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Prohire Car Rental Software Review

Prohire is a smart car rental software that props up the busy front desk in every single way and it’s quick too. To locate a vehicle, build a quote, assign a customer and make up a booking will take you under 20 seconds! While the front desk is busy, Prohire doesn’t get in the way! The “Allocation Chart” could be the IT same as the familiar T’Chart and Prohire’s “Daily Diary” keeps the front desk staff (and also the managers) up-to-date with exactly what’s due in and out. In addition to that, Prohire warns you in case there are any delays or conflicts such as a vehicle that hasn’t yet checked in but may be booked to go out. Using its impressive selection of features, Prohire supports every facets of your rental operation.

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Who Are Prohire ?

Prohire vehicle rental is very effective for both large and small companies. This is actually the car rental software that may alter your business for good. It works with virtually all operating systems and is an extremely reliable software. The setup is fast and simple. This software has well graphically designed features that are really easy to use. As being a new user, you will end up worried on where to start from because being the first time to make use of the software, you will not have known the ins and outs. There exists a very detailed documentation provided that will assist you find out how the software works. You can also ask for the help from the customer support if you encounter some difficulties.

The customer support service is always available. The software is lowly priced. In comparison with other software offering exactly the same services, Prohire is affordable. All of the features you might need on your car rental business are offered by this software. Some of these features include rate management, quick books integration, to be able to manage unlimited cars among others. This software can serve multiple locations.

Prohire Car Rental Software

Prohire Car Rental Software Review

The company is additionally developing a mobile app for smartphones and tablets for his or her  customers to process vehicle inspections, recording damage, and managing delivery /collections. The application will wirelessly sync together with the Prohire software system over WiFi/3G/4G.

The Prohire software system is employed by daily rental, long-term and contract-hire companies to deal with their fleet from checking in/out vehicles to advanced management reports and internet-based bookings.

Assets of Prohire:

  • Prohire Risk, which checks for problem hirers against a nationwide database and alerts nearby rental companies when the system suspects cash for crash activity within their area.
  • Prohire Inter-Rent, which searches and locates specific vehicles in real-time availability.
  • Prohire Notice, that is a noticeboard that displays relevant posts according to your location.
  • Customers able to automatically access information and download management reports to their own personal configuration.
  •, which is a retail broker website, without having commission, allowing the general public to search for specific vehicles inside a given location or seek out vehicles based on need.
  • A built-in ‘scheduler’ which provides  time critical reports at pre-determined schedules to customers.
  •  A vehicle operational system that ‘talks’ straight away to an accounts module thus avoiding data input duplication.
  •  Improved report clarity for purchasers allow them to have a clear snapshot breakdown of their fleet at any particular time.
  • A sturdy system having a comprehensive, instantly accessible audit trail of vehicle documentation to make certain maximum compliance with commercial vehicle legislation.

Liabilities of  Prohire :

  • Not seeing that much ease in customizing subcategories of items in inventory however, there is plenty to do business with.
  • Would be great if the QuickBooks integration had the possibility to handle within the line item over to the invoice line item and sync rental products with products and services in QuickBooks. In the meantime we will be manually be creating invoices in QuickBooks.

Overall Feedback :

Prohire is a complete standard car rental software. You’ll be able to input unlimited vehicles into it. It could calculate time from hourly to monthly, and even distance or mileages. Advanced features might be missing right now, just like the Vehicle tracking, but the features it gives you  are perfect enough to really make the job done and efficient.


6.4 out of 10
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