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Rutapp Car Rental Software Review

Ridecy from is a 100% customizable car rental software for both drivers and passengers on both iOS and Android. launched its operations last year in August and since then it has developed few products which are clone scripts that are customizable and meant for taxi hiring, Airbnb, and WhatsApp clone.

Rutapp review

The Uber clone app Ridecy offers a richer and responsive interface that ensures to provide the best user friendly experience. Cloud installation is available to have an easy and convenient set up of the app. The app has an advanced backend system to maintain the records of its users in a less complicated manner. The working flow is easy and hassle free in a way that it does not require any detailed “user manual” or tutorial.
The way a taxi dispatch software app is used normally for drivers, passengers and the back-end for the admin, ridecy from rutapp too offers the same features but they claim to offer advanced communication features for information exchange between the driver and the rider.

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How rutapp’s Ridecy Uber Clone app development strategy is different from others?

  • They claim that they follow a certain decorum as soon as they start handling the project. At every level, the client is kept updated about the various phases of the development. It begins with the planning stage and so on as below.
  • Planning
  • The planning stage allows us to devise the scope of the project, lets us define the project estimation time without delayed deliveries. In case of project deliveries due to certain uncalled reasons, the client shall be notified beforehand.
  • Quick Research
  • The team does the quick research to analyze the bugs in the scripts at every stage during the development of the app so that makes the next stages of development less cumbersome and also lessens the time consumption during the entire development process. The hugs are usually addresses at earliest possible usually in few hours.
  • Client Support
  • Full client support is available and transparent communication flow is there between the client and the team of developers and the project managers involved.

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The Good about rutapp

  • Approximate time estimation of taxi arrival
  • In app navigation feature for better assessment
  • Ride booking cancellation
  • SMS alerts and notifications on important actions
  • Completely Automated dispatch software
  • Integrated Loyalty programs for the users
  • Option to find premium customers for drivers
  • Accept/Reject ride request feature
  • Advanced Automatic address completion on app
  • Go offline/online feature for drivers
  • Instant notifications on every ride
  • Integrated Capture signature option
  • Export detailed reports features
  • Automatic bill generation feature
  • Email alerts on important actions in the car rental system
  • Scan Credit Card
  • SOS button
  • Alarm/Panic button
  • GPS facility for tracking taxis
  • Easy payment choices through wallet system
  • Driver Ratings once the ride is over
  • Pay by credit/debit card option
  • Optional Tipping feature for riders
  • Coupon Code – Promo code management system
  • Invite friends using mail and Social media feature
  • Automatic ride fare calculation and estimation
  • Instant booking facility
  • Favorite feature to mark the favorite rides
  • Profile setup and edit feature
  • Complaint Board for registering and managing complaints
  • Individual login/ registration for drivers and riders
  • Instant messaging chat system
  • Trip details and its history
  • Surge pricing feature during peak time rides

The bad about the rutapp

  • When rutapp’s online reputation was checked, it had serious issues with its car rental software. People had been complaining a lot about the bugs and issues in the system.
  • The specific types of bugs as revealed in latest are:
  • The app asks for the passenger’s content access like gallery, camera, etc.
  • People have reported either missing routes, missing alternative routes to the same location or imprecise zones listed in the route map
  • The map is not updated
  • At few places, the route information is also missing
  • At some places, the image of the route is so small that it makes the route visibility almost difficult or impossible
  • Apart from the major routes bug, the all the communications are encrypted and the website has an extremely low popularity
8.2 out of 10
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