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Mobisoft Infotech Car Rental Software Review

Mobisoft offers car rental software. and here’s what ignited their mind to develop the app.

Earlier business-minded people were jealous of Uber, catering efficiently to daily commuters and travelers with their cab hiring services. People used to admire how a company would be making huge profit globally out of the taxi rental business and how the drivers get paid and whether the drivers would be earning handsomely. Soon, it was realized that running a taxi rental business like Uber required no large setup and even small and medium-sized companies would handle the business anytime and anywhere just with the help of a simple customized software.

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Mobisoft Infotech, a Houston-based company provides mobile, web and cloud solution. They offer taxi booking app like Uber and this Uber clone is compatible for iOS & Android with custom uber clone script & source code.

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Mobisoft Infotech Review

Mobisoft offers the on-demand cloud car rental software. This, though less than a 7-year old company today, but believes that having a unique business model that generates revenue isn’t enough. For a business to perform well, boost sales, beat competitors, and be on top constantly there is the need for a solid system at the back-end.

Powered by a well-customized app that has all the unique features that could make the travelling and commutation experience memorable for the rider, the daily system of driving a cab through the software comfortable for the drivers and also offering a user-friendly control panel for the admin to manage the app from the back-end without having to hamper the business is a great thing.

The Mobisoft Infotech advantage

  • Support for a larger database to encompass more people
  • An Uber-like customized app that can come up to people’s expectations in a cost-effective manner and at an estimated price
  • The clone comes with a MySQL backend support with PHP for a highly dynamic experience

Their solution offerings for car rental system are:

  • Mobile App for Passengers
  • Mobile App for Cab Drivers
  • Web Admin Panel for Owners
  • Web Admin for Dispatcher
  • Implementation & Launch
  • Advanced Taxi App Features
  • Driver App + Passenger App + Admin

The features:

  • No additional hardware support required to run the car rental software.
  • Real-time vehicle position (GPS) and status updates.
  • Android & IOS Passenger Apps to book a taxi.
  • Easy website integration for online bookings
  • Phone call the dispatcher to book a trip.
  • Avail recurrent trips in one booking.
  • Auto dispatch of taxi to nearest driver.
  • Passenger locates driver position using GPS
  • Owners / Dispatchers track taxi position using Google maps.
  • In-app notifications to passengers and drivers.
  • Automatic route calculation.
  • Automatic fare estimation and calculation.
  • Waiting time stopwatch.
  • Cash / Credit card transactions.
  • Facebook Login credentials.
  • Passenger can share using Facebook, Twitter SMS or Email.
  • Automatic E-receipts to passenger.
  • User-friendly admin panels.
  • Track daily transaction and reports.
  • Extract and search reports using filters and dates.
  • Easy Administrator and App management.
  • Customizable.
  • Integrate additional payment gateway
  • Supports Multiple languages.
  • GPS, map and routes drawing
  • Registration and matching system
  • Notifications and communication
  • Payment system
  • Car and user details
  • Driver Rating

The Mobisoft Infotech Cons

  • When checked online on few sources, this seven-year-old company has no rating or reputation.
  • Although one can find lots of good reviews about this company for other software apps produced by them but no review exists for taxi dispatch software.
  • For other software and mobile applications produced by them, few people have reported bugs in the system and the quality didn’t match with the cost being incurred for developing the app by Mobisoft infotech.
  • When checked for the popularity statistics here, this 7-year old company had a low popularity. ranks #177,636 among over 30 million websites in world and Ranks #34,523 in India.


8.7 out of 10
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