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Piaggio Liberty- Soon to join the Indian Two wheeler segment

The Piaggio Vespa is a successfully running scooter in India. It carries a premium price with an Italian design that looks pretty amazing. It seemed like the Vespa, considering a higher price would not perform well in India. But, the company achieved quite a lucrative response from the country. The company announced the launch of a new two-wheeled scooter with 2-different versions in India named Liberty.

The liberty was showcased at the recently conducted 2014 Auto Expo. The scooter was seen sharing stage with other Vespa scooters like the 946 and the S, and interestingly, got a very good response. Now, there are reports that the Italian manufacturer is planning to launch the Liberty Scooter in India.
Unlike the other scooters sold in the market, Liberty is a step-through that is quite famous in markets like Indonesia and Thailand. The company is currently talking to various vendors to source the parts, as the scooter will be completely manufactured at the company’s Baramati facility.

"Piaggio Liberty"
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Here is something that you should know about the Piaggio Liberty:

According to Ravi Chopra, Chairman and Managing director, Piaggio Vehicles Pvt Ltd, the Piaggio Liberty is being seriously considered for India. He feels the large-wheeled scooter has a lot of potential in a market like India and that the company is currently conducting feasibility study on the Liberty’s possible launch.


The Piaggio Liberty will carry the same 125 cc engine that was seen on the standard Vespa. However, the Liberty will lose the 3-valve technology to cut cost and will be tuned to deliver better fuel efficiency. The Liberty happens to be a step-through and happens to be quite popular in South East Asian markets. The Liberty will hope to achieve is some interest with its utilitarian image and fuel efficiency.

The Liberty will have a 4-stroke 3-valve single cylinder engine with 124 cc capacity. The vehicle has a 52 mm x 58.6 mm Bore X Stroke. The Liberty has 7.6 kW-10.3 CV of power at 7500 RPM. The torque produced by this car is 10.4 Nm at 6000 RPM. It has an Injection Fuel system with forced air-cooling. The vehicle has a wet sump lubrication and has electric starter with freewheel. The Liberty carries a CVT gearbox with torque server and has Automatic centrifugal dry clutch. It also has a High strength tubular steel single cradle frame chassis with Hydraulic telescopic fork front suspension and Hydraulic shock absorber adjustable in preload rear suspension.


The Piaggio Liberty measures 1920 mm (L) x 700 mm (W) x 1345 mm (Wheelbase). The vehicle has 790 mm seat height. It also has 6.5 litres of fuel tank capacity with Euro 3 emissions compliance.

"Piaggio Liberty"
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This two wheeler carries 3 –color options; Bianco, Perla and Blu Midnight. This scooter is carefully designed for city use and features a sleek and contemporary design along with a comfortable riding position and a smooth and efficient engine.

In terms of wheels, the scooter has 15-inch front and 14 inch rear wheels that are wrapped in 80/90-15”and 100/80-90 tubeless tires.


In terms of features, the Piaggio Liberty has a standard electronic immobilizer that features a wide footrest, under seat storage, low and comfy seats as well as a revolutionary instrument panel. The scooter also has a theft immobilizer that is a standard feature on the scooter. The vehicle has an instrument cluster that shows the speedometer, trip meter, fuel indicator and a clock with date. Front disc brake is standard and with a storage capacity of 10.8-litre, it can accommodate a half face helmet easily. The company claims a fuel efficiency of 59kmpl at 50kmph.

"Piaggio Liberty"
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In addition to the above, the liberty also has standard protective bodywork, large windshield and a top trunk that makes this model quite practical and weather effective.


It is claimed that the new Vespa Liberty will be priced a little above Honda Activa. This hopefully shouldn’t burn a deep hole in the buyers pocket.

More from Vespa:

As far as the Vespa is concerned, the company head Mr. Chopra has outlined two strategies to help build the brand further. Piaggio will launch the Vespa 946 in India this year to showcase what Vespa has and can achieve as a brand when it comes to style, luxury and technology. The 946, which is currently undergoing homologation, will come via the CBU route and could cost close to Rs 10 lakh!

Piaggio also aiming at a personalization segment that will feature customization and merchandise options for the Vespa and Vespa VX.

Wrap up:

Piaggio motors are working out to an extent wherein the company gains an amount of popularity that would help build Vespa’s in India rather than having to import them from Italy.



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