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Renault KWID Concept – Overview

Renault is considered as one of the most innovate automobile companies around the world. In 2012 one of the renowned news agency Thomas Reuters has ranked Renault among the world’s 100 most innovative companies. Renault follows a principle that makes the company unique from others, as innovation for other company’s mean a lot more expensive R&D that is confined to a group of rich peoples only. But for Renault, innovation means designing and developing an affordable range of products which many people can afford. Renault has a motto of reaching as many people as they can through their innovation. These things make Renault quite different from other manufacturers. In this exploration of innovation, Renault has come up with a new design that can change the future of the automobile industry.

The new concept is called as KWID.

KWID is a concept car unveiled at the 2014 Delhi Auto Show by Renault and it is considered as one of the prestigious concept cars in that Auto show, targeting the new markets for Renault which includes India, and some other western countries. Actually this is considered as a grand release as it was for the first time it was showing a concept outside of Europe. By observing all this, we can come to a conclusion that Renault is considering India as one of its key market place in order to disclose its innovation as surprisingly Renault gives India great importance next to Europe which is considered as the unbeatable arena for Renault cars.

KWID Renault

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When it comes to looks, KWID looks great and is every bit the concept car in its looks. The car is a combo design i.e. it looks a part dune buggy and a part SUV. The dual combination looks very unique, and it stays below 4 meters in overall length. The body of KWID is amazingly designed ( Thanks to the presence of different group of people, such as Brazilians, French and Indians in design team ). The design team comprises of some Indian automobile designers which includes Neha Lad (Color Designer). KWID comes with a mix color that comprises of Grey and Yellow. Neha Lad justifies it saying Grey denotes the earthy nature of India whereas Yellow denotes the hues of Indian spices and flowers like the marigold. The interiors were also designed by yet another Indian Mishu Batra.

Renault KWID review

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Interior :

The interiors are designed in such a way that it can fit a family quite comfortably. Considerably there are two twists in the interiors which make it very different from all other cars. The first twist is that, the car is a five seater with 3 seats in front and two at the back. The second twist is, unlike all cars the steering wheel is mounted at the middle so we have to find a new name for this ( other than the Left hand and right hand driving ) in order to denote the new driving experience. The interiors are spacious enough to fit any size of people. Rear view mirrors are replaced with cameras and the output from these cameras get displayed at the top ends of the dash. Apart from these the car is also equipped with a dual-zone mock climate control system.

Renault Kwid interior

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As it is a concept car, the specification might be change when it turns into a commercial model, and as with the technical specifications, Renault has revealed some of them :

  • The KWID has been powered by Renault’s 1.2 litre H5ft turbocharged petrol engine which has 120 bhp. This motor is similar to Renault Clio and Captur which are from Renault’s European car line-up.
  • Easy Start/Stop engine button
  • 6 speed EDC (Efficient Dual-Clutch) gearbox.
  • Charging socket adaptability to make the car even work with electricity
  • Battery pack for charging.
  • Price tag is not confirmed yet, as it is a concept car still under experimental stage.

I will keep updating the specs whenever they are officially announced or confirmed by the company, so keep this page bookmarked for exclusive updates.

KWID Flying Companion: Most desirable and innovative feature

KWID is accompanied with a flying companion,this flying companion is a remote controlled heli-cam that sits in a niche in the car’s roof. It is camouflaged, as the flying companion also has the same color as the car roof and it is present in a compartment made on the roof. The flying companion acts like a recon drone which is used to monitor the traffic or road conditions that lie ahead. The drone can be controlled manually by using the center mounted LCD screen as a controller or the drone can be set into auto mode so that it can work independently. This makes the whole package real interesting and fun. KWID is considered to have the world’s first built-in quad copter.

Renault kwid quadcopter

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Bottom Line:

We have to consider that it is a concept model and still is in the experimentation stage.  I will keep updating the details as and when there are further updates.

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