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Why need a Four-wheeler? In this contemporary world everyone use cars for comfortable single transport. For that reason, roads are running out of space and maximum amount of time is struck in traffic jams & hence the journey time is increased. This problem can be solved, when we provide an alternate vehicle for a car with less vehicle space and high safety in all conditions. And for that reason the new class of four-wheeled tilting vehicles arrived in to the world and are ready to make their mark in Asian countries where scooters rule the market.



QUADRO: An Italian designer named LUCIANO MARBESE started up the company, particularly for making three and four wheeled scooters. Quadro technologies have done 450 different design projects on motor cycles and worked for Vespa, Yamaha, Piaggio, Triumph and Moto Guzzi. The founder himself is a designer of Piaggio MP3 three wheeled and Yamaha Tesseract four wheeled drives.

Now, the company has decided to make roads filled with its four wheeled vehicle, the QUADRO PARKOUR.

QUADRO PARKOUR: Parkour scooter comes with the hydraulic tilting system (HTS); it is a pure hydraulic technology and does not contain any single electronic system in process. It makes maintenance easier and less frequent. These scooters look conventional but quite different in design and technology. The Parkour tilting mechanism is its strength and makes it comfort on roads.

A Flexible axle between two wheels is almost near to ground level and this axle is supported by two shock absorbers at its both ends with a hydraulic system and a lock-off value in the middle providing a hydraulic tilting lock.

hydraulic tilting system

At road condition when the scooter is taking a curve the wheel system will undergo tilt and produces an expectance lean angle of 40 degree towards the road and thus provides safety for riders at sharp curves.



Engine Single cylinder-4 stroke-4 value
Displacement 346 CC
Cooling liquid Liquid
Max power 19.8KW
Ignition Electronic ,EFI
Emission rating Euro 3
Frame Steel tubes
Length 2330mm
Width 811mm
Seat height 780mm
Turn angle 40 degree
Dry weight 240kg
Fuel tank capacity 15 liters



The Quadro Parkour has given a slant seat to drive and step seat for the partner which are wide. The perfection in seat design suits for long travels. The seats are well cushioned; leg room for driver & partner are more than enough to feel comfort. The height of the seat is about 780mm from ground level & this provides clear site of roads for riders. The single silencer is placed between two wheels to decrease the width of the scooter. The under seat storage offers a space of 2 helmets and floor bed is large enough to carry huge amount of goods; this makes it commercially a family scooter.


Advantages of four wheeled scooters

  1. While braking the distance covered for stopping a vehicle can be reduced (braking distance can be reduced)
  2. Degree of traction is doubled and simultaneously the cornering speed will be significantly increased.
  3. The friction between the road and tire may be increased due to large contact area.
  4. While riding the scooter over uneven roads and dumps the traction is shared between two wheels. While one wheel looses contact over the road, the other may share contact with road and keeps the vehicle stable.
  5. Independent wheel tilting system provides enhanced safety and stability.

On road behavior of the PARKOUR

The Parkour scooter looks aerodynamically well structured with a long nose resembling a horse getting ready to gallop. The test drive reports of Parkour states that “the extra wheel and tilting system provide exceptionally stable condition even at high speeds while cornering” (i.e. 80 km/h). It’s design and architecture seems like a traditional scooter when it comes to the side view and moves like a car in terms of stability and road grip. The 4 wheeler provides double the grip of a commercial scooter adds its huge advantage while riding in bad weather.

When compared to current road traffic conditions, it is clear that this four-wheeler is 5.5 cm longer than a traditional scooter and it won’t be a problem for road clearance. It occupies healthy space on roads and prevents unstable particle two wheeler problems.

Bottom Line:

The Quadro Parkour is a fantastic bike with good stability and road grip, provides a luxury ride with its four wheeled tilting class. It may be the bike for dreamers, who want to wheel the scooters. These scooters will reduce traffic and single transport issues for those who really think of safety rather than comfort like in a car. Overall the revolutionary first four-wheeler QUADRO PARKOUR may replace scooters in coming future.

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