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The New Mahindra Scorpio (India Launch)

When it comes to a long but comfortable journey, SUV’s are at the “leap and the lead”. Mahindra & Mahindra has kept this promise with comfort, safety and economy which reflects in its very successful model SCORPIO. But what next? isn’t there any trump card which M&M hides under its sleeves to beat features of a sedan? I hope there is one, so let me introduce New Mahindra Scorpio w105 with all new 118bhp 2.2-litre mHawk turbo-diesel engine hiding under a 17-inch alloy under the very same hood, but with a nose this time. This model ranges from 8.4 to 13.05 lakhs (ex-showroom, Delhi). Now, What else can be expected than improved dynamic ability – when periodic updates have saturated you already? Well, this model can be considered a genuine leap forward over the current generation.

Talking about #LOOKS, I think the carried over roof and doors with the ‘nose’ above projector headlamps along with efficient LED eyebrows are enough to give a new identity to the w105.

Mahindra Scorpio


Traditional fan shaped grille is replaced by a modern one

Mahindra Scorpio

Now the #DYNAMICS, the all new chassis and suspension system with an easily deform-able ladder chassis is awesome… and on contrary it is overall much safer than ever. Supporting its powerful dynamics the 2.2- liters mHawk turbo-diesel engine is accompanied by its new 5mt 320 five-transmission, derived from Xylo. This model is also available with a 2.5-litre m2DiCr engine option. Available in Rear-wheel drive as standard and a 4*4 option.


mHawk – tech collaborator AVL Austria. 2.2 FMTECH 4 – tech collaborator Daimler AG. Specifications classifies this engine as inline 4 and 2.2liters at 2179cc.

Mahindra Scorpio Engine



This macho machine comes with,

– 6-inch Touch screen infotainment system with inbuilt GPS navigation

– Tyre-tronics

– Anti-lock braking system,

– Intellipark reverse assist

– New 5 speed manual transmission gearbox

– Dual front airbags

– New Panic Brake Indication

– New height-adjuster on driver’s seat

Mahindra Scorpio features


The new interiors with the light cream cabin feels more comfortable and top black finished dash prevents reflections, overall attractive interiors. A shift in power window control is more user friendly, now controls are on the doors modified from previous location the central console. Door handles are not much of an issue but they seem to be weak, but no need to worry as they are well tested in every possible scenario of emergency. Comparing interiors to international standards will not be fair enough while maintaining the bond between economies. We can say that in the tug of war between economy and luxury for M&M, economy always have an upper hand considering the major customers. Some flaws can be seen in design of interiors as poorly executed joints and still not up to scratch plastic. Off course, expecting this much will be a bit too much.

Mahindra Scorpio Dashboard

Now talking about #FUN FEATURES like I said about the trump card under the sleeves;

In the presence of flaws these features are ambient enough to groom the interiors with technological beauty of information and utility.

The six-inch infotainment touchscreen: Supporting the digital interface of sensors and car for the user, this display is promising, safe and provides easy navigation backed up by an inbuilt GPS system. Along with this there are parking sensors installed and integrated with the interface screen.

Tyre sensors: These are the thermostats inbuilt in the rim of the tyre that enables the driver to safely keep an eye on tyre temperature, this furthermore suits the SUV safety feature as these are designed to run furiously against the hot summers to the contrary cold winters. There is also a pre-alarming system to analyze the tyre pressure that tells exactly when to gas up air to the tyre.  Blessed with the all new interface and technically advanced features this SUV holds promise to at least compete the features of a sedan.

What #PEOPLE say?

Expecting minor changes like central locking system and bottle holders etc. there are some flaws that are minor but will continue to annoy the user each and every day.

There is still no central locking system in this new model. This is probably a good thing for some reasons: during accidents these central locking fails and locks the vehicle permanently, so if you want to break out- someone from the outside needs to break the glass for help. But still it is an important feature not to be ignored so easily.

Mahindra Scorpio

The front door and the narrow front seats are too close to each other, as per the opinion of test drivers- you need to open the doors to adjust the driver’s seat. But in my opinion there is no need to change driver’s seat adjustment daily, it is set once for each driver. So not much of an issue.

The rear bench seat is comfortable compared to previous model. New modifications are made for good thigh support with a high seating position and a finely adjusted backrest angle. The space in between the middle row is increased considerably by slimming down the seats and moving them back a little bit. The seats extend to the doors & are wide and makes overall travelling five up fairly comfortable. With too much thigh support on both the front and the rear seats the seat nearly mitigates all other interior flaws present. These combined features are so bright that typical strains like no bottle holders or poor joints are far too dim to notice.

The Scorpio even has a third row that faces each other and is safer and comfortable.

Mahindra Scorpio Front view

Technical Features: New Chassis and suspensions are a result of research on the spring system that includes tests on various springs with various stiffness but variable softness. That was a bit technical but this research allowed M&M in developing stiffer springs with soft materials. These features allowed this ultimate on and off road & a pleasant ride at low speeds. The rolling load behind you is only felt at high speeds.

Engine Noise: The all new improved mHawk diesel engine is a bit vibrant low below 1000rpm, but immediate power is still as smooth as on above rpm. The scenario is not as silent on or above 3800 rpm, it is actually a bit noisy on these rpm’s as the engine starts to strain on these powers. Talking about speed, this model is almost second and a half faster to 100kph than the earlier car. What is more disappointing is the gear box which feels quite notchy and needs extra shove to slot through the gate, and shifting gears is not a fun at all.

Model and options:

Model S-10

#Kit-Follow me-home Headlamp, tyre pressure warning system, speed alert system, rain and light sensors.

#Cruise control, steering-mounted audio control, touchscreen infotainment system with GPS, automatic climate control, height adjustable driver seat.

#Chrome garnishing on the front grille and AC vent and LED strips on headlamps.

Model S-8

#electrically adjustable wing mirrors, front fog lamp, rear parking sensors.

#a voice assist system, silver skid plate and 17-inch alloy wheels.

Model s-6 doesn’t get these but you have to choose in between economy and features.The line is so thin in between these models, but you can get 2-DIN music system, remote central locking, and sliding seats for middle row, rear wiper and defogger. A body controlled door handles can be found with wing mirrors and a rear spoiler and a roof rack. You cannot ask for much. But the model S-6 Plus trim gets dual front airbags. If you don’t compromise with safety over economy then S-6 Plus trim is the model.

Mahindra Scorpio

Other models are based on engine with two categories with 2.5 liter m2DiCr engine powering Model S-2 trim, while the other 2.2-liter mHawk mill will be powering Model S4,S6,S6 Plus,S8 and S10 trims. The S2 trims come equipped with basic necessities like air-conditioning, power steering, power window, central locking and 15-inch steel wheels.

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