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I believe in love at first sight (this applies strictly to bikes:) ) and I’ve always wanted to own a bike that was unique, omnipotent and designed exactly the way I wanted. I’m sure most of you must have felt the same too.

India in particular has become a hub for custom bikes and custom enthusiasts. It’s like transforming your bike into an autobot. While India was getting flooded with lot many custom bike houses, only a few created legends that we find on roads. One such legendary custom bike house is named RAJPUTANA CUSTOMS.


A Rajput by birth and a biker by heart. Vijay was born in Jaipur, Rajasthan where he did his schooling. After completing his degree in Mass Communication from Carleton University, Canada in the year 2009, Vijay returned to India to pursue his dream of customizing bikes.

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The year 2010 was when Rajputana Customs came into action and ever since, Vijay and his team has been giving India a very traditional Rajasthani touch with their classic customized bikes.


If culture drives the country, then what’s the harm in naming the bikes differently?  Every bike built at Rajputana Cutoms shares a very unique blend that combines the Rajasthani culture with the name of every bike and bringing it a step closer to the fabulous design and performance it has to offer. The name that each bike carries, truly pronounces the uniqueness of Rajasthan in its own given ways. A few names of the bikes go as follows: RAJMATA, BITOO, CHINGARI, AGHORI, RAKDI, SOORMA etc. You might think that these are just unusually used names of bikes, but it is not so. There is a deep significance especially with respect to name for every bike ever customized under Rajputana Customs label.


I am going to discuss a few of my favorite bikes that were customized by Vijay Singh and his team.


Probably one of the cheapest custom bikes offered by Rajputana Customs, the LOCO and LAADO are customized Royal Enfield 350 or 500 cc, while the LAADO is a customized 1942 BSA M-20 (500 cc) World War-II Army model bike. These bikes fall under the 75k-1-lakh category. Also, the mentioned cost is just for the customization without the bike. So, ride your bike to Rajputana Customs and get it transformed.

Rajputana Customs model Royal Enfield
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Don’t you just love the tires on this one? Clawed with A 23 mm front and 240 mm rear tire, the UNO comes with a mono-shock soft tail, An excellent Airbrush effect paint job that makes the bike look like it is made out of snake skin, Massive front suspension. Infact, everything in the bike goes through a major overhaul except for the engine and similar parts. The UNO is a customized Royal Enfield 500 cc and the customization of the UNO is priced at around Rs. 4.75 Lakhs.

Rajputana Customs UNO
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A name that most Indians are familiar with, the Nandi is a customized Royal Enfiels 500 cc Bike, the customization would cost you Rs. 5 lakhs.

Rajputana Customs Nandi RE
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Built with a 23mm front and a 300 mm Rear tire, the Nandi looks super aggressive. The drop down mirrors on the Nandi are a beaut. Look closely at the etched details that you would find on the bike. That is exactly what Rajputana Custom’s means, strict precision in their work and absolute satisfaction on the face of the customer.


This particular Bike rode its way into Bollywood. Rajputana Custom has successfully worked its way into John Abraham’s garage too.

Rajputana Customs John Abraham
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The Light Foot is a 500 cc Royal Enfield with a Girder front Suspension, and internal throttle assembly, hand graving on its brass parts, premium quality leather seats, exhaust guards, classy looking grips, foot rest and even the battery box. The work looks quite meticulously planned in order to create awe. There are a few old school features mated into the Light foot such as the single side drum brakes and the classic old look. Vijay had taken efforts to fit in a leaf spring seat that perfectly syncs in with John’s weight (90 kgs)

Rajputana Customs Royal Enfield 500CC
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Customizing this bike would cost you your 500 cc Royal Enfield and just Rs. 5lakhs.


Sparking up serious fire in the custom market, the Chingari  is a café racer offered by Rajputana Customs. Café racers had always carried the British feel with them, but Rajputana broke the chain and built something that would definitely give the British café racer a taste of the Indian Chingari. Carrying a blazing yellow color, spending 1.5 lakhs and your 350/500 cc bike on the chingari customization would definitely be worth it.

Rajputana Customs Café racer Chingari
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Building a bobber out of an Enfield was also an exciting challenge for Rajputana Customs. With the stable hand of Vijay’s teammates and of course their brains too the 8 Ball was certainly a ball in Vijay’s court. Sure enough the 8 ball had an arousal effect on bobber fans.

Vijay says, With “8 Ball” we have just started to scratch the surface of a goldmine. We are here to usher in an era of RE Custom Bobbers and old school charm. Here comes the boom…..ride on.

Rajputana Customs Bobbers
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The single seat bobber was too old school, Rajputana Customs had another whacky idea, why not add a detachable back seat? And it totally worked (unfortunately if you are married, you would want to keep this a secret from you know who 😉 )

The Customization of the bobber (8ball) would require your 350/500 cc Enfield and although your pocket might feel Rs. 2 lakh lighter, the looks would be worth the money.


By far, one of the most favorite customized bike I’ve ever come across, the RAJMATA is a 1200 cc Harley Davidson 48 that was under the custody of Vijay till it looked sexier than ever. Although, the owner of this Harley did not want anything jazzy on the bike, Vijay and his team did their best to make the bike look better than ever. Customizing your Harley into the Rajmata would cost you anywhere between Rs. 6 to 8 lakhs.

Rajputana Customs Harley Rajmata
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What’s unique about this bike? Well, the bike was remodeled to look Rajputana built.  Rajasthan is known for its Naquaashi, or the carving that Rajasthan is quite famous for. After a grueling 6 months+, the Rajmata was complete. She looked like a stunner.


Rajputana Customs Harley Rajmata
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“Traditional Names, Modern Designs”

Apart from these classics, Rajputana customs also has bikes named,  Raangad, Aghori, Bittoo, Soorma, Raakhdi, Gulaiil etc.

Rajputana customs bikes
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Rajputana customs bikes
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Rajputana Cutoms has so many more customized bikes that have indeed created a demand for customized bikes in India. If you have the bike, the money and of course some time in your hands (customizing a bike takes a lot of time depending on the details you get into) you might want to give it a shot.

Visit the Rajputana Customs Website:

8.1 out of 10
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