Nissan super bowl commercial 2015 – an overview

Japanese car manufacturer Nissan Motor Company (shortened to Nissan) is a multinational automobile manufacturer that is headquartered in Nishi-Ku, Yokohama, Japan. The Renault-Nissan alliance partnership between Nissan and Renault since 1999, in which Renault holds a 43.4% voting stake in Nissan. Nissan motor sells its cars under the Nissan, Infiniti, Datsun and Nismo brands.

Being the 6th largest automaker in the world, Nissan beats Toyota, GM, Volkswagen Group, Hyundai Motor Group as well as Ford. Taken together, the Renault-Nissan Alliance would be the world’s fourth largest automaker. Nissan has not let its opportunity to advertise its brand at the Super Bowl just drive by. There are plenty of efforts that Nissan has taken to promote its brand like no other. A few commercials have been the most preferred commercials among all the others played at Super Bowl.

Here are a few top commercials from Nissan that made it to the Super Bowl( While we await the Nissan Super Bowl commercial 2015 )


What’s more annoying than a drive during a rainy day when there is slush on the road? Pigeon Poop 😀

This Nissan Super Bowl commercial shows a pigeon commando giving instructions to a battalion of pigeons to fly around the city and leave their poop-marks all over. As a part of their sinister plan, they spot a car wash and a guy who just gets his Nissan car washed. The aggressive pigeons make the sky their battle ground and follow the car to leave behind their marks.

The messy plan gets real fun to watch, finally the last pigeon flying tries to get close but he collides against the driver’s garage door. The music selection as well as the visual portrayal depicts fun and excitement.  This 1997 Ad is one of the finest from Nissan. Do watch and enjoy.

300 ZX:

Barbie and Ken make a cute couple, but that’s old school. This commercial takes the scene from Toy world and adds a twist to it. A rough and tough Gi-Joe looking figurine comes to life, finds his way through various objects and obstacles with a trusted Nissan car toy. He drives along various places and finally reaches Barbie’s house, honks and offers Barbie a drive. Barbie agrees, leaving Ken wondering aimlessly. This is a cool commercial that might have seemed risky, but worked pretty well for Nissan. This commercial was played in the 1990’s Super Bowl. Watch this commercial and enjoy the world of Toys ( just cant wait to check out the Nissan Super Bowl commercial 2015 )

Twin- Turbo:

Watching an old film might make you giggle, the delivery of dialogues, the stunts, the pixilated video quality and what not. The Nissan 300 ZX Twin Turbo Ad was an uber-cool commercial (then). A guy narrates his story of being chased by a superbike that incessantly follows the 300 ZX but fails to catch up, and then he is chased down by a formula series car that also fails to catch up with the 300 ZX.  Finally, a plane is sent to take him down. But as expected, the Twin Turbo technology gets the Nissan way ahead.

At first glance, It seemed like an olden day commercial that was intended only to sell the car. The Twin-Turbo technology couldn’t have been advertised better. Those days, such action scenes in movies were a major influence. A sensible Ad for those days, but seems pretty chuckle some for the current trend( and ofcourse we can expect a rocking Nissan Super Bowl commercial 2015 )

Watch and enjoy 🙂

Polar Bear:

Global Warming is taking a big toll on humans, a huge chunk at a time. We are not the only ones suffering; all living things are equally facing the perils. This Nissan Super Bowl commercial shows a polar bear driven from its territory into the suburbs where the polar bear feels left out. The bear wanders around scavenging for food and shelter and seems to suffer the harsh consequences of traffic and humans. The bear wanders into a residential street where a guy is about to enter his Nissan Leaf. The Polar Bear moves towards the guy and gives him a hug as a part of nature’s appreciation for using an electric car.

A deep and thoughtful meaning involved behind this commercial. Seems pretty accurate and conveys a green message, “Innovation for the planet, Innovation for all”

Kayaking XTerra:

The rules of kayaking are simple enough as kayaking goes; this commercial shows a guy who plunges into freezing water with his kayak, although you might think that he is doing it wrong, he proves everyone wrong. He does it pretty well, and wins an award too. The X Terra from Nissan Motor Transport utility vehicle of the year 2006, proves its X factor in such a way. It also asks its viewers to visit Not the best commercial, but watchable until we set our eyes on the Nissan Super Bowl commercial 2015


Race between a Nissan Juke and a Hot bikini model? Win or lose, it doesn’t matter. Speed is totally subjective. The Nissan and the model take off, obviously the Nissan comes first and the model, well the starving model drinks a little juice. Nissan promoted the Juke along with its partner, SI Swimsuit 2011.

Decent commercial, did not really make a lot of sense but, then again most Ads fail to do so. Watch this commercial and see if it makes any sense 🙂

Hope you enjoyed these commercials?  Stay tuned for more 🙂

Nissan Super Bowl commercial

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