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MINDSTER Uber Clone Script Review

As this article solely focuses on the review of uber clone script, let me first explain what is exactly an uber clone script or an uber clone app as it is called. The uber clone script is an exact replica of the original software. It has all the essential functionalities with little tweaks and customization.

uber clone script

The emergence of taxi dispatch software companies like Uber and Lyft and their astounding success have made others to follow their trail. Many small and mid-level companies have set their path to venture into taxi booking business.

Now the most important ingredient that contributes a lot to the success of a company newly entering into the taxi booking business is a scalable and efficient software. The more innovative the software is the more leverage the company gains over its competitors.

What inspired Mindster to make an Uber Clone Script?

Mindster is a Bangalore based Indian software development company. It is the web division of Aufait Technologies which is one of the world’s leading offshore web development companies. They have more than a decade of experience in web development and mobile application development. With a passion for innovation and a commitment to go the extra mile for the client have made them the favorite among the clients. A scarcity of quality uber clone scripts in the market has made Mindster come up with one of their own.

How is the Uber Clone Script from Mindster different?

Now that a lot of vendors are available with their own version of software, it is very difficult to say which one is better than the other. There are only a few features that make one software differ from that of its peer. Let’s take a look at some of the important features of the uber clone script from Mindster.   

  • Demand Maps : The drivers can view specific areas that have a high demand for more pickups.
  • Phone Number Masking : The passenger’s number is masked from the driver, so the driver doesn’t get to know the actual number of the passenger.  
  • Pick-Up Opinion : The passenger gets suggestions to select quick pickup points that are close to the current location.
  • Call Booking : The customer can schedule a booking by making a call to the dispatch system.
  • Preferred Destination for Driver : The drivers can provide a destination to get preferred rides in that particular direction.
  • View Driver Ratings : The passenger can view the driver ratings right before booking a ride.
  • Integration of Dates through Calendar : The passenger can set particular dates in the calendar for events or destination suggestions.
  • Admin Panel with Dashboard : The admin panel is loaded with a beautiful dashboard that has all sorts of management functionalities for the admin.
  • Trip History : All the details of a particular trip like location, fare, driver etc are recorded in the app.
  • Select Availability : The driver can make himself available for service with just a tap from his app. Once the driver makes himself available he can be tracked by the admin.
  • Request Accept/Decline : The driver can accept/decline a request as he sees fit.
  • Promotion : There is a provision for a special type of coupons called promo codes which can be applied to get free rides or discounted rides.
  • Fare Estimator : The fare estimator calculates the trip fare taking into consideration all kinds of surcharges before taking a ride.
  • Payment History : The payment history is recorded in the app for later view.
  • Favorite Place : The customer can save some locations that are frequently visited as favorite places.
  • Select Vehicle : The passenger can select his favorite vehicle from the pool of vehicles as per his budget and convenience.

What do the clients have to say?  

“I was amazed at their ability in building a thorough understanding of our product – Imthiyas, MyStore

“I loved the way they implemented our inputs and overwhelmed with the support I got from their end – Abhilash Pandath, Drinn  ”

“With Mindster’s team of talented people one will have peace of mind as all the requirements will be met and delivered on time – Georges Courson, IT Consultant Eden Red

What else could be added?

Updating the software periodically is very important, as it fine-tunes the software and removes certain unnecessary bugs. We shall now analyze certain essential functionalities that would make a nice addition to the uber clone script by Mindster.

  • Reports : There should be a provision to generate weekly and monthly reports. The customer can download these reports as excel sheets or CSV files right from the passenger app.
  • Integrated Analytics : Analytics is an essential part of every organization. The admin can analyze the investments, returns, transactions, heavy demand areas and a lot more with integrated analytics
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