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Reservation Engine Car Rental Software review

Reservation Engine at its 3rd edition, is really a complete (from booking to invoicing) cloud system, for car rental companies. This car rental software is unique due to the workflow distribution features using mobile and OBD devices. By way of example it can present you with vehicle health status report (gas, kms, temperature, speed). Using GPS-ODB devices Reservation Engine can auto assign bookings to vehicle implementing an imaginative algorithm.

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Reservation Engine Overview

Reservation Engine can be a complete, cloud-based booking and management system for car, motorbike, or boat rental companies and travel agents. The working platform enables users to automate workflows and offers solutions for booking and invoicing, rental agreements, and inventory management.

Rental companies can keep track of their vehicles constantly with GPS integration that delivers users with on-board diagnostics (OBD) including speed, gas levels, engine health status, and more. Reservation Engine helps users manage rental agreements and payments, together with a booking scheduler and real-time availability board.

Reservation Engine Car Rental Software

Reservation Engine’s auto routing feature helps organizations manage reservations more proficiently while reducing chances for human error. A reservation engine might be imported right into a company’s, or partner company’s existing website to enable online bookings. Reservation Engine has the benefit of web themes for businesses without having a running website. Administrators can create and hang up multiple price tables with external partners to deal with profit percentages, and much more.

Reservation Engine Car Rental Software Review

Pro’s of Reservation Engine:

  • With Reservation Engine, rental companies can improve efficiency and lower human error by automating the complete car reservation process.
  • Reservation Engine integrates with any organization website, enabling clients to generate bookings and reservations online.
  • The working platform supports multiple user access levels for magnified security and role assignments.
  • Companies can track their vehicles with GPS integration and acquire information about location, speed, gas level and more.
  • Reservation Engine is offered through any smartphone or tablet, so users can monitor their business at all times, and  also on-the-go.
  • Reservation Engine is readily deployed and learned. This auto rental software packages are offering a cloud-based version 3.4 which has all the same features entirely on the Standard version.

Reservation Engine offers the following features:

  • Auto routing
  • Actions schedule
  • Car reservation assignments
  • Multiple access levels
  • Reservation kiosks
  • Reservation engine
  • Rental agreements
  • Invoicing & payments
  • Inventory management
  • Cloud service
  • Vehicle health monitor
  • Smart auto-fill
  • GPS vehicle tracking
  • Scheduler
  • Live fleet status
  • Real time availability
  • Multiple points of sales
  • API for developers (beta)

Con’s of Reservation Engine :

  • This software doesn’t have a no cost trial version.This will make it impossible for you to test drive it before purchasing it. It is usually bit complicated and will also be hard for someone without experience on computers. Everything else about the software is good. The customer support is accessible to help you if need arises.
  • For anyone who do not have a lot of experience on computers before using Reservation Engine can be challenging for them. It’ll take merely a couple of days to master the Reservation Engine’s system and it’s also extremely powerful and user-friendly. Reservation Engine car rental software gets the flexibility to meet any operational need however its hard to operate it.

On the whole, Reservation Engine is probably the best car rental software on the market featuring its extra-ordinary features for such affordable pricing plans. It’s got proved its worth because since several real buyers of Reservation Engine are incredibly fairly delighted by their purchase and would recommend this to other people. Strongly recommended for companies that want to go cloud!



6.2 out of 10
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