usage of Lithium batteries. Regenerative braking for recharging the batteries during deceleration has also been employed. Various other technologies like Drive by wire advanced sensing and digital dashboard makes user experience memorable with Segway vehicles.

One thing is for sure, the Segway vehicles have minimized the use of mechanical elements and focused more on electric mobility coupled with digital architecture for clear information and interaction of the user with the machine.

Segway Products:

Segway has a wide range of products in various categories like consumers, businesses, Police and security, tourism.

Segway Products (Source:
Segway Products (Source:

For consumers, Segway i2 SE, can be used for an enjoyable ride for commuting to offices. If you need some adventure rides on terrains and beaches, Segway x2 SE, an off-road vehicle is the best option.

For logistics and cargo purposes, Segway i2 SE can be added with cargo accessories like storage bins on sides, front storage case. These are made to go at varied speeds, maneuver easily in any environment conditions. Segway x2 Golf, can be used on golf turfs and allow the player to go very quickly to the ball with Golf bag carrier attachment on the vehicle.

Police and security agencies require very fast and effective modes of doing patrolling. For them, Segway has solution in the form of Segway i2 SE Patroller.  This can allow efficient patrolling for traffic management on roads, airport and railway station securities. Innovation is the necessity of life, we have seen it in past and now it is the time for innovations to be used by our future generation. Segway is the result of the same and has the potential making driving a different experience altogether.

Segway India:

In India, Segway has partnered with Bird Group for business. They have almost the same product port folio as that of international market. Recently, Delhi Police has ordered for 25 Segway Patrollers for usage in Delhi for effective monitoring. Apart from this, BirdSegway also organises tour in the National Capital Delhi to make you see India Gate, Amar Jawan Jyoti, secretariat Building, Rashtrapati Bhawan on Segway vehicle. You can book the spots online on Considering a new market of vehicles, Segway needs to go a longer way in India.

Scrooser: A similar innovative personal transportation vehicle

Scrooser (Source:
Scrooser (Source:

With rising interest in innovative mobility solutions like Segaway, Google Driver Less cars etc, Scrooser is one among the products through such innovative concepts. It is based on the concept of making to the different corners of city in a perfect manner. This also can be a revolutionary motor vehicle of the future with advantages of electric propulsion, unique styling, zero emissions. For more information.


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