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How about a JET Engine POWERED BIKE?

Super bike aspirants are plenty, with an increasing demand for the mighty racing machines; bike lovers are willing to burn deep holes in their pockets for the joy of whizzing away against all the odds.Speed and speed lovers are always up for a new and challenging bike being introduced to the roads. Although, there exists one such bike that is built to challenge any super-bike and probably put its rivals to shame.

You might have heard various super-bikes roar in different racing languages on the streets. This bike is the future of biking; this is the world’s fastest bike powered by a jet engine. You might have come across this bike in the movie “torque”(makes an appearance towards the ending of the movie)

A bike that runs on a Jet Engine? Its true..
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The MTT super-bike has bought the saying “flying on roads” to life. It is the fastest and the most aggressive bike on the planet. Just the sound of the bike would quiver the guts out of any super-bike. It has given my ear orgasms.

Hear it… Hear it again… Hear it till you are convinced that this bike is real!!!


MTT (Marine Turbine Technology) is the technical concoction of the most experienced aficionados belonging to the turbo engine industry. Ted McIntyre II who is the C.E.O and President heads the group that has successfully completed the most number of custom turbine engine installation milestones than any other company worldwide.

The facility that consists of the corporate office and the manufacturing unit is based in Louisiana with an expanse of 36,500 sq. ft. The manufacturing includes engine refurbishing, tooling, fabrication, machine welding, production, carbon fiber molding, painting and finishing, electrical and mechanical engineering, computer aided drafting, digital control design, dynamo meter testing, turbine rotor balance and catering to all sorts of production needs. MTT is quite precise about the projects it takes up; their work shows vehemence and vigor that has been culminated through years of experience and testing. The products are hence world class and need no judgment and further testing. They are good to go.


A turbine in simple terms is the engine turned by a force of expanding gas on the fan blades or the turbine wheels. The atomized fuel in the combustion chamber is spooled up with the help of an electric starter that emits the mustered power when ignited. The result is a mighty thrust or shaft horsepower.

Turbine power feels like a mighty push from the divine, propelling us like a jet on the ground. Going fast certainly becomes an understatement. Turbine power is the biggest thing that could possibly take bikers faster than ever. Turbines are quite effective and produce efficacious results. Being fuel efficient, the turbine engines run on diesel, kerosene, jet fuels as well as bio fuels.  The aviation industry has by far required the services of such engines due to their impeccable power to weight ratio.

Powerful jet Engine bike
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The power turbines generate massive power to the turbo-prop aircraft’s and helicopters.

Turbines have immense power and they are priced accordingly, they are found on various expensive yachts, ferries, hovercrafts etc. Individuals belonging to royal families can enjoy the benefits of the turbine.


Also called the Y2K turbine Superbike, this hard to find demonic jet on wheels is the most aggressive street legal bike in the world, it is deemed the most powerful production bike so far. A turbo shaft engine, undoubtedly all that power has to come from the best engine, that powers the motorcycle. Hence, MTT powered the bike with a “ROLLS –ROYCE- ALLISON MODEL 250and 3501400 HP, turbine engine that produces 320 Shp @ 6000 RPM. This bike produces a lot of thrust unlike a few earlier versions. Driven by a two-speed gearbox, the bike is made to dominate roads.

Jet engine bike Color range
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The 2008 Turbine Superbike produces over 420 Hp and 425Nm of torque, which goes at a speed of 250 mph. Every customer that has ever bought the bike is assured of the speed (250 mph) Although, people might claim that it is impossible, the company offers a cash back guarantee if the bike doesn’t accomplish the desired speed. The latest bike from MTT is the Turbine STREET FIGHTER that is powered by a 320 HP Rolls Royce Allison Turbine Engine(optional 420 HP engine), Pirelli Diablo 240 rear tyre, increased fuel capacity and an enhanced cooling system, and a massive 500-Nm of torque. Probably one of the fastest bikes with so much power.

Jet engine Bike Specifications
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The bike is a technological marvel too. Featuring a carbon fiber structure, a tubular aluminum frame that holds the bike’s transmission fluids, a reserve tank and a rear mounted camera with an LCD color display, Smart Start, a computerized ignition, mono shock adjustable oleopneumaticÖhlins Suspension, 320mm disc brakes; 4-piston Bremboclipers, a fuel capacity of 34 Liters (diesel, Jet fuel or Kerosene) and the sound of an engine whizzing on the roads.


The price of the jet/bike is US $ 1,75,000 onwards (Rs. 1,05,00,000 +) it is certainly a dream worthy bike.


Too bad that this bike is very expensive, it would be almost like a dream to even see this bike in person. Before saying sayonara, here’s the video to satisfy your ear lobes again 🙂

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