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Renault-Nissan to launch Share Driver-less cars

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With every company making its mark in launching the driver-less cars in a perfect manner, Renault with its alliance Nissan have stepped one block ahead. They know by analyzing the market that business is going great for the shared car services, recently. In fact, according to reports by Goldman Sachs, the percentage of people using share rides is going to increase 8 times till the year 2030 from its current size.

So, Nissan wouldn’t want to miss even a single chance when other companies are making their mark in the market by launching driver-less cars. They know doing the market analysis that it is not about staying in business for only buying and selling car, that’s why Nissan has stepped ahead and has prepared for launching themselves into providing car riding services also. The Japanese and French people in the company are constantly working on the concept on which service providers like Uber and Lyft work. They want people to plan their journey and make a booking via their services. This will be a big change in the market scenario for Nissan as it is taking a huge step forward.

As per their Connected Vehicles and Mobility Services Division’s head Mr. Redzic, the alliance would begin to take the driver-less cars on road based on their own concept of electric cars soon but not before the year 2020. For making this big and giving a boost start they have shook hands with some small groups of auto makers. Though, the competition is not falling anywhere as BMW AG is also all set to launch the same concept and Uber likely to have these services, already, is preparing for driver-less cars by acquiring Otto.

Redzic was also worried about the launch as the laws still don’t allow driver-less cars to ride on roads. This may portray various issues for the companies laying down their hands with the concept. The guidelines need to change, laws need to be remade in order to allow driver-less cars to take rides on the street.

With the upcoming concept, it is still not very much clear that how is this going to work or make a mark in the long run. How will the cars know when to stop and take up a ride or dive themselves through traffic! But it will be interesting to see the vision various automobile companies are carrying. This surely ensures a big change in the way cars are going to be in near future!

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