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Mercedes Benz S600: Safety beyond Safety

S-class Mercedes Benz has been one of the finest Mercs. Their price tags leave more than a pinch to the pocket, but you are sure to identify an S class from a crowd of humdrum luxury cars. Mercedes has recently bought in the final variation of the new S-class that is sure to add the oomph’s and woos on roads. Consider yourselves lucky if you come across one of these beauty for a plausible reason.


This special Mercedes has been developed keeping armored special-protection model in perspective. Labeled the Mercedes S600 Guard, the new car has had its protective elements fully integrated into the vehicle direct from the Sindelfingen plant in Germany. Currently, it only comes in long-wheelbase form with the same V12 as shared with the regular sedan.


The S600 Guard develops 517hp (380kw) thanks to the bi-turbo V12 6 litre engine that thrusts 530 PS power and 830 Nm torque and rides as comfortably as the standard-production S-Class despite the addition of heavy reinforcements. This powerful ride is married to special alloy wheels that have high-strength steel rims attached and are wrapped by run-flat tires. These specially constructed wheels can keep running at up to 80 kmph even if the tires have been shattered to bits. The top speed is however limited to 210 kmph.

"Mercedes S Guard"
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Build and safety features:

You must be wondering if this car is made out of gold (I thought the same)

"mercedes S Guard"
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However, this vehicle carries military-standard small-arms projectiles. The vehicle can withstand any sort of attack. Some of them include armor resisting military-standard small-arms projectiles; hand grenade fragments other explosive charges. Additional safety features include run-flat tyres, a self-sealing fuel tank and a fire-extinguishing system. That mentioned, the S600 Guard still features most of the technical innovations from the already safe Mercedes S-Class. These include the latest braking assistance and brake force distribution features as well as night vision. The car of choice for up-and-coming dictators of small African countries just got better. The new Mercedes-Benz S-Guard is the logical continuation of an almost 80-year unbroken tradition in the development of special-protection vehicles.

Vastly experienced specialists working on the principle of integrated special protection produce this new top-of-the-range Guard model in Sindelfingen, Germany. In effect this means that, rather than retrofitting the protective elements in the doors, rear wall, side panels, roof lining and firewall etc. of an already finished vehicle, they fully integrate them into the body shell on a dedicated production line. All the body-structure reinforcements required due to the extra weight of the protective elements can therefore be incorporated right from the start. The resulting vehicles offer hallmark Mercedes-Benz build quality combined with comprehensive Highest Protection, including in those areas where post-production access would be all but impossible. The insides of the broad glass get a covering of poly-carbonate and several areas of the car is functioned with heat-resistant synthetic fibers called ‘Aramide’. Getting inside is close to impossible.

Interior Comfort:

The S-Class interior space concept, which makes for a first-class ambiance combined with outstanding ride comfort for all the occupants, not to mention effortlessly superior handling, remains virtually unaffected. Furthermore, generously dimension-ed chassis components and twin-caliper front brakes lend the Mercedes-Benz S-Guard Saloon hallmark Mercedes handling qualities and provide the driver with an optimal driving feel at all times. Plus the chassis has been configured so as not to impair the sumptuous level of comfort that distinguishes the standard-production S-Class.

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The Mercedes-Benz S 600 Guard is equipped with the same technical innovations that have made the flagship Mercedes S-Class the number-one trailblazer in passenger car development and the world’s best-selling luxury saloon. These include important new developments such as Brake Assist PLUS and the PRE SAFE® brake in combination with DISTRONIC PLUS, night view assist and the enhanced PRE-SAFE® anticipatory occupant protection system. On top of all this, the outstanding level of interior comfort and extremely agile handling make for an effortlessly superior driving experience.

Wondering who could possibly own this safety vault on wheels?

"Mukesh Ambani's new Mercedes"
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Well, Mukesh Ambani has already booked himself one J

Although Mercedes has introduced the S-Class Guard for Rs. 8.9 crores, Mukesh Ambani is the first Indian to lay hands on this expensive beauty.


"Mercedes Benz S 600"
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Interestingly, even Narendra Modi or even Barack Obama does not have as much Protection privilege as Mukesh Ambani does. This is not the only car that Mukesh Ambani owns. He has also recently gifted himself an armored BMW 7-Series, but his new armored S-Class is not only more expensive, but also comes with the highest level of ballistic protection – VR9. Claimed to be “one of the safety luxury sports on earth” This car has been touted as the best after all.

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Ambani’s new beauty was exclusively tailored for him at a special Mercedes-Benz unit in Germany.

Bottom Line:

This did not come cheap. Just to get this car delivered to India, Ambani senior had to shell out 300 percent on import duties, high road tax and of course the leech in disguise (Insurance). As far as reports go, Ambani was number 57 on a list of worldwide customers for this VR9 version of the S600!!!

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