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Mercedes Super Bowl ad 2015 – an overview

Luxury cars redefine commercials; the class and elegance have just been used repetitively. These days’ advertisers are looking forward to promote something more than the obvious. Simplicity is the most crucial aspect that determines the success of a particular commercial.

Mercedes Benz has revolutionized advertising with its long legacy that predates generations of trust and luxury.  Super Bowl is one of the plenty platforms for Mercedes to advertise its technology and engineering. The advertising ward are pretty aggressive, competitors like BMW and Audi are always on the lookout for a commercial so that they can counter advertise something better.

If you are a fan of Mercedes Benz, you might not want to miss out on these Ads that were played at the Super Bowl. Advertising and Sales apart, these commercials carry various human emotions and contradictions too. While we await the Mercedes Super Bowl ad 2015, lets take a dive at the Ads in the previous years.

6. Coole Mercedes Werbung:

Nope, it’s not about celebrities, endorsements or any sort of verbal convincing, the new Mercedes commercial introduces new members to its family. To rejoice this ceremony, the commercial shows plenty of Mercs driving to a “destination unknown” on their own.

It’s more of a combination of generations of mercs gathering up to welcome the newest additions to the lineup. This Mercedes Super Bowl ad  might seem like a heritage and might relate to the unity among the family but it is a good commercial that has a funny ending.

The new line of Mercedes Benz carries forward 25 years of its successful legacy. As the tagline suggests, “The best or nothing” the commercial seems to stir up a little motivation into the Merc-aholics.

Watch the commercial and look at the Merc galore with a different perspective.

5. Dishes:

“Something Sinister is coming”

The discreet hints that Mercedes associates with something satanic isn’t new, in fact there has been a commercial focusing on the dark and satanic side and its relation with Mercedes. “Dishes” was a 21 second teaser to provoke the audience about something evil and sinister coming their way. Teasers usually work when there is something super exciting to give an enthusiast an orgasm of sorts.

The Dishes Mercedes Super Bowl ad managed to generate some kind of interest in the mind of the viewers by informing the date “Feb 3 2013” and ensuring that the customers actively engage in finding out what’s coming their way.

The following teaser should either make sense to you or may be squander off 21 seconds of your time. See for yourselves.



Another Symbolism related teaser from Mercedes. Based on the purview of similar teasers, the indication leads viewers into believing that something satanic is coming their way. And the viewer’s best be prepared for the same. It’s a normal day in a café where people are enjoying their respective delights. The camera leads us to the Jukebox that automatically starts up and informs you about something sinister coming your way. While we await the Mercedes Super Bowl ad 2015, lets enjoy this 🙂


A Cockpit + An Engine + Two Wings = WOW!!

SLS AMG cars are the most fabulous sports cars from Mercedes. The following Mercedes Super Bowl ad defies driving dynamics and makes the viewer jump out of their seats (or at least tries to)

Watch as the SLS AMG is driven through a tunnel (P.S, the AMG is driven by Michael Schumacher) and makes the most out of the teaser campaign. With the support of physics and a whole lot of questioning about the authenticity of the commercial, the Mercedes does a complete loop in the tunnel.

While the laws of physics and various unclear minds question the authenticity of the commercial, it still remains a scintillating commercial that is definitely worthy of being featured at Super Bowl. It’s quite finely done, even if it is a teaser.


2.Kate Upton:

A slow motion Mercedes Super Bowl ad featuring Kate upton who looks on with her gleaming eyes as a few players wash the Mercedes. The game was played in 2013 at the Mercedes Benz Super dome in New Orleans. This was one of the reason why Mercedes decided to return to the game after appearing in 2011 and skipping 2012.



1. Satan:

Sitting and wondering where life’s leading you? You glance out of the window and find men posting up a Mercedes ad on the billboard that is visible from the booth’s window you’re seated in. The ad brings out an aspiration in you and you wish you could own that car. Just then, Satan (The Green Goblin J) shows up and offers you a deal.

“You can have the car and everything that goes along with it”

And so the commercial leads you into believing what would happen if you would have signed the deal with Satan. You get fame; you get the chicks and everything that comes along with it. A life of glamour, clamor when the chicks look at you and a complete transformation from loser to winner, till the time when you are driven back to reality and Satan asks you the question, so what is it going to be? You look out of the window and find that the men stick the last place on the billboard that reads “Starting at $ 29,900”

Affordable enough, and your reply, “Thanks, but I’ve got this”

Satan vanishes and the commercial ends. Well, this commercial had people debating and creating controversies about Satan worship and all sorts of boorish statements that were intended on bringing down the image of Mercedes. While we wait for the release of the latest Mercedes Super Bowl ad 2015, lets enjoy this one 🙂


But folks, it’s just a commercial, the whole point is to watch and enjoy the commercial (or at least watch it just once)

These were a few of the commercials that made it to the Super Bowl. Hope you enjoyed them 🙂

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